The Hardest Part About Bea Miller’s Very Public Breakup

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Bea Miller and Jacob Whitesides were one of young Hollywood’s cutest couples until they unexpectedly called it quits last May. Despite their best efforts to make things work while both were on the road, the duo split while the 17-year-old was touring with Selena Gomez on the Revival Tour. As if breaking up isn’t hard enough, the need had to deal with the emotional experience while having to perform every night for thousands of people AND do meet & greets with adoring (but sometimes nosy) fans.

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“I think the hardest part about [going through a public breakup] was that sometimes when I was doing meet & greets directly after that happened, [and] you know, people didn’t know or they weren’t that affected by it. A lot of my fans were really supportive about it and they were there for me,” she told us during a recent chat. “But, sometimes it was just really hard to put on that face every day and walk out there. If you’re not super, super nice to people even when you’re having your own really bad day then they get offended by it. So I think that was the hardest part for me… trying to spread positive energy when I was feeling a lot of negative energy. A lot of people understood, but people who didn’t understand at the time made my life a little difficult.”

Fortunately, the former couple is now back to being friends because their platonic relationship happened “for a long time before [they] dated” and it wasn’t something the X-Factor contestant “wanted to lose.”

Bea’s love for spreading positivity is one of the reasons why she decided to partner up with 3 Musketeers to be a part of their #ThrowShine campaign.

“#ThrowShine is essentially just the opposite of throwing shade, which is a very prevalent problem right now, especially on the Internet. You know a lot of young people turn against each other at a time when they really should boost each other up…It’s really good to partner with people who have the same intentions as you do and who are trying to spread a positive message and get people to band together rather than tear each other down. I went through a really rough time a few years ago where I was really sad and I couldn’t get out of bed and I really needed someone in my life who was going to be positive and help me get through it. I try to be that person for other people.”

As for whether her hard time was actually something even more difficult — like an underlying struggle with anxiety or depression, she says she truly doesn’t know.

“I really was just going through a hard time and had a lot of family problems that were going on. I spent a lot of time alone in my bed and not really going anywhere. So, I would just say I was really sad. I don’t know if it was something more serious than that but it was just a really hard time for me that lasted a really long time.”

Bea def has some great advice for anyone who is experiencing such personal hardships as well, saying, “You have to really find happiness within yourself. You can look to other people but you can’t necessarily rely on them for your own self-worth and self-confidence. It can be really hard sometimes to even just go downstairs to brush your teeth and I get it, but at the end of the day you can create happiness for yourself. It’s something you can make for yourself when it’s not something you can find.”

Along with her work with 3 Musketeers, Bea will also be releasing new music in 2017. While she’s opted out of putting out an album the ‘traditional’ way, she says we’ll get the same amount of tunes we normally would in a more ~unique~ manner (deets TBA). SO EXCITED!!

Bea and Jacob met during The X-Factor audition process, like these other celebrity couples:

Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards

It was late 2011 when the couple formerly known as Zerrie first met. Zayn competed on the series with his One Direction pals the year prior, so they agreed to perform on the show the same season Perrie competed (and won!) with her fellow Little Mix chicks.

Soon after their meetup, it seemed like they were a match made in heaven. By April/May 2012, the two were caught kissing on camera, leading to the blossoming of Zerrie fanfic.

In September 2012, Zayn told Fabulous about his initial meeting with Perrie, "It was literally just texting her as a mate and stuff and she was asking me for advice because obviously they're doing the same thing that we were doing a year or so ago. And so it started off like that and obviously she's a very attractive girl... We're both northern too, and I think that helps."

Zayn popped the question to Perrie August 2013, but it wasn't meant to last. Nearly 2 years to the day later, he broke up with her. Sad.

Photo: Instagram (@perrieeele)

Zayn Malik & Geneva Lane

Of course, Perrie wasn't Zayn's first X Factor GF. That honor goes to Belle Amie's Geneva Lane.

The two reportedly began dating in December 2010, around the finale of their season. But it didn't last very long — the two were dunzo by February 2011.

Photo: Instagram (@zayn)

Zayn Malik & Rebecca Ferguson

2011 was also the year Zayn got with another fellow contestant, Rebecca, who just so happened to be the runner-up during his season.

The relationship lasted 4 months before fizzling out. Rebecca recounts, "When I was in a relationship with Zayn, it was quite hard, but it comes with it. Me and Zayn just grew apart. I wish him all the best."

Zayn, too, commented on the situation, saying, "Even though it was a mutual decision, when you have a proper heartache like that, I don't think you fully get over it. We're still friends and talk all the time."

Photo: Instagram (@zayn)

Cheryl Cole Fernandez-Versini & Liam Payne

Cheryl & Liam met way back in the day when Cheryl was a(n unmarried) host and Liam was simply a contestant. But when Liam, a then-recently-minted single guy, made his way back to the series for a performance in December 2015, sparks must've flew between the 22-year-old 1D guy and 32-year-old beauty.

By February 2016, reports were already surfacing of a romance between the two, and they've been going strong ever since, even with her marriage up in the air.

Photo: Instagram (@fakeliampayne)

Harry Styles & Caroline Flack

Caroline served as co-presenter of The Xtra Factor, the companion show for The X Factor, shortly after 1D's season, so, naturally, the two met somewhere along the way.

Despite the 14-year age difference, that didn't keep them from dating for 9 whole months.

Photo: Twitter (@harry_styles)

Normani Kordei & Arin Ray

Neither Normani nor Arin won the second season of The X Factor (USA) — Normani placed third with the rest of Fifth Harmony and Arin placed 10th — but at least they had each other to lean on.

Photo: Instagram (@normanikordei)

Bea Miller & Jacob Whitesides

The same season Fifth Harmony kicked butt on the singing competition, Bea did, too. The young star placed in the Top 10, coming in ninth place. Her boyfriend, however, never made it past boot camp.

Fortunately, the two met during the audition process, Jacob still found success, and he & Bea have been dating since 2015.

Photo: Instagram (@beamiller)

Ella Henderson & George Shelley

It was the ninth season of The X Factor that brought Ella and George together. Ella placed sixth and George's group, Union J, placed fourth, so the two had plenty of time to get to know each other.

By November 2012, they were spotted holding hands in public, thus confirming their relationship. But it didn't last very long, as they reportedly called it quits by the beginning of the following year.

Photo: Instagram (@official_ellahenderson)

Josh Cuthbert & Ella Henderson

Then again, who knows what's going on with Ella's dating timeline? Because one moment, she's spotted with George, and the next minute, people are assuming she's dating George's fellow Union J member, Josh.

Josh reportedly said that "it'd be odd" for them to be together because he's "just like her big brother." Nevertheless, there are still plenty of Josh+Ella shippers out there.

Photo: Instagram (@official_ellahenderson)

Olly Murs & Diana Vickers

There were once rumors that Olly was hooking up with Caroline Flack, but then there were other rumors that they weren't even speaking, so... Who really knows what went down with them, you know? Olly and Diana, however, seem to have a little more meat to their relationship.

Diana was a semi-finalist on the show's fifth season, making it all the way to the Top 4; Olly was a finalist on the show's sixth season, taking home the title of second place.

By October 2015, long after both of their stints on the singing competish, they were said to be an item.

Photo: Instagram (@ollymurs)

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