7 Victoria’s Secret Models Who Suffered a Nip Slip During a Fashion Show

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As a model, you have to be comfortable with your body. The stress and pressure of a fashion show is very real, and if you’re not okay with ripping your clothes off backstage in order to change in time to walk down the runway, you proooobably won’t make it very far. “I’m extremely comfortable [being topless], which kinda scares me because there’s a lot of people around,” Kendall Jenner told Vogue as she walked around set with her top half completely bare. #FREETHENIPPLE, after all.

Although models get paid millions of dollars to show off designers’ new clothes, sometimes there’s actually not that much fabric involved in an ensemble. Because of this, many of today’s top supermodels — particularly those who are/were associated with Victoria’s Secret — strutted their stuff down a runway not realizing something pretty embarrassing was going on — a nip slip.

Gigi Hadid

When Gigi closed Versace's 2016 Milan Fashion Week runway show almost a year ago, we highly doubt she expected her right boob to completely pop out of her top, exposing her to cameras, fans, etc. But you know what they say — the show must go on!

"Wardrobe malfunctions happen on the runway every day of FW & are...unfortunate, LOL, but let's talk instead about the new VERSACE CHOKERS," the blonde wrote on Twitter, casually shrugging off the mishap.

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Kendall Jenner

Although people are used to KJ walking in some of the biggest fashion shows around now, it was quite a foreign concept to think of her as a high-fashion model in early 2014. That being said, when people caught a glimpse of her during Marc Jacob's NYFW presentation wearing nothing but a sheer top, they freaked the eff out — she was still a teenager, after all.

While the 21-year-old ignored the hate, her big sister, Khloe Kardashian, jumped to her defense. "It's a fashion show. She doesn't choose! #Clueless" she wrote to one hater on Twitter. "She's too dope for you 2 understand! Y'all would trade places with her in a second! The hate is real! Lol bye haters! #ModelLife #haters," she said to another.

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Karlie Kloss

Although Taylor Swift's BFF no longer models that much, she used to be one of the tops in the game and basically walked in every major designer's fashion shows. With all that work, it's no wonder she eventually had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction on the catwalk.

Just over a year before Gigi had a nip slip during a Versace show, this 24-year-old's nipple came through her Donatella-designed garb at Paris Fashion Week.

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Martha Hunt

Versace and runway nip slips go together like peanut butter and jelly. The 27-year-old model joins the likes of Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid, whose boob played peekaboo during a Donatella-helmed fashion show, but actually was the first of the crew — Martha's happened in Spring 2013!

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Taylor Hill

Tay walked in 10 shows this past New York Fashion Week and only had one wardrobe malfunction. Her nip slip came as she rocked a sheer shirt and draped vest for Alexander Wang.

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Candice Swanepoel

This OG Victoria's Secret Angel was strutting her stuff on Forum's 2013 fashion show runway in Brazil when her right nipple became exposed. FIY: Mesh is great and all, but usually a little double-sided tape is needed with it.

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

What do you get when you have to model a mesh Balmain top with nothing underneath? Countless pictures of your boobs on the Internet.

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