A One Direction Guy’s GF Caught Holding Hands with a Star Who’s NOT Her 1D Bae

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Happy New Year to Danielle Campbell and…Gregg Sulkin?!?!

Directioners were in for the surprise of a lifetime when pictures of the Originals actress and Bella Thorne‘s ex-boyfriend allegedly holding hands in London on New Year’s Eve went viral on Twitter. The 21-year-old beauty was also seen in the 24-year-old’s Snapchat videos over the holiday, further proving that they WERE together.

So if Danielle and Gregg welcomed 2017 hand-in-hand, does that mean the beauty and her longtime boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson, broke up? Fans certainly were convinced that Lounelle was dunzo, but we hear that they shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions.

“Danielle and Gregg have been friends for years and are not dating each other,” a source told our friends at JustJaredJr.

Partner this bit of information with the fact that brunette posted a picture of herself and the 24-year-old One Direction guy for his birthday with the caption “happy birthday my love” just about a week ago, and things get way more confusing.

If Dani and Gregg ARE, dating, it wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity confirmed that they broke up with their S.O. by getting cozy with someone else. Bella Thorne was just recently seen canoodling with Charlie Puth despite the fact that no one knew she was no longer dating Tyler Posey, and Kristen Stewart seems to do the same type of thing all the time.

Ahhh, 2017 — you’re off to an interesting start already!

Before Danielle came around, Louis “dated” quite a few other stars:

Hannah Walker

Long before the days of One Direction, Louis and Hannah were school sweethearts. Directioners have a lot to thank Hannah for — it's rumored that she was the one who pushed Louis to audition for The X-Factor! The distance is eventually what ruined it for the two, but we certainly owe you a big one, Hannah!

Photo: Facebook (Hannah Walker)

Eleanor Calder

After being introduced through Harry, the two hit it off and instantly started dating in November 2011. That's why our jaws dropped when Louis and Eleanor announced their recent split in March. Does love even exist anymore?! Last week Eleanor made the bold move of unfollowing Louis on Instagram. This may work for us normal chicks, but when your ex is a worldwide popstar, unfollowing him probably won't do the trick.

Photo: Instagram (@eleanorj92)

Harry Styles

Back in 2012, a picture of Louis and Harry kissing took the world by storm. Larry Stylinson quickly became one of the most fan-supported 1D relayshes to date. Too bad it wasn't real. At least not according to the two bandmates, who claimed that the picture was thanks to the magic of Photoshop. Here's to hoping!

Photo: WENN

Mystery Sorority Girl

This February, before Zayn broke hearts of Directioners everywhere, he shared a wild night with Louis after playing a show. Lots of controversy revolved around this outing, involving a rumor that Louis cheated on Eleanor with a Cali sorority girl. The "proof:" wild stories of the affair circulated on Tumblr. Since then, the posts have disappeared and it looks like we'll be left questioning what exactly went on that night.

Photo: WENN

Lucy Julian

Louis sure does waste no time! Right around when the Eleanor break-up rumors started, Louis was spotted in a pool puckering up to another girl while in Thailand. While Lucy wouldn't fess up to it, her friend confirmed her identity.

Photo: Instagram (@alexanderjulianofficial)

Mystery Brunette Girl

After a wild night out partying, Louis and his posse were spotted leaving a London nightclub and filing into a van. That is, all but his unidentified brunette flavor of the week. The van did eventually circle back to get the damsel in distress, but not quick enough to save her from all the flashing cameras and rumors that immediately followed. Real smooth, Louis.

Photo: WENN

Mystery Blonde Girl

Clearly making the most out of his single life, just days ago Louis was seen leaving a nightclub with a blonde chick by his side. We may not know who she is just yet, but we're on to you blondie!

Photo: Getty

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