6 Stunning Ladies One Teen Wolf Actor Has Allegedly Dated

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Teen Wolf has been a big topic of discussion for the past couple of weeks. While we approach the mid-season finale next week, we’ve had several weeks of jaw-dropping (and tear-jerking) episodes… plus, with all those TW nudes that have been leaked recently (in a hacking scandal that’s been dubbed The Wolfening), it’s basically impossible to avoid thinking about the MTV show 24/7.

The two Dylans of the series have stayed embarrassing-photo-leak free (and fingers crossed they can keep it that way!), but when Dylan Sprayberry made a joke about releasing his ~private~ photographs himself, he was met with both positive and negative responses. He tweeted, “So I’ll be posting my nudes sometime tomorrow, that way no one can take credit for it! #lovemyfriends #respectmyfriends.” With a sense of humor like that (and ya know, his looks), it makes sense that there would be a lot of lovely ladies trying to get his attention.

In his two seasons as a series regular on Teen Wolf, the actor has been romantically linked to a co-star or two, and found himself at the center of a questionably creepy fan rumor. To find out more about the 18-year-old’s ~complicated~ love-life, keep reading!

Samantha Logan

During Dylan's first season on Teen Wolf, Sam was playing Violet for a few episodes. The two were seen out and about together quite frequently doing "date-like" activities one on one, convincing fans that the two were most definitely an item. Neither person ever confirmed the fling, but the pics sure are convincing!

Photo: Tumblr

Adelaide H. O'Brien

Last summer news broke that Dylan was dating a girl 4 years his junior and they met on set of Teen Wolf way back in 2014. Of course people were like, "Wtf?" because he would have been 16 and she would have been 12 (!!!!) when they met. Even so, certain celebrity dating sites claimed that this duo was "confirmed."

However, most avid TW fans were pretty sure that it was just a rumor that Adelaide herself started for fame!

Photo: Tumblr

Alisha Heng

This girl was apparently dating Dylan during season 5 of Teen Wolf. There were some articles on MoviePilot.com stating that Alisha had been cast to play Dyl's love interest on the show, whereas others reported that she was just an extra and possible stunt double, though there's not official Teen Wolf sources that can confirm she worked on the show.

When her Instagram account was discovered, she did have a lot of photos of herself hanging out with cast members! What's weird though is that her IG was eventually deleted, and then the original Instagram connected to Adelaide O'Brien (Dylan's alleged other girlfriend) changed the name on her account to Alisha Heng. So was it all the same obsessive fan who started the rumor? And how did she get celebrity news sites to report on her fake romance with the younger Teen Wolf guy? While we feel pretty certain this relaysh is NOT real, there is a sliiiiiiim chance that Adelaide and Alisha are different people and that both did actually date the guy that plays Liam on Teen Wolf.

Photo: Instagram

Estelle Yves

Insiders claimed that Dyl and this French model had a very brief fling (meaning just a hook up) in January of 2015. Although no one knows where the gossip stemmed from, the two are obviously both very attractive people. BUT, Estelle is actually five years older than Dylan, so if they did get together when he was 16 and she was 21, the relaysh would've been illegal in a lot of place!

Photo: Instagram

Victoria Moroles

These Teen Wolf co-stars were at the center of dating rumors just after season 5 of their show aired. They did shoot a VERY sexy scene together for the show and engaged in a little social media flirting... BUT both Vic and Sprayberry have insisted that they are just good friends. Some even say that the 20-year-old actress is seriously dating another guy but wants to keep their relationship away from the press!

We're still hoping that this pairing becomes real eventually, because they look seriously good together and have great chemistry on the show.

Photo: Snapchat

Joey King

Dyl was reported to be dating this actress last summer. Their friendship went public last spring when they went on a group vacay to Palm Springs with some friends, but eventually the pair started hanging out alone more often. The two teenagers were also the focus of an intimate photo shoot for Tyler Shields. While their *friendship* was all over social media for a bit, eventually the two stopped interacting on Twitter and Instagram altogether, convincing fans that the pair had broken up. Sad!

Photo: Snapchat

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