10 Freeform TV Series That Were Canceled After Only 10 Episodes

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Freeform, formerly known as ABC Family, has had many successful TV shows on its roster. Pretty Little Liars and The Secret Life of the American Teenager are a couple of the long-running series to air on the young adult network. But, for every great show, there’s a less successful one in its shadow.

Television series get canceled for a number of reasons: Low ratings can be brought in by a poor cast, sub-par plot, bad time slot, or something else all together; the variables are endless. But while some shows get two or three seasons before they get the ax, there are others that perform so terribly that they’re canceled almost right after they air. Take a look to see some Freeform shows that were canceled after just ten episodes:


With the astounding success of Pretty Little Liars, everyone assumed that its spinoff, Ravenswood, would be a major hit. The show began when Caleb followed Hanna (characters from Pretty Little Liars) to a town called Ravenswood where she was following up on a lead surrounding Alison and 'A.' While there, Caleb finds a gravestone with his name on it, and Hanna is rescued by a girl named Miranda, after she gets trapped in a spooky house. Hanna insists that Caleb stay behind in Ravenswood to help Miranda learn about her family. But, in helping Miranda, Caleb uncovers an eerie town curse. In just 10 short episodes, Miranda becomes a ghost, a murder is solved and family secrets are revealed. But, the supernatural spinoff didn't do enough to attract all of PLL's viewers and was canceled after one 10-episode season.

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The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Secret societies. Love triangles. Super powers. Cats. All of this and more made up 2011 fantasy drama The Nine Lives of Chloe King.

Based off the book series of the same name by Liz Brasell, the series followed Chloe, a teenager that discovers she comes from an ancient Egyptian race called the Mai, mortal descendants of the cat goddess, Bastet. Once Chloe learns of her true lineage, her whole world opens up. She gets new powers, including strength, super speed, sharp reflexes, night vision, and nine lives. But, with her new powers also came new problems, such as the secret group of people who are trying to kill her. Together with her friends and family, she fights off the bad guys while learning more about her heritage so she can protect it.

While the books were successful, the series bombed and The Nine Lives of Chloe King had no more lives to live; the show was canceled after 10 episodes. It looks like some things are better left on the page.

Photo: ABC Family

Dead of Summer

In June 2016, the first episode of Dead of Summer premiered on Freeform. The supernatural thriller was set in the 1980s at Camp Stillwater and followed a group of counselors as they helped campers through their experiences of first love, new friendships and the joys of summer. But, when people begin turning up dead, the counselors are responsible for finding the murderer and trying to stay alive themselves.

Not only did the show have a promising plot and cast (including Robin Williams' daughter, Zelda), but Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis were the genius minds that created the show. (They've worked on hits such as Once Upon a Time, One Tree Hill and Lost.) But despite all of this, the show was canceled in August after just 10 episodes, bringing Dead of Summer's Camp Stillwater to a close for good.

Photo: Freeform


Loosely based off of the Amanda Knox case, Guilt told the story of Grace Atwood, a young American studying abroad in London, who finds her roommate murdered in their apartment.

In addition to the murder, there are romances, secret pregnancies and a sex club at the center of the case. While the real-life case and trial took nearly 8 years to finish, it only took 10 episodes for Guilt. The only thing this show is guilty of is ending on a juicy cliffhanger, including prison breaks, a second murder and a big reveal. Looks like we'll never know the truth!

Photo: Freeform

Recovery Road

After the first Freeform series she was on failed (Ravenswood), Haley Lu Richardson tried again by playing a recurring role on the network's Recovery Road. The show, which first aired in January 2016, followed a group of troubled youth as they fought their various addictions at a sober living facility. But, getting clean often means coming clean. Family secrets, a fictional child and past relationship drama all show up at Recovery Road. What didn't show up? Viewers. The show was canceled after 10 episodes.

Photo: ABC Family


After making it big as the star of 2007's Hairspray, Nikki Blonsky found a second success on 2010 Freeform show Huge… or so she thought.

The show followed Nikki's character, Willamena "Will" Rader, as she navigated friends, crushes and her own insecurities at fat camp.

The series, which was based off of a novel of the same name by Sasha Paley, featured complex characters and dealt with real issues such as eating disorders, body image and mental health. But, a few well-intended life lessons weren't enough to keep the show on the air. Huge was canceled after 10 episodes.

Photo: ABC Family

Ruby & the Rockits

Ever wonder what Austin Butler was up to in 2009? Well, the answer is that he was starring on a Freeform (then ABC Family) show called Ruby & the Rockits.

The show was about two brothers who were members of the 1980s musical group The Rockits. Now retired, one brother, Patrick, lives a suburban life with his family, while the other, David, works at a casino. David sends his daughter, Ruby, played by Alexa PenaVega, to live with her uncle and his family (including her cousin, played by Austin Butler). Normal teen and family drama ensues, but a fun musical number is thrown in between. However, after 10 episodes, the show sang its swan song and danced off the air.

Photo: ABC Family

State of Georgia

In 2011, Disney alum Raven-Symoné starred on State of Georgia. Raven played Georgia Chamberlain, a dynamic young woman from the South who moves to New York City to follow her dream of becoming a famous actress. Her best friend, Jo, who is awkward, timid and the polar opposite of Georgia, moves with her. Together, the two take NYC by storm in a hilarious and hopeful fashion.

Sadly, we'll never know if their dreams came true because the show was canceled after 10 episodes.

Photo: ABC Family

Kevin (from Work)

If one thing is true of Freeform, it's that the network can make a good comedy. Baby Daddy, Young and Hungry and Melissa and Joey have all had long runs. But, 2015 situational comedy Kevin (from Work) just missed the mark.

The series followed Kevin, an employee at a food distribution company who quits his job to take a position in Italy. On his last day of work, he gives his apartment away to his sister, says goodbye to his best friend and sends a farewell love letter to a coworker who has a boyfriend. But, when the job in Italy falls through, Kevin scrambles to get his life back on track. The show had love triangles, laughs and funny sibling squabbles. What it didn't have: good ratings. Kevin (from Work) was canceled after one season, but you can now catch all 10 episodes on Netflix.

Photo: ABC Family

Mystery Girls

In 2014, Beverly Hills, 90210 alums Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth shared the screen again on their sitcom, Mystery Girls. The two appeared as former fictional TV detectives who reunite years later, open up their own agency and try to solve real crimes. However, the show was far from great and the only real crime was putting it on the air in the first place. It was canceled after 10 episodes.

Photo: ABC Family

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