Pretty Little Liars Girl Deletes Picture After Internet Dubs it Offensive

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Emeraude Toubia recently got called out for cultural appropriation after she wore her hair in cornrows and box braids while on vacation in Thailand, but refused to apologize for rocking the ‘do she said she wore since she was little. Lucy Hale, on the other hand, didn’t even really offend her fans, but still apologized profusely for causing upset.

The Pretty Little Liars posted a picture yesterday in which she proudly showed off her “baby hairs.”

Twitter @lucyhale)

Twitter @lucyhale)

Popular entertainment websites Cosmopolitan and Bustle reported that fans found her ‘do offensive because styling baby hairs is something popular in the African American and Latin communities, however it seems that more people actually found the whole thing funny, because what was happening on her head was not baby hairs.

Whether people really did see Lucy’s post as cultural appropriation or were simply poking fun at her for mislabeling the style, the 27-year-old did what any kindhearted person would do — delete the photo and apologize profusely.

“Sorry guys — I would never mean to offend anyone. Honestly, my bad. I wasn’t thinking,” Lucy tweeted after deleting the picture.

Fans quickly accepted her apology and everyone has since moved on. Good for you, Luce!

7 celebrities who appropriated African American culture MULTIPLE times:

Miley Cyrus

Ah, the Queen of All Cultural Appropriators. Her mission is to always make a statement and she does that often. But the public never goes down without a fight. Miley got dragged through social media for sporting faux locs at the 2015 MTV Awards and still, here she is, donning some aqua braids during her Milky Milky Milky tour.

Photo: Instagram (@mileycyrus)

Kylie Jenner

These days, Kylie is the media scapegoat for everything negative, but for real, for real, she sort of brings it upon herself most of the time. Let's not forget when she modeled in locs for Teen Vogue, was shimmering in blackface and paid for, quote-unquote, black woman features (enhanced lips, hips and bottom). We def can't live down that moment when The Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg called her out for wearing her hair in cornrows. As you can see, Kylie is #unbothered and couldn't care less about what Amandla has to say because, here she is, rockin' them again.

Photo: Instagram (@kyliejenner)

Kendall Jenner

Big sis Kendall obvs didn't learn from her sibling's mistakes. Right after Kylie's spat with Amandla, the paps spotted her out and about with some straight back cornrows. #zeroeffsgiven, whatsoever. The most controversial thing to happen with Kendall's hair is when Marie Claire posted a pic of her half braided hairstyle and called it "new" and "epic." Now, you KNOW black people on Twitter had a field day with that one.

Photo: Instagram (@kendalljenner)

Justin Bieber

Of course, no one wants to belieb believe that he's racist. According to JB, rumored girlfriend Hailey Baldwin made him get cornrows "like an absolute d*****bag" and social media erupted with scornful tweets about him appropriating black culture. The funny thing about this is that he's the same person who defended Kylie on an Instagram post against critics about the same thing. "Saying she's being racist because she wants her hair in braids is ridiculous," said the guy who got caught using the N-word more than once.

Photo: Instagram (@justinbieber)

Gigi Hadid

Some people may say that Gigi's been sippin' on that Jenner juice because Vogue Italia styled her in a series of textures and colorful Afros. Just recently, she was accused of cultural appropriation again for wearing henna tattoos, but she's half Palestinian, so, like, that doesn't make sense. But critics had their own argument and didn't give a damn if she's half Palestinian because they totally don't see her reppin' the Gaza. Full disclosure: She did acknowledge being Palestinian-American when she paid tribute to Anna Wintour's first Vogue cover.

Photo: Instagram (@gigihadid)

Rita Ora

She's one of those people who likes to try lots of flavors. Not only did she rock this 'fro, she has a thing for braids and cornrows, too! Rita has worn unicorn-rainbow-looking cornrows and blondish-gray braids, but Refinery29 had to call it summer hairspiration. Like... for reals. *rubs temple* Normally, these hairstyles are frowned upon and is only accepted once a white person makes it "trendy." Or, in this case, Albanian.

Photo: Instagram (@ritaora)

Kim Kardashian

People think the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan wants to be black. Kim has a big butt, a black husband and, well, she wears cornrows, too. Fortch, no one can say that her daughter, North, will be culture appropriating because she's half-black and they also can't say that she doesn't rep that side of her culture because her mommy also posted a photo with the both of them wearing the same cornrow hairstyle.

Photo: Instagram (@kimkardashian)

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