Why People Think a Vampire Diaries Hottie is Now a Single Man

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It looks like we may have the first celebrity breakup of 2017.

Actor Christopher Wood started dating his Containment co-star, Hanna Mangan Lawrence, after filming the short-lived TV show’s pilot episode in 2015. The pair often posted adorable pictures on Instagram together, but fans recently noticed that the 25-year-old recently decided to give her social media page an update, deleting most of the photos she had of her and the Vampire Diaries star. And you know what that typically means — a breakup occurred.

“Why aren’t you celebrating with Chris,” one user commented on one of the actress’ recent posts.

“Maybe because they aren’t together anymore. Are you too stupid to look at her profile and see has shes deleted all of the photos? Yes I’m guessing you are. Go away,” another replied.

There are SOME shots Chris left on the beauty’s Instagram page, but none that only feature the duo.

Our friends at JustJaredJr. also noticed the sketchy social media happenings going on lately and reached out to their reps to confirm or deny the news. Unfortunately, there has been no official word just yet, but we’ll keep you posted if anything comes out in the future.


7 stars who deleted all traces of their ex from social media:

Perrie Edwards

Umm, remember when Perrie and Zayn Malik had a fairytale engagement and we were all obsessed with it? Well, THAT'S dead and gone, and as far as Perrie's social media is concerned, it never even happened. After the infamous breakup, Perrie deleted EVERYTHING. All the cute Instagrams of her and Zayn over the years — gone. That's a bold move, but TBH, we kind of love it. Nobody messes with Perrie.

Photo: WENN

Zayn Malik

You didn't expect Zayn to just accept Perrie's shade without throwing it back, did you? He followed his ex's lead and deleted his own pics of the formerly-happy couple. Since then, he's made a habit of blowing up social media with his current flame, Gigi Hadid.

Photo: WENN

Zac Efron

Zac and GF Sami Miro have been together for two years. (How did nobody know about this...?) But breakup rumors are out of control right now because he recently deleted every single pic of them off of Instagram and unfollowed her on Twitter! He hasn't officially confirmed a split, but that's a pretty clear signal that things have gone south.

Photo: WENN

Joe Jonas

Who can blame Joe for being salty about his breakup with Gigi Hadid? The two looked like they were totally in love, and suddenly she was all over Zayn. (Zayn doesn't seem to be very trustworthy, TBH.) Although there weren't really pics of him and Gigi to erase, he did go ahead and delete a picture of him with Zayn, just to make it extremely clear that he and his ex are NOT cool.

Photo: WENN

Nick Jonas

Honestly, we really thought Nick's relationship with Olivia Culpo had long-term potential. But after almost two years together, things just fell apart. And it must not have been a pretty split, because Nick started deleting pics of the two right away. It's since been rumored that he's hooking up with Kate Hudson and Lorde. Just another young Hollywood bachelor playing the field.

Photo: WENN

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

This one's a work in progress, but it's only a matter of time. Cheryl's been getting some controversial press lately because she recently got married... and she can't keep her hands off of Liam Payne. She and her (again, very new) husband are separating, so she's taken to social media to prove it's over. She started by deleting a shirtless pic of her hubby and has continued to delete from there. Pull your life together, Cheryl.

Photo: WENN

Irina Shayk

The gorgeous swimsuit model can pretty much date any guy she wants — so she has. She spent awhile dating soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, but apparently they decided they were just too attractive together, and they called it quits. Okay, it probably wasn't as simple as that because Irina went ahead and totally scrubbed all remnants of Cristiano from her social media accounts. She's since moved on to Bradley Cooper. Whatever.

Photo: WENN

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  • BruisedEggo

    And Chris deleted his pictures first which she didn’t notice until after she liked a new pic he posted then she set about deleting her own. It’s safe to assume who broke up with whom here. Him with her, in case you were wondering. She fled back to Australia and has been there since.

  • BruisedEggo

    Lol. They broke up in early November. It’s been almost two months.

  • disqus_EspHjuKwKU

    Chris Woods going to be dating Melissa Benoist next just wait for it