Despite Potential Arrest, Shailene Urges People to Protest New Trump Decision

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On October 10, 2016, the world got to witness something no one probably ever imagined would or could happen: the arrest of Shailene Woodley. At the time, the now-25-year-old actress was actively participating in a protest — a peaceful one, mind you — against the Dakota Access Pipeline in Sioux County, North Dakota until she was taken into custody. She was let go soon after the incident, which was captured and disseminated on Facebook Live, but the 24-year-old alum of The Secret Life of the American Teenager was eventually charged with one count of misdemeanor criminal trespass and one count of misdemeanor engaging in a riot.

But at least it wasn’t all for nothing (at the time) — two months after the Divergent star’s arrest, the outgoing Obama Administration had the Army Corps of Engineers block the DAP.

Keeping on trend, though, President Donald Trump is reversing Obama’s decision, signing an executive action to advance the controversial project on Tuesday. Naturally, Shai is not taking the decision lying down:

When asked what her next move will be in protesting the pipeline during an interview on MSNBC, SW said, “We mobilize. What we can do now, as a population, as a society, is hold our corporations accountable and hold our banks accountable, because there are a lot of banks that are invested in this pipeline. Regardless of any executive order or what our politicians want to do, if there’s no money invested in the pipelines, then they can’t be built.”

“I think it’s about spreading education and really honoring the fact that one of the biggest things about this particular pipeline is protecting indigenous rights,” she continued, “something that has been overlooked in our country for far too long.”

“This pipeline would be built under the Missouri River,” she explained. “As we know, it’s not a matter of if pipelines leak, it’s a matter of when pipelines leak. When this one is to leak it would affect the drinking water of 18 million people. Not only Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota and South Dakota, but millions of people down river as well.”

Sounds like Shailene will continue to fight… even if it means another potential arrest.
2016 was a big year in celebrity arrests:

Shailene Woodley

Yes, this happened.

On October 10, the 25-year-old Divergent actress was peacefully protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in Sioux County, North Dakota when police arrived and arrested her... and it was all captured on Facebook Live!

"I was trespassing like everyone," Shai told officers at the scene. "As soon as you guys asked me to leave, I l left. She was down there, everybody was down there; I'm being arrested. I was down there with everybody else. I don't know what's going on. As soon as they came I left… it's because I'm well known. It's because I have 40,000 people watching."

The Secret Life alum was charged with one count of misdemeanor criminal trespassing and one count of misdemeanor engaging in a riot.

26 other people were also arrested at the protest that day.

Photo: Morgan County Sheriff

Debby Ryan

The Jessie alum shocked all her young fans when she was taken into custody in April... for drunk driving!

She reportedly made a left in and slammed into a Mercedes; the driver claimed injury. After taking a sobriety test, she was arrested for felony drunk driving, which was later bumped down to a misdemeanor because the injury was minor and she blew a .11 (which isn't that much over the .08 legal limit).

"Over the last few days I have had the chance to think about my actions," she said after the incident, "and I wish I had used better judgement. I recognize that I am a role model and have always worked hard to set a good example for my millions of fans. I am so sorry to disappoint everyone."

Photo: San Quentin State Prison

Kelli Berglund

Soon after Debby's arrest in April, another Disney star spent some time in the clink. Right before the kick-off of the 2016 Coachella Music Festival, 20-year-old Kelli Berglund, the star of Disney XD's Lab Rats, was arrested.

According to TMZ, "She was trying to get into a restricted area to meet up with friends." The issue: she was caught with a false identification card. "Security spotted the fake and alerted the cops," the report claimed.

Fortch, she was reportedly only issued a citation, and released soon after her mug shot was taken.

Photo: Indio Police Department

Audrey Whitby

There isn't a person in the United States that wasn't affected by the 2016 presidential election. While there are plenty in support of President-elect Donald Trump — hence, why he was elected into office — many members of the Black, Latino, Muslim, LGBTQ & more communities are in a state of shock and, even further, panic. What will this mean for the state of our nation? Is peaceful coexistence possible, what with all the racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic, xenophobic (among other things) events? Some don't believe so, which is why you may notice all those protests happening in various cities.

One such city includes Los Angeles, California (a state in which the majority voted for Hillary Clinton). And that's exactly where Audrey was arrested, and would gladly be incarcerated again "in a heartbeat."

"I'm a gangster with a rap sheet," the Thundermans actress began. "I will never forget last night. We were marching through the streets of [downtown LA] with like-minded people, making our young but loud voices heard. We were all there with the same purpose: equality and peace."

Photo: Instagram (@audreywhitby)

Orlando Brown

Wow, WTF is up with all these Disney stars?? The That's So Raven alum also effed up this year — BIG TIME.

The 29-year-old actor, who played Eddie Thomas throughout the series' duration, was arrested in February for possession of drugs and hitting his girlfriend in — wait for it — the parking lot of a police station.

He was charged with "misdemeanor domestic battery, obstruction of justice and two felonies — drug possession with intent to sell, and having contraband in jail."

Photo: Torrance Police Dept.

Blac Chyna

Before BC hitched a ride on the Kardashian express — getting herself engaged to Rob Kardashian and giving birth to his child, Dream Kardashian — she got herself into some hot water at at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas on January 29.

The 28-year-old was reportedly kicked off her British Airways flight from Texas to London because her "behavior was unpredictable, going from extremely angry, cursing at everyone then to crying." Apparently, she "was being verbally aggressive to the bartender at Saxon Pub whom she claimed would not serve her the amount of alcohol that she requested."

Upon search of her bag, law enforcement learned that she had two small pills that equalled 1.26 grams of ecstasy, and she was charged with third degree felony possession.

Photo: Austin Police Department

Chris Massey

Following in the footsteps of his Zoey 101 co-star, Matthew Underwood, 26-year-old Chris Massey, who played Michael Barret on the TV series, was recently arrested. Except, instead of a drug charge, he was taken into custody for abusing his girlfriend... in public!

In April, That's So Raven actor Kyle Massey's older brother was overheard in an argument with his significant other, reality star Cassalei Jackson, in Las Vegas, before she ended up on the ground. Security assumed that Chris had pushed her, so they detained him until the police arrived. Upon arrival, law enforcement arrested the child star and took him in for misdemeanor domestic violence.

Photo: Las Vegas Metro Police

Nick Carter

Nick kicked off his year in the worst way, reportedly getting into a scuffle at a Florida bar in January. Eventually, the cops showed up and booked the Backstreet Boy for misdemeanor battery.

Photo: Key West Police Department

50 Cent

The rapper has a rap sheet dating all the way back to 1994, but usually for drugs or weapons charges. His most recent offense, though, is unlike anything he's been charged for before.

This past June, the "Candy Shop" crooner was arrested in St. Kitts in the Caribbean for doing something he's known to do all the time: cursing.

Apparently, it's illegal to say "motherf*cker" there... but he did it anyway. He was warned against the use of profanity, but the DJ reportedly didn't have a clean version of his set, so... whomp whomp.

Photo: Instagram (@50cent)

Brandon Jones

Bad news for one of the top 'A' suspects on Pretty Little Liars — Brandon Jones, who plays Andrew Campbell on the Freeform series, was arrested after brandishing a gun(!) during an argument with a neighbor.

According to TMZ, on March 24, the 28-year-old actor "ended a dispute with his neighbor" by allegedly pulling out his handgun "and pointing it at a male neighbor." While it's unclear what the argument pertained to, he was charged with a felony: assault with a firearm. Though it was concluded that he never fired the weapon, he supposedly pointed it at the opposition, which, in turn, constitutes as assault.

Photo: Twitter (@brandonwjones)

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