For the Third Time This Week, ANOTHER Teen Wolf Hottie’s Nudes Were Leaked!!!

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It’s like we’re reliving one of the worst parts of 2014: the infamous celebrity nude photo leak.
During summer ’14, over 600(!) people, many of which were female celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Victoria Justice and Kate Upton, fell victim to an iCloud hack by a man named Ryan Collins, which led to the release of their naked pictures, completely invading their privacy. The culprit was, eventually, captured, and agreed to a plea deal: 18 months in federal prison — that’s a year and a half for his crimes. K.

Fast forward to today, and now there are a bunch of male celebrities, like Gregg Sulkin, who are falling victim to a similar crime; many of those stars coming from the same TV show: Teen Wolf. First there was Cody Christian, then there was Tyler Posey, now… Ryan Kelley.

The 30-year-old actor, who plays Deputy Jordan Parrish on the television drama, is more than comfortable showing off his skin on the series. When we asked him if he ever felt weird about his shirtless scenes, he said, “No, I mean being shirtless for a male isn’t that weird.”

However, he’s not completely okay with all the goods being on dispaly. “What’s weird is when I’m in a teeny, tiny, flesh-colored Speedo walking around set practically naked or outside naked carrying dead bodies.”

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“You get used to it,” he continued. “It’s part of the job and you just have to laugh at yourself.” What’s not a part of the job, though, is the invasion of his personal snapshots and videos of himself 100% in the buff… but that’s exactly what happened.

Perez Hilton received exclusive explicit pictures, allegedly belonging to the Teen Wolf heartthrob. Another website, dubbed OMG Blog, posted alleged footage of the actor touching himself. No need to go into further detail — the point is that he’s a victim and that all of this is NOT OKAY!!!
The CW stars have also fallen victim to nude-picture leaks:

Nina Dobrev

Even though Nina wasn't naked in the NSFW shots that hit the Internet during 'The Fappening,' her privacy was still invaded and she had every right to be pissed. That being said, a ton of other female celebrities had their whole bodies put on display, so many considered this former Vampire Diaries star ~lucky~ that her leaked pics were relatively tame.

Photo: WENN

Melissa Benoist

Instead of getting angry after her SUPER dirty sex photos with Blake Jenner leaked during 'The Fappening,' the Supergirl star simply tweeted, "incivility should not be supported," along with a link to an interview that discussed the dangerous of click-bait.

Photo: WENN

Blake Lively

While many stars first understood the dangers of the Internet in 2014, Blake learned how scary the web is back in 2011. The Gossip Girl star was the victim of an alleged phone hack which revealed pictures of her posing completely nude in front of a mirror, showing close-ups of her breasts, etc. There's still no word on who the hacker was.

Photo: WENN

Aly Michalka

Although many people had their privacy invaded by the now-infamous iCloud hacker, Aly's was on another level. The 'Fappening' creator stole more than 20 NSFW photos of the iZombie star, some of which showed her entire naked body. Although the man behind the disgusting act is being prosecuted, the damage has already been done.

Photo: WENN

Allison Mack

This Smallville actress was yet another star to be affected by 2014's 'The Fappening.' Allison's private topless pictures were stolen from her cell phone and posted to the Internet in the second wave of leaked photos.

Photo: WENN

Willa Holland

This Gossip Girl/Arrow star often posts semi-nude shots of herself on Twitter and Instagram, but one unauthorized topless photo found itself onto the Web a few years ago and can still be seen circulating today.

Photo: WENN

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