Queer YouTube Star Told to Use Disabled Bathroom by Hateful Stranger

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Instagram (@itskrisfox)

Instagram (@itskrisfox)

Gender-fluid (a person who does not identify themselves as one gender) “Androgynous Queen” Kris Fox, a New Zealand YouTube star, is very comfortable with their identity, and DGAF about what people think. While the 23-year-old makeup artist generally surrounds themself with people who are open-minded, they recently saw how hateful some people in the world really can be.

Kris was recently using a public restroom in a local mall when they encountered their “first toilet issue.”

“Generally when I use public toilets, which is hardly ever because I had using public toilets, I go into the men’s one; surprise, b*tch — I got a penis! As I walked out, some guy was like, ‘You should be using the disabled toilets,’ the YouTuber explained on Snapchat.

Obviously taken aback by the stranger’s discrimination and verbal abuse, Kris paused for a second, but then allowed the anger and hurt to fuel their response.

“I turned around and said to him, ‘Excuse me, if you don’t know, the disabled toilets are there for people with disabilities. Don’t f*cking tell me what f*cking toilet to f*cking use.'”

“You know, if anyone ever makes you feel like you don’t belong in a certain situation, in which you do, tell them to f*ck right off,” the Kiwi concluded to their followers.


Miley Cyrus identifies as pansexual, and so do these YouTubers:

Scott Hoying

Scott's pansexuality is a little disputed among his loyal Pentatonix fans — with some people saying he is most definitely, 100 percent pansexual, and others saying that his sexuality is not confirmed, but he's admittedly not gay or straight. When doing a livestream with his sup3rfruit co-host Mitch Grassi, someone asked Mitch if he would rather be gay or straight (kind of a weird way to phrase the question!) and Scott offered him another choice: pansexual. Mitch said, "I wonder if I am pansexual, sometimes I get an inkling," and Scott responded saying, "I think I might be." Keyword: think.

Now, simply because it's not cool to label someone as something without their consent, we're going to say that while the chances are pretty high that this accapella-singing cutie does, in fact, identify as pansexual, we don't know that for certain. Also, for those of you wondering if Mitch will be on this list — sadly, no. He almost immediately retracted his statement saying something along the lines of NVM, I like BOYS.

Photo: Instagram @ScottHoying

Alex Bertie

The next cool, young pansexual dude on our list is Alex Bertie, a vlogger known for making kick-ass videos about growing up as a transguy. We get to see him react to going on testosterone, talk about trans-intimacy and show us his trans hair guide — but he also opens up about his sexual orientation. In January 2015, Alex tweeted, "I wish people would stop assuming I'm bisexual. PANSEXUALITY IS A THING DOODS LOOK IT UP." While some people on our list identify as both pansexual and bisexual, the 20-year-old is someone who doesn’t feel a connection with bisexuality at all, which makes sense considering that he himself lives outside the gender binary every day.

Photo: YouTube.com/user/TheRealAlexBertie

Jake Edwards

This YouTuber actually has a lot in common with Alex Bertie: they are both pansexual, they are both female-to-male transgender, British, and they’re boyfriends! In a video called "Telling People I'm Gay," Jake talks about the difficulties of being trans and pan and disclosing that information when he meets people.

"There are many, many times that I come out to people as being gay. I find coming out to people as gay so much easier than telling people I'm pansexual or I'm trans… When people ask what my sexuality is, when people take an interest and start up a conversation, I do eventually explain to them what pansexual is." He does say that he wan't to make it clear that he knows coming out as gay isn't easy, either, but sometimes it's just a little more understandable to people who aren't too familiar with the LGBTQ+ community. Hopefully one day that will change.

Photo: YouTube.com/user/JakeFTMagic

Connie Ella Glynn

Unlike Alex and Jake, who are very firmly pansexual, this gorgeous gal doesn't see a huge split between the terms bisexual and pansexual. In a recent YouTube upload, which she disclaimed as "NOT a coming out video," the YT star stated,"“I am bisexual, or pansexual, whatever you want to call it… I'm very upfront on my other social media about liking boys and girls and everything in between."

Noodlerella had mentioned in earlier videos the various genders that she found herself attracted to, so even though she was shocked that other people were surprised when pictures came out of her kissing another girl, she thought she’d declare her preferences publicly in a video about her sexual orientation, having never thought it necessary previously to do so.

Photo: YouTube.com/user/Noodlerella

Laci Green

Laci might actually be the earliest documented pansexual YouTuber on this list. Way back in 2012, in a video called "I'M PANSEXUAL!?" she said, "At some point in my YouTubing, I mentioned that the closest identifier for my sexual orientation is pansexual," while in the corner of the screen it said, “*I prefer to be identified as just sexual.'"

The goofy YouTuber joked about how pansexuality is an attraction to pans, she paused a moment in seriousness and gave the more accurate description (being attracted to a person regardless of gender or sex) and then said: "pansexuality is sometimes referred to as being gender blind." Which is a pretty cool way to think of it!

Photo: YouTube.com/user/lacigreen

Ashley Mardell

Ashley is another gal on this list who sees herself as both pansexual and bisexual. While on paper the two can seem quite oppsite, the girl explained by saying, "I understand that these identities are nuanced in such a way that makes them different from each other but this does not mean that I do not identify with them all."

Ash said that she initially didn't know about pansexuality and found bisexual to be the closest thing to her identity when she was younger, but once she learned about pansexuality she came to identify with that term, as well. That said, even after learning she was pansexual she still felt a connection to the bi community at all, which is why she feels that both terms help to describe her complex identity.

Photo: YouTube.com/user/HeyThere005

Jay Versace

This YouTuber and Viner recently came out as pansexual by way of Snapchat. He said, "I love people in general idgaf what gender you are." Although he hasn't specifically stated he identifies as "pansexual,: his explanation of his sexual orientation would typically fit that label, earning him a spot on this list with some of the other amazing YouTubers who are open to dating all genders.

Photo: Twitter @therealversace

Devon Battilega

This YT gamer came out as pansexual in a video he posted in August 2014 — a full year before Miley Cyrus came out as the same thing! In the vid, Devon described what pansexuality means to him.

"I label myself as Pansexual… if it's a beautiful soul and I fall in love with them, I do not care what they have between their legs."

Photo: YouTube.com/user/DevonDoesGames

Gaby Dunn

This YouTube comedian and Buzzfeed regular actually published an article about the complexities of her sexual orientation for Women’s Health titled, "Polyamorous, Pansexual and Proud." But since Gabs is a YouTuber at heart, she took to her channel to describe further what she talked about in the article.

"[The piece] is about the reaction to bisexuals or pansexuals — I'm still figuring out what I want to be in that regard — by the gay community and by the straight community."

What Gaby touches on here is that there is still a stigma associated with pansexuality (and bisexuality) from both sides of the spectrum (gay and straight). Hopefully having more representation of pansexuality by actors, musicians, YouTubers, etc. will help not only make the sexuality more well-known for people who are figuring out their sexual orientation, but also more accepted by people who don't fully understand what it is yet.

Photo: YouTube.com/user/nofungabydunn


Cryaotic, also known simply as 'Cry,' doesn't typically do very personal videos — we don't ever even see his face! But in the vid "Cry Talks: Fish Answers," he responded to fans' questions, one being about his sexuality.

"Actually, I'm pansexual, but thank you," he replied. "I've had gentlemens but uh, you know, it’s cool. It’s whatever. I’m more of the kind of guy who goes with the personality. I don’t give a g*ddamn what features they've got going."

Photo: YouTube.com/user/imafoaofaqw123456789

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