13 Super Jaw-Dropping Fifth Harmony Moments That Happened in 2016

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This year hasn’t exactly been “Dope” (see what we did there?) — especially not for the Fifth Harmony gals. Ally, Dinah, Normani and Lauren (and Camila, even though she’s technically not part of the group anymore) have been victims to hacks, cyberbullying, a drug arrest citation, scary illnesses and tons more shady ish.

We feel for the 5H ladies, and even though we’re keeping our fingers crossed that 2017 will be a much better year for everyone, we’ve gotta talk about all the crazy stuff that went down between the girls.

When Camila Cabello talked crap about Ally Brooke Hernandez

Cam got herself into hot water when some screenshots were revealed that showed her smack-talking her band mate. In all caps, Camila wrote "IDK EVERY TIME ALLY SPEAKS IT TAKES EVERYTHING IN ME NOT TO PUNCH HER INT HE [sic] FACE." She continued, "SHE TOLD ME SHE'S DEVELOPING A CRUSH ON HARRY [Styles]. EXCUSE THE HECK OUT OF ME."

While most people would immediately think the so-called "leak" could be just a good Photoshop-job, Lauren basically confirmed the hack when she accidentally followed the hackers, and then posted about how the hack was "an invasion" on her Twitter and her follow wasn't meant to shade Mila.

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When some VERY NSFW texts between Camila and a 5SOS guy were exposed

In the same security breach that caused the Camila-Ally tension, raunchy text messages were exposed between the brunette and 5 Seconds of Summer member Michael Clifford. While the duo firmly stated previously that they were "just friends," their leaked notes showed the two singers referring to each other as "babe" and talking about places they've hooked up (as well as planning to "get together" again)! If you want to see them, click here!

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When Lauren Jauregui got a nasty knee infection

Harmonizers freaked when Lauren apologized for not "going as hard with the coreo" in concert because of a knee infection. It turns out that the damage was actually an on-the-job injury for one of their upcoming (at the time) music videos... which ended up getting infected! Poor Lo! We've gotta question if the injury was for "Work from Home" or "That's My Girl"? Considering the concepts for both of those videos, it's no wonder that her wound would have gotten infected! In one they're on a construction site and the other a desert landscape? Talk about dusty... NOT good for open cuts.

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When Normani Kordei's friend was tragically murdered

Normani Kordei lived through every person's nightmare last March when she found out that her friend, Jehlan Vaughn, was murdered in his apartment.

Although fans reached out with words of condolence and support, nothing could make the pain of such an awful event better.

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When Camila and Lauren struggled with anxiety

We know a lot of uber-popular stars who have spoken out about dealing with anxiety or depression. As it's such a big problem among teenagers, it's nice to know that you're not alone and that some of the people you look up to have the same issues that you do. Camila decided to tell the world about her history of anxiety during a Billboard interview. She explained, "I was scared of what would happen to me, of the things my brain might tell me. I realized the stuff I thought was important isn't worth my health." She even gives some hope, talking about what helped her cope with her mental illness. "Now I write in a diary every day, work out and meditate." Despite her work to actively prevent anxiety attacks, she did have one on stage in September.

Soon thereafter, Lauren, who also deals with anxiety, had a breakdown mid-performance as well. Both seem to be doing much better now, and we hope they can stay healthy and anxiety-free in 2017!

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When 5H's security guard got accused of some awful things

While in Brazil, a fan accused Fifth Harmony's bodyguard for "inappropriately touching" her and then many other fans reiterated a similar story, claiming they'd been "manhandled" by 5H security.

While the man's job was to protect the girls, this time they decided to protect him by speaking out on the incident on Twitter. In their explanation, they talked about Christina Grimmie's awful death and how that has spurred their security to stay on high-alert and be extra careful about excited fans.

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When Normani was attacked with racial slurs

After fans got wind of an apparent shade that Normani threw at Camila, they went off on Twitter. While this is nothing new for any celebrity, what was really effed up about this particular incident was the amount of times racism was used to attack the 5H gal. Normani bravely responded to the slurs immediately in a thoughtful Twitter post.

"I'm not the first black female celebrity to deal with this and I'm sure I won’t be the last. I want to take this moment to say Love goes much further than hate in this world. Hiding behind a computer and putting people down, especially for the color of their skin doesn’t make you cool, it makes you a coward!" She said. "I have nothing but love for everyone, even my haters and I hope I can lead by example. I also want to thank Twitter for immediately jumping into action when they were alerted to the situation. I love you all!"

The girl decided to take a little hiatus from Twitter, but all of her 5H sisters immediately jumped to her defense (even Camila, who fans thought they were "sticking up for"). Racial slurs are never cool, people!

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When Dinah Jane Hansen said something homophobic

You would think that just after a bandmate was deeply hurt by slurs, you would be actively trying to stop the world from spitting hate. Unfortunately, Dinah posted a Snapchat where she says someone "thinks he's so cute, [but he's] so gay," effectively using gay as a put down. WHY would she think that's okay? Especially considering what happened next...

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When a photo of Lauren kissing another girl went viral

At her own brother's wedding, someone leaked photos of the singer kissing her female companion in a photobooth. Since Lauren had never explicitly stated her sexuality before, Harmonizers were P.O.'d that someone would leak such private images. Coming out is a choice that a person should always make for themselves and taking that away from the brunette is seriously wrong.

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When Lauren tried to make the world a better place by opening up about herself

Lauren didn't need to tell the world what gender she was attracted to after the photos of her kissing Lucy Vives were revealed, but she decided to come out for a very different reason... to do good in the world. In an open letter written on Billboard trying to prevent people from supporting Donald Trump, who spouted racist, xenophobic, homophobic and sexist language during his campaign, she wrote, "I am a bisexual Cuban-American woman and I am so proud of it." We knew she was Cuban-American and a woman, but her bisexual identity was a revelation! She's proud and so are we! (Proud of her, that is!).

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When Lauren got herself into a ~sticky~ situation

We said Fifth Harmony had a crazy year? Really it was Lauren who was at the center of most of the drama. Just recently, reports came out that Lo got cited at the airport for drug possession. OMG. Apparently, a bag of marijuana was found in her carry-on luggage and she had to miss a performance in Brazil with 5H because of it.

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When Camila left the group and the drama spiraled out of control

The end of 2016 has been crazy. In the middle of the night on one cold, December evening (lol), the Fifth Harmony Instagram page released a statement from Lauren, Normani, Ally and Dinah saying that they just received word "via Camila's representatives" that the girl was leaving the group. The drama escalated when the "Bad Things" songstress claped back on IG saying that the girls didn't tell her they were releasing a statement and that they LIED about the way she left the band. The remaining 5H gals released another Insta text post saying BASICALLY 'Yeah...no, Camila is still lying,; and mentioning they tried to get her in on group counseling sessions which she bailed on every time!

Who really knows what actually went on between the former fivesome. All we know is 5H as we knew it is OVER and there was some serious D.R.A.M.A. behind Camila's shady move to go.

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When Lauren accused management of treating 5H like 'slaves'

To round of Fifth Harmony's drama-filled year, an audio clip of a personal conversation between Lauren Jauregui and Ally Brooke surfaced on the Internet where the 20-year-old says she's being mistreated by management. You can hear an emotional LJ say, "They are making decisions on a regular basis to f*ck us over, to make us literal slaves, like literally slaves Ally!" Whoa! If #CamilaGate wasn't enough, WE CAN'T EVEN with this new information!

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