8 Teen Movie Series That Got Prequels After the OG Franchise Finished

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We’ve all felt the bitter pain of seeing a favorite movie franchise come to a close after many years of being dedicated to the series. While it’s painful for us, the audience, to see long-loved stories come to an end, want to know who it’s even more painful for? The movie studios who made big bucks off of these blockbusters for many years! Some film execs see the audience desire for more and decide to just keep tacking on more and more installments (Pirates of the Caribbean, for example), even if the OG plan was for the franchise to be done and over with.

But at times flicks seem to wrap up perfectly with no loose ends, meaning that adding on would seem basically impossible. In these cases, some movie makers decide they can keep capitalizing off of the fandoms… by time traveling! Enter: the prequel.

The Harry Potter Series (2001-2011)

Prequel: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

When part two of The Deathly Hallows premiered in 2011, there was not a dry eye in the house. It seemed like the end of an era. While Harry, Ron & Hermione haven't come back to us on screen (yet!!!), J.K. Rowling's prequel book, which still takes place in the same Wizarding World as HP, hit theaters last fall.

The sequel to Fantastic Beasts is in production now, too, so even though Jo recently crushed our hopes of a new film with the OG Hogwarts crew, we still have something to look forward to.

Photo: Warner Bros

The Hunger Games (2013-2015)

Prequel Currently in the Works

In late 2015, news broke that the studio behind The Hunger Games was cooking up another HG flick. While we don't want to give away what happened at the end of the franchise as it stands right now (though, TBH, it's 100 percent your fault if you haven't seen the last film yet after 1.5 years), but it wouldn't make a ton of sense to keep going in this timeline of the series. So, studio execs had the *original* idea of going into the past of Panem.

There hasn't been much news about it since the late-2015 announcement, but Jennifer Lawrence said she wouldn't be interested in another movie, which made people question if working off the franchise would even be a good idea anymore.

Photo: Lionsgate

X-Men (2000-2006)

Prequel: X-Men Origins (2009-2016)

Originally supposed to be a trilogy, each of the first three films did even better in the box office that the one before and the studio knew that they could not waste the opportunity to keep telling the story. Their answer? X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and X-Men: Apocalypse. While the final two were in production, they ALSO started releasing sequels to the first three including The Wolverine (2013) and Deadpool (2016).

Photo: 20th Century Fox

Star Wars Original Trilogy (1977-1983)

Prequel: Star Wars Prequel Trilogy (1999-2005)

In a move controversial to some, George Lucas decided to revisit his characters many years after originally giving the prequel series the axe in 1983. He realized there was new technology, a strong fan base and character stories to be told, so he decided to move forward with the idea.

In the prequel series, we get to see how Darth Vader became a member of the dark side, though most dedicated fans agree the late '70s/early' 80s films are much superior than any of the modern reboots.

Photo: 20th Century Fox

Lord of the Rings (2001-2003)

Prequel: The Hobbit (2012-2014)

LoTR's prequels are generally agreed to be not AS good as the originals, but they were still an enormous financial success at the box office. Plus, no one was complaining about seeing the ageless Orlando Bloom back in his Legolas costume!

Photo: Warner Bros

Insidious (2010-2013)

Prequel: Insidious 3 (2015)

When Insidious first came out, it was basically the creepiest effing movie most of us had ever seen. The second one was — yep! Just as creepy. In the third (you guessed it — scary AF) film, the audience got to see the backstory of the psychic that helps the family in the first two movies, generally understanding the story a bit more.

Photo: Universal Pictures

Star Trek (1979-1981)

Prequel: Star Trek (2009-2016)

Okay, Trekkies, before you get pissed about how this is **not** a prequel, hear us out!

The modern film reboot of this series is an alternate timeline: meaning the events do take place in the past (like a prequel), but it's a different past than the one that the original film characters would have had because they're in an alternate reality due to time travel. We know — confusing AF! So, while it's kind of somewhere in between a prequel and a sequel, we're still gonna leave it here.

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Planet of the Apes (1968-1973)

Prequel: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011-2017)

Completely ignoring Tim Burton's awful remake in 2001 (sorry!), the modern re-boot of the OG film series that acts as a prequel to the first round of films is actually pretty good. However, like in Star Trek, it's using an alternate timeline, so it doesn't have to have 100 percent consistency with all the details that were included in the originals.

Photo: 20th Century Fox

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