11 Times Fandoms Shipped Incestuous Pairings on Teen TV Shows

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Every single fandom has ships, OTPs and NOTPs, and part of the fun of watching any show, seeing any movie or reading any book is eagerly waiting to see who the main character (and let’s be honest, the side characters, too) is gonna end up with. In some cases, though, you just might have an inkling that your ship is not gonna happen, no matter how tightly you’ve got your fingers crossed. Sometimes it’s just not written in the stars (or in the script).

For a lot of fans, that’s the case for their incest ships (which are actually super common in TV show fandoms). Now, that’s not to say incest never happens in our fave stories, ’cause strangely, it does… just look at Clary and Jace in Shadowhunters who shared a passionate kiss just before finding out that *SHOCKER*… they’re actually siblings! But let’s just face it — not every showrunner wants their related characters to fall in love, as dramatic as those storylines can be.

Look in the gallery below to see all the teen TV shows in which fans ship non-canon incest pairings hardcore!

Wizards of Waverly Place's 'Jalex' Ship

Involving: Alex Russo & Justin Russo

Relationship: Sister / Brother

The desired pairing between Justin and Alex on WoWP is one of the most popular ships in the fandom! When the TV show was being developed, David Henrie's character was actually supposed to be the Russo family's neighbor who was going to have a 'Will they? Won't they?' romantic storyline (kind of like Lizzie and Gordo in Lizzie McGuire) with Selena Gomez's character.

Some blame the romantic undertones between the sis and bro on the fact that there was some sexual tension between the actors IRL (Sel admitted she had a crush on the Dadnapped star and the two were frequently at the center of dating rumors). By the time the WoWP movie came out, there was actually a bit of controversy surrounding the DCOM because of some romantic-like moments that the siblings shared!

Photo: Disney Channel

The Vampire Diaries' 'Klebekah' Ship

Involving: Klaus Mikaelson & Rebekah Mikaelson

Relationship: Half-Siblings

Maybe it's just because both actors (Joseph Morgan and Claire Holt) are so good looking that you can't help but want to view them together, or that Rebekah looks an awful lot like Caroline Forbes (A.K.A. Candice Accola) who is another popular ship, but in the TVD/Originals fandom, Klebekah is up there with the most popular.

Photo: The CW

Supernatural's 'Wincest' Ship

Involving: Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester

Relationship: Brothers

Within hours of the pilot episode of Supernatural airing, fanfic starting coming up on the web full of Dean & Sam pairings. This ship just might be the most popular incest ship on teen TV to date!

It's not just in the minds of fans where Wincesting comes out... in several episodes the two bros have been mistaken for lovers! Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean on the show, has even said that he and Jared Padalecki have read some Wincest fanfiction before. While it doesn't appear he's a shipper of the two siblings, fans were stoked to hear he was aware of the community within the fandom!

Photo: The CW

Glee's 'Andercest' Ship

Involving: Blaine Anderson & Cooper Anderson

Relationship: Brothers

When Matt Bomer joined the Glee cast, it was pretty obvs that people would start shipping him with basically everyone because he's so effing fine. The show's fanfiction is all over the Tnternet and Cooper and Blaine hooking up is a popular subcategory on forums.

Photo: FOX

Skins' 'Stonemcest' Ship

Involving: Tony Stonem & Effy Stonem

Relationship: Brother / Sister

This pairing is pretty popular in the British TV show's fandom simply because Tony does seem to go out of his way to protect Effy, and their tight bond does sometimes seem to exceed the typical connection of brother and sister. Also, duh — Nicholas Hoult and Kaya Scodelario are two beautiful people who would actually look really nice together IRL.

Photo: E4

The Vampire Diaries' 'Salvatoreslash' Ship

Involving: Damon Salvatore & Stefan Salvatore

Relationship: Brothers

This seems to be a similar case as Wincest from Supernatural. The unconditional love these two brothers share, as well as their willingness to sacrifice themselves to save the other basically ALL THE TIME, blurs the line between familial love and romantic love. Plus, there's the whole "we literally always fall for the same girl" thing, which definitely makes you wonder if it's the brother's relationship with the girl making the other one jealous, or the girl's relationship with the brother... ya feel?

Photo: The CW

Glee's 'Hummelcest' Ship

Involving: Burt Hummel & Kurt Hummel

Relationship: Father / Son

WE CAN'T EVEN with this popular Glee ship, yet it's a fan-fave. Yes, they frequently say that they love each other and are very affectionate, but incest-y? Not sure about that one!

Photo: FOX

Life With Derek's 'Dasey' Ship

Involving: Derek Venturi & Cassandra "Casey" McDonald

Relationship: Step-Siblings

Even though these two aren't blood related, they frequently refer to each other as "brother" and "sister," which is enough to declare it incest-y for us! A lot of fans perceive their banter on the show to be v flirtatious and their "unnecessary" physical touching also adds apparent evidence to an underlying Dasey flame.

Photo: Disney Channel

Heroes' 'Paire' Ship

Involving: Peter Petrelli & Claire Bennet

Relationship: Uncle / Niece

Claire and Peter's relationship was confusing to fans because when they first were introduced to each other, neither the characters nor the audience knew that the two cuties were related! Of course, the writers did and despite their best efforts to steer fans away from this ship, the Paire shippers were loyal.

It also didn't help that Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panetierre were dating off-screen, making their romantic chemistry kind of hard to ignore.

Photo: NBC

Arrow's 'Queencest' Ship

Involving: Oliver Queen & Thea Queen

Relationship: Brother / Sister

There's actually kind of a good explanation for this incest ship. Thea's character was based on Mia Dearden from the Arrow comics, someone with whom Oliver had some romantic interest in the graphic novel version. Without giving any *spoilers,* there is an unexpected incest pairing that actually becomes canon in the CW TV show.

Photo: The CW

Heroes' 'Petrelli Brothers' Ship

Involving: Peter Petrelli & Nathan Petrelli

Relationship: Brothers

Adrian Pasdar and Milo are homies IRL and, despite their 13-year age difference in the show, thick as thieves on-screen, too! Their fandom ship has been called Petrellicest and Petrellislash, and comes in the form of looooong fanfics and complilation YouTube videos. The two guys do have great chemistry!

Photo: NBC

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