10 Beautiful Female Stars Who Low-Key Look Like Lea Michele

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For whatever the reason, we can’t stop talking about Glee lately. The show’s been off the air for nearly 2 years, but we seem to be experiencing withdrawals all of a sudden; that’s why we spent time last week looking for Glee stars who made it big after the show — so we can see which of ’em are still on television.

This time around, it’s all about the dramedy’s leading lady… Lea Michele! With another season of Scream Queens in the books and a new album on the way, the 30-year-old actress/singer is absolutely killing it. So, keeping that in mind, we scoured the Internet to find fellow stars who resemble her. Let us tell ya, it wasn’t easy.

Camila Cabello

Camila fans love pointing out their similarities on Twitter. We particularly see it when they're both contoured. Plus, look at those matching pouts!

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Ally Brooke

Harmonizers are also quick to point out some likenesses between the Glee actress and Fifth Harmony's Ally. It's not as noticeable as Camila, but there may be a little something.

Photo: WENN/Getty

Demi Lovato

You'll find a lot of side-by-sides of LM & DL across social media. Personally, we think it's about the attitude and smizing.

Photo: Getty

Cher Lloyd

NOW we're getting somewhere. The singers' eyes are identical!

Photo: Getty

Kim Kardashian

If you squint hard enough...

Photo: Getty

Nikki Reed

Those pearly whites tho.

Photo: Getty

Idina Menzel

There's a reason why they played mother and daughter on the Fox series.

Photo: WENN/Getty

Rebecca Black

Everyone on the Internet compares these two. And now that they mention it... we get it, we get it.

Photo: Getty

Penelope Cruz

Penelope is Lea in 12 years.

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Beth Behrs

TBH, we see a lot of January Jones in the 2 Broke Girls actress, but you'd be surprised how many people think these TV stars look alike. We def see it in the nose, but other than that...?

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