7 Times the Original Members of MAGCON Fought with Each Other

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NAGCON, or the Meet & Greet Convention, was one of the most popular web star tours of all time. The original group of Viners included in the tour seemed to be the best in the biz: Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Caniff, Jack and Jack (A.K.A. Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson), Matt Espinosa, Carter Reynolds, Jacob Whitesides, Hayes Grier and just one girl named Mahogany Lox.

Even though they referred to themselves as the “MAGCON Family,” it hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies for the group of self-proclaimed “social media influencers.” While they’d had some small disagreements here and there basically since the group was formed, all the drama reached a peak in April 2014, when some of the biggest names decided to drop the tour, leaving MAGCON in shambles. There’s bound to be commotion whenever you put a group of big personalities together, but the drama that went down behind the scenes just might take the cake for some of the most fascinating (and confusing) celebrity feuding that’s ever happened.

When there was major drama over the 2014 Teen Choice Awards

It was Jack Gilinsky & Cameron Dallas versus Matthew Espinosa over some tweets leading up to the award ceremony. Basically, JG and Cam asked their fans to vote for the other in the category for which they were nominated. Matt felt left out, however, because he was up for Choice Viner that year and could've used the votes from his Magcon brothers' fans, too.

Just a half hour after the duo went on Twitter to rally fans to vote for the other, the lone ranger tweeted, "Cool cam and jack." After that post surfaced, it became a war of the fans with the hashtags #VoteMattTCA or #CamWebstarTCA trending.

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When Jacob Whitesides basically said that the Magcon 'family' was total BS

Jacob seemed to have an iffy feeling about the way Carter treats women, even BEFORE the effed up video leaked of him pressuring his girlfriend at the time to performing oral sex on him. After Carter tweeted that Jennifer Lopez's "booty is too nice," Jacob retweeted it, but changed the word "booty" to "personality." While WE love it, Carter didn't... and he replied with a sexist hashtag, "#ShitPu**iesSay." Yuck.

Of course Taylor, who never backs away from a fight, decided to join in on the fun, tweeting at Jacob saying, "I seen that other tweet Jacob your so shady... And fake af on social networks." Taylor later deleted the tweets.

Although EVERYONE denied the feud, both Carter and Taylor both sent their love to the Magcon family, @'ing all of the others.... except Jacob, of course. Can you say PETTY?

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When Carter had some nasty things to say about Cameron

Carter and Maggie Lindemannhad a very ugly breakup, which not only included that disturbing video getting leaked, but also the girl accusing her ex of emotional abuse.

Apparently, Cam saw how destructive the duo's relationship was and tried to get his pal to break things off... much to Carter's dismay.

The 22-year-old tweeted, "He's mad because I told him Magpie's using him," and then commented on the 20-year-old's IG post saying, "Come back to the family," and "this isn't you."

Carter didn't quite appreciate Cameron's advice and responded in a YouNow video calling one of his BFFs some hurtful names.

"He can be giving me truthful advice, but at the same time, it's much! It is RUDE! ... It gets to the point where it's too much. It's NOT right. He's being COCKY, as he's making it seem like he knows everything, but he doesn't."

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When Cameron got pissed at Shawn Mendes...over Taylor Swift?

Cam seriously never hesitates from telling people how it is... and often he does so publicly. On Shawn's 17th birthday, the singer posted a sweet IG of himself and Taylor Swift on stage saying, "Coolest birthday ever. Taylor brought me up on stage and had a crowd of 60 thousand people sing happy birthday to me. So lucky to be on tour with someone so incredibly kind. You rock Taylor. Thank you so much!"

Apparently Cameron felt snubbed by his former tour mate and commented on the post, "Dang, what about the people that helped u get there (:". OBVIOUSLY, fans freaked out over the serious shade being thrown and jumped in to have the "Stitches" singer's back, but the Canadian took the high road and didn't even comment.

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When sh*t hit the fan over a Magcon reboot

After the OG Magcon guys initially quit the tour over some salary disputes, most joined competing social media tours like DigiTour and SocialCon. After a little while, though, Cameron decided he wanted to get the crew back together and he wanted to do it under the Magcon name... so basically, he bought the company and tried to rally all the other guys to re-join.

While some of the original members were immediately interested (like Aaron Carpenter), some needed some coercing and others just straight-up denied the offer.

"Idk it's gonna be tough to get @TheMattEspinosa & @Nashgrier to do it again... They think it's bad for them," the 22-year-old tweeted. Matt clapped backed, telling the Viner NOT to speak for him and then said actually the social media king was being selfish because he didn't even know the reboot was happening until he read about it on Twitter.

Hayes tried to get in on the action, saying that "no one cheated," but that he's not interested. Dramatically, Cam let loose a little secret... that Hayes actually was down for the new Magcon originally and wanted Cam, Nash & Hayes to own the company... charging "little fees" to all the other talent on tour. WTF?

Lastly, Nash blasted Cameron for making the other guys look bad for not wanting to re-join the group. "The name limits us," he wrote on Instagram. "Most of us want something bigger than that. We don't just want to be a meet & greet convention...we're better than this and as amazing as the past was we can't live in it forever." Dang!

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When Taylor Caniff and Jack Johnson had a competition of who treats their fans better

Taylor decided to respond to some of Jack's tweets that were explanations of why he was staying away from Cameron's Magcon reboot. The blond said, "[Jack and I have] met more fans and gone more places than any previous or current Magcon Member in the last 6 months love :)" but the 20-year-old took the defensive because he believed that actually he was the title holder for that one! Herebutted, "#lies haha 114 in 2015 citys last year." He then talked about how low his rates were for the meet & mreets, saying "just $20 and I met every fan even if there was 1000 of you beautiful girls it didn't matter."

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When Taylor chose money over friendship

This 20-year-old may have stuck with the Magcon boys for the reboot,, but disputes over the talent's per diem and a lag in the talent getting their equity pay from the European tour caused him to not only skip the Australian tour that he had signed on for, but also ask to be let out of his contract.

The drama played out in Cameron Dallas' docuseries onNetflix and it's straight up awk at times... but ultimately the two are able to bury the hatchet and make up, especially given that the drama between the two guys was actually just a wedge being caused by different opinions on business, not how they really felt about their friend as a person.

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