Taylor Swift’s Ex-Boyfriend Pleads Guilty to Crime, But Gets No Jail Time

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It’s been less than two months since Conor Kennedy was arrested for reportedly “throwing approximately four or five punches to the head” of a stranger, but the verdict is already in. The 22-year-old grandson of Robert F. Kennedy will serve no jail time, despite his admitted guilt.

The young man was scheduled to appear in court on February 22, but People claims that Conor, who you probably know as Taylor Swift‘s boyfriend from summer 2012, already pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor stemming from a fight he got into at a bar in Aspen, Colorado this past December.

Conor was originally charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly defending a friend who was being harassed for being homosexual. His attorney told CBS News that Conor got physical because his friend was called “the F-word.”

According to reports, a court spokeswoman says Conor’s given a six-month deferred sentence. If he stays out of trouble throughout the duration of that time period, then the plea will be taken off his record. HOWEVER, if he does not stay out of trouble, he could face jail time.

Conor is also mandated to pay a $500 fine, ordered to stay away from drugs and alcohol throughout those same six months, plus he is required to write an apology letter to the victim.
Conor makes one of at least 15 of Taylor Swift’s ex-baes:

Taylor Swift's (Rumored) Boyfriends: Joe Jonas

Clearly, this relationship actually happened since it ended with the break-up voicemail heard 'round the world. At least we got some good tunes out of it, though. ("Forever & Always" AND "Last Kiss.")

Photo: Tumblr (gifsforswift)

Taylor Swift's (Rumored) Boyfriends: Lucas Till

According to Lucas himself, the "You Belong With Me" music video co-stars did date "for a little bit." However, he revealed to MTV that "there was no friction because we were too nice. Most relationships work out 'cause you get along and then you don't, and then you make up and it's passionate, and with us I really just liked her as a friend. That’s the only reason that didn't work out."

Photo: Tumblr (mcbannermaker)

Taylor Swift's (Rumored) Boyfriends: Taylor Lautner

Ah, Taylor-Squared... Those were the days. Unfortunately, it appeared that he was more into the relationship than she was (as evidenced by "Back to December.")

Photo: Giphy

Taylor Swift's (Rumored) Boyfriends: John Mayer

No, we don't think Tay was bitter about this fling (and its demise) at all. :cough: "Dear John" :cough:

Photo: Wot You Got

Taylor Swift's (Rumored) Boyfriends: Chord Overstreet

The two linked up for "Thelma & Louise" at the 2011 CMT Awards, but as far as Chord's brother, Nash Overstreet, is concerned, "They never actually dated! No, they were just hanging out... They got along very well because Chord's so outgoing and Taylor's very outgoing. They were just hanging out and they happened to be very famous. But it was never dating."

Photo: CMT

Taylor Swift's (Rumored) Boyfriends: Cory Monteith

We think the way she reacted to Ellen's implication that they dated on The Ellen Show is all the proof we need.

Photo: Getty

Taylor Swift's (Rumored) Boyfriends: Jake Gyllenhaal

It was an odd romance from the start. But we're guessing that Tay knew that considering T.Swift's "All Too Well" lyrics, It was rare.

Photo: Rebloggy

Taylor Swift's (Rumored) Boyfriends: Will Anderson (Parachute)

Considering Taylor mentions 'eight months' — which is the amount of time between her link-ups with Jake and Will — as well as James Taylor — whom Will is admittedly a fan of — guess it's safe to say that "Begin Again" is about the Parachute songwriter.

Photo: WordPress (singlegirlstatus)

Taylor Swift's (Rumored) Boyfriends: Zac Efron

Do we think this one actually happened? Nah, but they would've made one cute couple.

Photo: Rebloggy

Taylor Swift's (Rumored) Boyfriends: Eddie Redmayne

Remember when Taylor Swift auditioned for Les Miserables? Yeah, this supposedly happened around then. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), when the "Red" singer didn't snag a role in the film, the Eddie-Taylor thing was over basc before it began.

Photo: WENN

Taylor Swift's (Rumored) Boyfriends: Garrett Hedlund

Well, they went out on one dinner date, so if you count that as love...

Photo: WENN

Taylor Swift's (Rumored) Boyfriends: Patrick Schwarzenegger

Rumor had it that the two were an item after they were spotted together on Independence Day last year, but that was probably because she was hooking up with the next guy...

Photo: Instagram (@patrickschwarzenegger)

Taylor Swift's (Rumored) Boyfriends: Conor Kennedy

...Conor, who just so happens to be Patrick's cousin.

Photo: WENN

Taylor Swift's (Rumored) Boyfriends: Harry Styles

Haylor. 'nuff said. Still waiting for the break-up track, Taylor!

Photo: Instagram

Taylor Swift's (Rumored) Boyfriends: Ed Sheeran

The Red tour partners constantly get questioned as to whether or not they're hooking up. But Ed has said plenty of times that he would never — she dated his bestie after all.

Photo: Rebloggy

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