7 Stars Who Played the Younger Version of Their Famous Older Sibling on Screen

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Elle Fanning and Dakota Fanning (in the adorable GIF above) sure did mean it when they said they do everything together… the celebrity siblings even played the same character twice when they were tots!

These two sisters are not the only siblings who have capitalized on the fact that they look so darn similar to further their careers. It’s a great way to introduce a youngster with acting in their blood into the wild world of the entertainment industry WHILE getting to turn the studio into their family room. Elle and Dakota, as well as other celebrity sister or brother pairs, noticed that and pounced at the chance to work together playing the same person (or let’s be honest… their parents did).

In fact, there are six other stars who took the opportunity to play the younger version of their older sibling’s character in a movie or TV show. Keep reading to see which of your favorite famous sibs acted side-by-side (kind of) on-screen:

Elle Fanning

In: I Am Sam (2001) & Taken (2002)

Even though these girls are four years apart, they basically look like twins nowadays... so it's not a shocker that way back when both girls were little kids, they were able to play the same character!

Elle's first roles were playing the younger version of her big sis in the Sci-Fi miniseries Taken and I am Sam before she broke out to act solo in Daddy Daycare.

Photo: The Bedford Falls Company

Jamie Lynn Spears

In: Crossroads (2002)

Britney Spears' movie Crossroads is a must-see if you haven't already! It follows three former-BFFs on a road trip with a sexy *possible* murderer who offers to drive them cross-country.

Before Jamie reached fame as Zoey on Zoey 101, she played young Lucy in the opening scene of the film.

Photo: MTV Films

Madison de la Garza

In: Sonny With a Chance (2009-2011)

Madison played Juanita on Desperate Housewives, but her older half-sister, Demi Lovato brought her in to be a part of the Disney Channel show that made the "Heart Attack" singer a star.

In the season one episode "Cookie Monsters," Maddie played the kid version of Sonny in a flashback scene. Even though the two ladies only share one parent — they definitely look similar enough to play the same person!

Photo: Disney Channel

Taissa Farmiga

In: Higher Ground (2011)

This American Horror Story actress and her older sister are 21 (!!!!) years apart. So when Vera was making her directing debut in the film Higher Ground, she brought her much younger sib in to play the teenage version of her character, Corinne. The film received positive reviews from audiences and critics alike, showing that great things can happen when you work with family!

Photo: BCDF Pictures

Rory Culkin

In: Richie Rich (1994)

When you think of the Culkin family, you probably think of Macaulay, whose roles in Home Alone and My Girl made him somewhat of a child icon back in the day.

His younger brother Rory's first acting role was playing the younger version of the star's character in this film about a kid billionaire. Six years later he starred in another film that actually helped him earn a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film. The Culkin fam is packed with actors, though, so Richie Rich wouldn't be the last time Rory played the younger version of his bro.

Photo: Silver Pictures

Rory Culkin (Again)

In: Igby Goes Down (2002)

Little Rory played the younger version of his brother again, but this time it was the middle Culkin, Kieran, who landed the lead role. The film also starred Claire Danes, Ryan Phillippe and Susan Sarandon!

Photo: United Artists

Joey Lawrence

In: Blossom (1991-1995)

The Lawrence bros (with their other brother, Andrew) all played brothers in the NBC sitcom, Brotherly Love, but before they could all share the screen, they just shared a part: Joey Russo!

Matt was on the show for all five seasons, but Joey came in to play the young character in three different episodes spanning throughout the series. Andrew, too, was brought onto Blossom a few times during the series to play an extra.

Photo: NBC

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