9 Stars Miley Cyrus Hooked Up with Before She & Liam Hemsworth Reunited

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It’s pretty obvious that Miam(A.K.A. Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus) are back and better than ever but their relationship throughout the years has been far from easy. After meeting and falling in love while filming the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ The Last Song in 2009, they broke up for a month in 2010, reunited, broke up again in November ’10 for five months, and finally decided they just couldn’t live without one another. During this leg of their relationship they even got engaged, but then called things off AGAIN in August 2013 — and this time it seemed to be for good.

In the beginning of 2016, however, the celebrities decided to give love another chance. While Miley and Liam are happy as ever now, they both played the field during the break, deciding if there was someone else with whom they were better matched in the romance department.. Obviously the results prove futile… but here are the 9 stars that MiCY found brief ~love~ with while she and her Australian honey were on a break.

Cheyne Thomas

Cheyne and Miley have been homies (BFFs, even!) for a long time but after she and Liam called off their engagement (and her ex was photographed hooking up with another girl), she and Chey got a little *intimate* at a Las Vegas night club, sparking hookup rumors.

Other clubgoers snapped shots of them grinding with one another as well as a couple shots of the guy grabbing and squeezing the "We Can't Stop" hitmaker's boobs! Talk about a scandal. While some blurry photos seem to show the pair getting ready for a lip lock we can't be sure whether the hookup actually happened.

Photo: Instagram

Kellan Lutz

After Kellan and Miley were spotted spending lots of time together, rumors immediately emerged saying that the two were dating. Initially, the Twilight guy was quick to shut down the stories BUT then more insiders started reporting that they were keeping their hookup on the DL but "really enjoy each other's company." It wasn't long before the "Wrecking Ball" singer posted a pic of her locking lips (or more accurately, tongues!) with another celeb, so we've got the feeling her romance with Kellan was a short fling.

Photo: Instagram

Justin Bieber

Rumor has it that after Selena Gomez dumped JB, Miley scandalously spent the night at his house. The Hannah Montana star was quick to shut down those stories, posting a clipping from a tabloid saying the pic of her and Justin together wasn't even real.

Photo: Wenn

Cara Delevingne

It's now common knowledge that Miley is pansexual, which means she will date anyone she likes regardless of gender, but when she tweeted this photo of her and Cara, fans were shocked!

The rumors of the girls being together didn't last too long and there was a long break where people thought they were "just friends." It wasn't until her relationship with Patrick Schwarzenegger came & left that reports surfaced that she was "done with men" and that she and the model (who is openly bisexual) were getting super "tight."

Photo: Twitter

Douglas Booth

When Douglas and Miley starred in LOL together back in 2012, there were rumors that something steamy was going on behind the scenes. Both parties denied it at the time, but the gossip was reignited in 2014 when the pair was spotted hanging out again.

According to sources, the singer was only using her former co-stars for booty calls and there was no ~real connection~ between 'em. Doug told E! Online, however, that Miley was "just a friend."

Photo: Double Feature Films

Patrick Schwarzenegger

The Kennedy heir and his "Bangerz" ex were going sting in a "committed" relationship for five months before they hit a rough patch when he was spotted hanging out with some female companions in Mexico, including one of his exes.

After their split, reports surfaced that said the man was very supportive of Miley's sexuality and encouraged her to experiment with other women even while they were dating, but that the actress didn't want that openness to go both ways. Others said the breakup was purely because they were in very different places in their lives. Whatever reason, it just wasn't meant to be.

Photo: Instagram

Frankie Ryder

When Miles and Arnold Schwarzenegger's son went to splitsville, she hit the rebound looking for cute guys and gals to ease the hurt of her dead relaysh. Her next fling was with Frankie, who she was photographed smooching at a glamorous Hollywood party. No one knows if the former Hannah Montana star and her beautiful kissing-buddy were anything more than a one-night thing, but Miley definitely has a type when it comes to the gals she makes out with: hot models!

Photo: Instagram

Stella Maxwell

The Disney Channel star and this Victoria's Secret model were hooking up after she broke up with Patrick, but Miley was sure to declare to E! that they were "not in a relationship," despite the pictures and videos of them that were leaked showing the young women passionately kissing (...and more!).

Their non-exclusive relationship apparently came to an end when the V.S. girl was seen getting close to Johnny Depp's daughter, Lily-Rose!

Photo: Instagram

Dane Cook

Miley and Dane were romantically linked after each 'grammed some pics together. The comedian joked with E! News, "I'm always the last to know these things...Just let Miley know that I'll pick her up for dinner at 8." We'll respect his sarcasm and the fact that he put this alleged love-connection in the 'false' category.

Photo: Instagram

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