7 Times Miley Cyrus Let Her Boobs Go Completely Free in Public

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The common saying goes — don’t wear white after Labor Day. But what it should really say is, don’t wear white without a bra. Actually… you can do what you want (#FREETHENIPPLE), but you must know that letting your breasts go bare in a sheer top means people will most likely get a view of your nipples.

Miley Cyrus loves being naked, often posting NSFW pictures of herself online just because she feels like it. Seeing as the 24-year-old celebrity doesn’t give a crap if her boobs pop out on live television, it’s really not that surprising that she’s one of the many stars who absolutely hate wearing bras, even in public. The former Disney Channel queen takes her love of baring it all to another level, however, when she throws away the lingerie and slips on a (usually see-through) white shirt.

When She Rocked a Crop Top

Crop tops (especially ones as cropped as MiCy's) can oftentimes make you feel pretty ~exposed~, so we can only imagine how Miley felt wearing one without a bra, too. Actually, now that we think about it... the 24-year-old old is probably one of the most confident people we know — she prob loved it!

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When Her Plaid Shirt Didn't Cover Her Up

Wearing an overshirt is the perfect way to feel covered up when you don't feel like putting on a bra, but clearly that's not the reason why Miley wore this one.

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When She Needed a Few More Necklaces

Everyone knows that Miley LOVES to show off her boobs nowadays, but what you may not have realized is the "Wrecking Ball" singer has apparently liked letting her girls breath since 2009 — the year that this missing-bra photo was taken.

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When She Met Fans

No bra? No problem! The former Hannah Montana star took pics with a bunch of adoring fans while she was in Houston back in 2012, despite the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra and her shirt was pretty darn sheer.

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When She Got Lunch with Her Family

There's nothing better than going out for a relaxing meal with your fam, so we totally understand why Miley left the house sans bra when she, her mom and her younger sister grabbed a bite to eat a few years ago.

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When She Was Filming

Paparazzi are always annoying, but especially when they catch ya without a bra!

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When She Posed for Her Social-Media Followers

Miley LOVES posting controversial (like, completely naked) pictures on Instagram, so this bad boy is pretty darn tame compared to some of the others. #FREETHENIPPLE, after all.

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