7 Female Stars Who Accidentally Flashed Their Underwear on the Red Carpet

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A wardrobe malfunction is mortifying no matter when it happens, but we think it’s safe to say having one on a fancy red carpet takes the embarrassment level up juuuuuust a notch. We’ve seen stars who’ve had their dress rip before they even stepped foot on the RC, and of course there are those who suffered a nip slip when they’re on one. And then there are those ladies who join the fashion mishap club for another (equally embarrassing) reason.

The good news? These female celebrities decided to slip on a pair of underwear before they hit the red carpet. The bad news? We know that because they actually showed ’em (accidentally, of course) to awaiting photographers.

Bella Hadid

Bella's dress that she wore to the 2016 Cannes Film Festival was SUPER sexy, which is probably why she was "sort of scared about [wearing] it." While the model overall ROCKED the look, she did have a little bit of a mishap when the sky-high slit shifted a bit, showing off her matching undergarments.

Photo: WENN

Emma Watson

Emma had a bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment as her dress got caught in the wind and exposed her underwear to fans at London's Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere back in 2009. Between the night's dreary weather and thousands of screaming fans, howeverm we don't think the actress was too concerned with the brief (no pun intended) issue — and neither were the Potterheads!

Photo: Getty

Rita Ora

Rita was asking for trouble when she wore a sexy dress with a slit to her upper thigh at the 2014 Met Gala, but thankfully the resulting wardrobe malfunction wasn't TOO bad — you can just see a bit of her nude-colored panties, and that's only if you're really looking.

Photo: Getty

Kristen Bell

As you can tell from Kristen Bell's face in this picture, something really embarrassing happened just before the cameras flashed. That moment? Oh, just when her slit went rogue and caused her to show the paparazzi her undies at the Veronica Mars movie premiere! In true KB form, however, she just LOL-ed off the incident and continued strutting her stuff.

Photo: WENN

Amanda Holden

It's all about getting the perfect pose on the red carpet, but unfortunately this Britain's Got Talent judge ended up showing off her underwear while trying to achieve perfection.

Photo: Getty

Kelly Brook

This One Big Happy star is another one who faced the dangers of wearing a dress with a long slit on the red carpet. Kelly was strutting her stuff in a gorg velvet garb at the Evening Standard Theater Awards in November 2015 when a slight shift allowed her nude panties to be seen be awaiting photographers.

Photo: Getty

Natalia Borges

Like Bella Hadid, this model took a risk by wearing a dress with a slit basically up to her bellybutton, and while the reward was great (people thought she looked STUNNING), she did suffer a bit when cameras got a glimpse of her black undies. Hey, at least they matched her ensemble!

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