Here’s Why People are Confused About Kristen Stewart Coming Out as Gay

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Everyone may be fixating over the Super Bowl at the moment — that comeback! Lady Gaga‘s Half-Time performance! Gisele Bundchen‘s cheering! — but we still can’t get over what went down the day before: Kristen Stewart‘s takeover of Saturday Night Live. The 26-year-old actress, who’s tapped to star in Personal Shopper, in theaters March 10, hosted the late-night television show… for the first.time.ever! Needless to say, Krisbians LOVED it.

HOWEVER, there was one particular section of her SNL monologue that’s left many on the Internet a bit confused. And, no, it’s not the fact that she said the F-word on live TV — that’s exactly what you’d expect from KStew. No no, it was actually this specific statement: “The President is not a huge fan of me but that is so okay. But Donald [Trump], if you didn’t like me, then you’re probably really not going to like me now because I’m hosting SNL and I’m, like, so gay, dude.”

For those of you who don’t know, Kris is referring to Trump’s fascination over her 2012 cheating scandal; the one in which she and her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, both committed acts of infidelity (Kristen on then-boyfriend Robert Pattinson; Rupert on then-wife Liberty Ross).

“I don’t think Donald Trump hated me,” she continued. “I think he was in love with my boyfriend.”

But we digress. The actual confusion was over the last portion of the aforementioned chunk of text: “I’m, like, so gay, dude.”

In Elle magazine’s annual “Women in Hollywood” issue last year, Kristen, who was the cover star at the time, said of her sexuality, “I’m not ashamed, and I’m not confused. Things have changed. And not just with me — we’re really allowed to encourage this new acceptance to develop and be awesome.”

“When I was dating a guy, I was hiding everything that I did because everything personal felt like it was immediately trivialized, so I didn’t like it,” she revealed in a separate interview with Elle UK. “We were turned into these characters and placed into this ridiculous comic book, and I was like, ‘That’s mine. You’re making my relationship something that it’s not.’ I didn’t like that. But then it changed when I started dating a girl.'”

Many took those statements, and other similar comments from the actress, to mean that she’s bisexual. So when she uttered the words, “I’m, like, so gay,” those same people were bewildered. To be clear, though, because she defined herself as gay doesn’t mean she’s not into members of the opposite sex (though, that could also be what she means as well); that simply was the word she chose to define herself at that given moment. Either way, it’s Kristen’s life, and she’s free to love whomever she chooses.
Kristen Stewart’s far from the first celebrity to curse on live television. These stars did, too:

Ariana Grande

Ariana has an amazing voice, but she might need to work on her reading abilities. After flubbing a cue card line on Saturday Night Live, Ariana exclaimed, "Oh s***!" The editors didn't catch it in time for the live broadcast, but they were able to bleep it out by the time the show aired on the West Coast, so at least there's that.

Photo: WENN

Taylor Swift

By this point, everybody knows that Taylor needs a lot of time to get over a breakup. (Seriously, like, she still brings up the Joe Jonas split sometimes.) But the Harry Styles breakup might be the most bitter of all, according to her revenge songs... and the fact that she totally got caught on camera trashing him!

During the live broadcast of the 2013 VMAs, One Direction was up on stage when the camera cut to Taylor in the audience... just as she was saying to Selena Gomez that Harry needed to "shut the f*** up." Her rep denied it, but we all know the truth.

Photo: WENN

Miley Cyrus

Is there anything Miley loves more than a good controversy? She's swore during interviews plenty of times, but only occasionally has she let profanity slip during live broadcasts. One of those times was at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards while she was accepting a prize. Direct quote: "Thank you to everyone for making this s*** possible. Oops, I'm on ABC, sorry!"

Photo: WENN

Niall Horan

Backstage at the 2013 VMAs, the cameras were still rolling as reporters flagged down celebs for short interviews. After 1D chatted with a reporter, the boys turned their attention toward Lady Gaga, who told them she was disappointed and angry that they were booed on stage. Niall, unaware that the cameras and microphones were still on, replied, "F*** that s***, we don't care!" Well, we're all glad it didn't bother you, Niall.

Photo: WENN

Louis Tomlinson

Louis was with all the other 1D guys when Lady Gaga approached them backstage at the VMAs. And just like Niall, Louis apparently didn't know that he was being caught on camera when he shouted, "F*** that!" Guys, KNOW YOUR SURROUNDINGS.

Photo: WENN


When it comes to swearing at the Annual Brit Awards, Adele is a repeat offender. Back in 2012, she sent editors into overdrive with a number of on-stage profanities — and she did the same in 2016! Fortunately, this time, most of the words were bleeped before they made it to TVs at home.

Photo: WENN

Prince William

Even the royals can't always be perfect. During a 2016 TV interview, the Prince surprised viewers when he used a British curse word. It didn't seem to bother anyone much, though; some people tweeted that it made him seem even more relatable and down-to-earth.

Photo: WENN

Tom Brady

Swearing is the very least of Tom's controversies, but... NFL players are supposed to try to censor themselves during games, since cameras and microphones are everywhere. Tom, however, just doesn't seem to care. He also doesn't bother to clean up his language during live post-game interviews, and sometimes the expletives make it on air, like when he told reporters he was in a "sh**ty mood." Yeah, well, a lot of people feel the same way every time the Patriots won the Super Bowl.

Photo: WENN

Wiz Khalifa

Ack! Demi Lovato got caught in the middle of this one! She and Wiz were live on TV during the 2016 New Year's Eve broadcast. Wiz, who isn't exactly known for having clean language, leaned into the mic and revealed for everyone at home to hear, "I tried to take a pic with Demi. She was not f***ing with it." Demi, COME ON. Just take the photo.

Photo: WENN

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