6 TV Actors Who Dated Their On-Screen Parent in Real Life

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The tangled web of Hollywood relationships is… well… really complicated! Celebrities date, break up, date other people, get back together and blah, blah, blah. Obviously a place where a lot of these love connections actually form is on set — we see on-screen pairings become off-screen relationships literally all the time!

Where Hollywood romances tend to get a little icky, however, is when people play family members in front of a camera, but then hook up IRL. Not only can this lead to some questionable interpretations of the on-screen relaysh, but also causes anxiety of what might happen if they split.

While we’ve become somewhat accustomed to seeing TV siblings turn into off-screen lovers, a fictional parent-child duo becoming a romantic pair IRL, like the following, still can be pretty strange:

Nina Dobrev

David Anders played Nina's character's uncle/father on The Vampire Diaries and as if their fictional family ties weren't complicated enough, they added some personal connections into the mix.

On TVD, the 35-year-old plays John Gilbert, Elena's biological dad and the brother of her adoptive father. IRL, he and the 28-year-old were spotted partying together pretty frequently.

At one point, David even rose eyebrows and sparked dating rumors with a tweet that referred to the actress (who had recently broken up with her other co-star Ian Somerhalder) as "m'girl." Later, he "confirmed" the pairing with a tweet (RT'd by Ninz) saying, "Once again w/ @ninadobrev playing Ping Pong. Ps.Were totz dating.HA!Try 2 make another story outta that" (sense the sarcasm?).

Photo: The CW

David Annable

In 2007, there were rumors reporting that David and Sally Field, his Brothers & Sisters mom who is 30 years his senior, were hooking up in secret. The actor claims the gossip was totally false and told Ace Show Biz, "There was a rumor that came out in the National Enquirer that I was dating Sally Field and I thought it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me."

David even used the false article to prank his real mom! Her apparent response was, "I'm going to be Sally Field's mother in law!"

Photo: ABC

Georgia Moffett

If you're a Doctor Who fan, then you know that the show's been going on for like, ever. During David Tennant's time playing the tenth Doc, Georgia, who is the real-life daughter of the person who played the fifth Doctor (Peter Davison), came in to play the new one's on-screen offspring. Apparently the actress and her on-screen Dad felt quite a bit of chemistry, as they got married three years later.

Photo: BBC One

Michael Emerson

Despite the fact that they never actually shared a scene, Carrie Preston played Michael's character's mom in flashback sequences (which, as you know, happen a LOT in Lost). The two have been married just shy of 20 years now...cute!

Photo: Instagram

John Hensley

A lot of twisted shiz went down on Nip/Tuck, but most of the audience didn't know that there was just as much drama backstage! Joely Richardson and her on-screen son dated IRL for a little over a year as the show was just beginning! No word on why the duo ended up splitting, but it could have had something to do with the 12-year age gap.

Later on in the series, John's character actually ends up accidentally hooking up with his sister (he didn't know they were related), but by that point the whole incest-y cast relationship thing was NBD for him probably.

Photo: FX

Barry Williams

The Brady Bunch had about as many off-screen relationships as Gossip Girl did (meaning, a lot), but the one that's the biggest head-scratcher has to be Barry, who played the oldest son, Greg and his TV stepmom, Florence Henderson (RIP).

Apparently, the actor always had a crush on the older woman, and when he was 15 (and she was 36) the two actually went on a date. Rumor has it, they had an "innocent" lip lock at the end of the evening, but it was the only date they ever went on... WTF?!

Photo: Paramount Television

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