13 Super-Popular Music Videos That Were Filmed in a Bathtub

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If you’re someone who enjoys bathing (hopefully this means all of you), then you know that it can be a deeply reflective time where thoughts and feelings can come to the surface. As Cedric Diggory (RIP) says in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, a bath is a great place to “mull things over in the hot water.” Some pop divas have noticed the ~emotional~ benefits of a good soak and dropped a bathtub scene into their music video to make everything look all the more raw, real… and let’s face it, sexy.

Bathing in music videos seems to be one of the biggest trends to hit the music industry these days… so much that there are 13 pop princesses (and counting) that have taken a dip for the visual version of their song!

Selena Gomez, 'Hands to Myself'

Quite certainly Sel's sexiest music video to date, we see the singer in her birthday suit soaking in the bathtub, with flashes of hunky model, Christopher Mason in the shower, too. **Picks up jaw from the floor.** Basically there is NOTHING to complain about when it comes to the amount of bathing that takes place in this MV

Watch the whole video here!

Photo: Interscope Records

Demi Lovato, 'Stone Cold'

While many artists stripped down for their bathtub scenes, Demi actually bundled up in her's. The singer's cozy sweater gets drenched in the music video as she belts the emotional lyrics to her song.

Watch the whole video here!

Photo: Hollywood Records & Island Records

Miley Cyrus, 'Adore You'

Miles may not get naked for her bath scene, but somehow that just makes the whole thing even more sexy. It also happens to be raining in the bathroom as the siner takes a soak, which is apparently just the flair all these other videos are missing!

Watch the whole video here!

Photo: RCA Records

Rihanna, 'Stay' ft. Mikky Ekko

Rihanna may not be known as an actress, but this vid proves that the singer can perform. Mikky does make an appearance, but RiRi totally steals the show.

Watch the whole video here!

Photo: Def Jam

Nicki Minaj, 'I Am Your Leader'

While most of the ladies on this list used the bathtub to create a more raw and authentic tone to their music video, Nicki's wig and the cotton-candy-like bubbles make it seem more like a cartoon!

Watch the whole video here!

Photo: Cash Money Records & Young Money Ent. & Universal Rec.

Kat Graham, 'Secrets'

Most of this Vampire Diaries actress' music video takes place under water in the bathtub and dang, she looks good!

Watch the whole video here!

Photo: Sound Zoo Records

Beyonce, 'Me, Myself & I'

Beyonce's bathtub scene in 'Me, Myself & I' is basically the OG distraught-in-the-tub vid à la Rihanna's 'Stay.' Queen Bey told MTV's Total Request Live, "The video and actually the song, I wrote it for the ladies because I know sometimes we go through relationships and they don't work out and we blame the guy or we blame the other girl or we blame ourselves. And we have this inner voice that kind of leads us in the right direction. We can always depend on ourselves... I wanted the video to reflect that. I was trying to think of something different, something fresh and new visually to do."

Watch the whole video here!

Photo: Columbia Records

Britney Spears, 'Everytime'

Brit's "Everytime" video concept was originally incredibly controversial and when news leaked that her character would drown in a bathtub after overdosing, people were concerned that it could lead to a spike in suicide rates among young people and glamorize self-harm, so they urged the singer not to release it.

The former Mickey Mouse Club star took fans' advice and changed the concept. Instead of committing suicide at the end, Brit's character bumps her head (in the bathtub) and begins to bleed uncontrollably from the accidental wound. After the music video aired, she told TRL, "I'm going to go back and do dance videos, but I wanted to be inspired and challenged."

Watch the whole video here!

Photo: Jive Records

Lady Gaga, 'Marry the Night,' 'You and I' & 'Bad Romance'

Gaga seriously cannot get enough of the bathtub when it comes to filming her vids. She's bathed in three music videos so far... and we're pretty sure there are more to come.

Watch the whole video here!

Photo: Interscope Records

Mariah Carey, 'Shake It Off'

Mimi's "Shake it Off" is one of the best breakup songs of all time, so obvs the MV wouldn't be complete without the singer stripping down to reflect on the failed relaysh in an overflowing bathtub sprinkled with rose petals (anyone else remembering her MTV Cribs episode???). The fact that she is the picture of absolute glamour in the bathtub scene, then wears a trucker hat, white tank and camo pants in another shot just makes Nick Cannon's ex the goddess that she is (and this video soooo 2005).

Watch the whole video here!

Photo: The Island Def Jam Music Group

Gwen Stefani, '4 in the Morning'

In 2007, Gwen tried her hand at the iconic bathing MV with a vintage-feel, but UNFORTUNATELY the bathtub idea isn't a surefire win for everyone... this vid is actually the No Doubt singer's second-least popular release to date! Looks like for Gwen, originality is key!

Watch the whole video here!

Photo: Interscope Records

Shakira, 'Addicted to You'

If you haven't been able to tell already, great things happen when artists bathe in their music videos and Shakira's spanglish creation is no exception.

Watch the whole video here!

Photo: Epic Records

The Veronicas, 'On Your Side'

What makes this music video unique from all the rest is that two people actually share the bathtub in this one! Also, the gorgeous Ruby Rose graces the screen with her appearance. It's definitely a heavy (read: depressing) vid, but completely beautiful featuring two women who are in love IRL.

Watch the whole video here!

Photo: Sony Music

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