YouTube Beauty Guru Makes Racist Joke About Disease That Killed Thousands

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UPDATE: We received the following statement from CoverGirl:

“James Charles’ tweet does not represent CoverGirl’s perspective. We agree his statements were inappropriate but appreciate that he has issued an apology. We are an inclusive brand and respect all people and cultures.”

When Justin Bieber was going through his majorly problematic phase a few years ago, people loved to give him a totally BS pass because of his age. “He’s young,” they’d say. “He doesn’t know any better; he’s only a kid!” While YouTube star James Charles is just 17 years old, he should 100 percent know better than to make a racist, ignorant, highly insensitive, DUMB AF joke about Ebola, a disease that has claimed the lives of almost 30,000 people.

The first male CoverGirl brand ambassador was getting ready to go on a trip to South Africa with his friends from school yesterday when he decided that it would be a good idea to tweet this bad boy:


We know — our jaws are on the floor, too. The criticism started pouring in almost immediately, causing the beauty guru to delete the tweet. Many pointed out that what he said was disgustingly racist, and some even called for CoverGirl to drop him from their roster.

The teen eventually saw the magnitude of his words and apologized on Twitter, first writing, “I am extremely sorry. Regardless of my intentions, words have consequences. I take full responsibility and will learn and do better.” He then posted a longer apology:


James eventually had to apologize AGAIN, because he mistakenly called Africa a country, not a continent.

WHY?!?! Just…why???

These male YouTube beauty gurus are TOTALLY underrated:

Lewys Ball

YouTube Channel: lookingforlewys

Lewys is one of the youngsters on this list. At age 17, he's already better at doing his makeup than most adults. With waterproof makeup tests, underrated makeup product videos, and style advice, LookingForLewys isn't just a male beauty guru to watch, he's an essential YouTuber for anyone interested in beauty or style. Period.

Photo: Instagram @lookingforlewys

Alex Faction

YouTube Channel: AlexRivera20

Like Petrilude, Alex has a great channel for Halloween inspiration, especially since he's a professional makeup artist who specializes in special effects. But if you're all set in the creepy costume department, he also does bold eye and lip tutorials for you to try on a night out with your besties. You can count on Alex to slay your life with his smolder AND make sure your contour is on point.

Photo: Instagram @alexfaction

Brendan Jordan

YouTube Channel: Brendan Jordan

You first saw Brendan dancing the choreography of Lady Gaga's Applause in the background of a news video that went viral. Although he's on our list for Male Beauty Gurus, Brendan actually identifies as Gender Fluid and goes by he AND she pronouns. His videos cover a wide range of subjects from "How to Slay High School," meeting Gaga, and (of course) doing makeup. He says subscribing to him is to "join the movement of absolute freedom and fabulousness." So, what are you waiting for?

Photo: Instagram @jordvnhaus

Jonathan Curtis

YouTube Channel: JonathanCurtisOnYT

Jonathan Curtis is STUNNING, no questions asked. He's a makeup artist and specializes in both men's and women's looks (so you and your BF can get some tips in the same place). Go to Jonathan for daytime and nighttime tutorials, AND to see what products you should be spending your money on in his 'Monthly Favorites' videos. You won't be disappointed!

Photo: Instagram @jonjontalks

Arabia Felix

YouTube Channel: TheArabianFelix

Arabia Felix is a visual/ makeup artist who knows how to do some crazy cool things with a brush! His tutorials range from a natural glam to crazy, over-the-top transformations. The Middle Eastern man has also posted some videos on how to use beauty products to revamp a wig, so if you're thinking of re-using last year's Halloween wig for a different costume this October 31st, Arabia Felix is the dude for you!

Photo: Instagram @arabia.felix

Marc Zapanta

YouTube Channel: ThePrinceOfVanity

Marc Zapanta (A.K.A. The Prince of Vanity) has tons of celebrity-inspired makeup tutorials, hauls, etc., but the video you must check out is his Ariel from The Little Mermaid-inspired makeup look!It's seriously stunning and he's beyond talented!

Photo: Instagram @marc.zapanta

Jake-Jamie Ward

YouTube Channel: The Beauty Boy

With a 'small' following of only 15,000 subscribers, Jake Jamie is just a beginner in beauty blogging. The 24-year-old reviews all kinds of products from foundation to eyeshadow palettes and gives super honest reviews of them all. If you're looking for a mix of a great personality and killer makeup skills, this is the channel for you!


Photo: Instagram @makeupbyjakejamie

Misty Maven

YouTube Channel: Petrilude

Petrilude A.K.A. Misty Maven (from Rupaul's Drag Race) is the perfect channel to watch not only for some bold eyeshadow tutorials but also some super creepy Halloween looks. He has 55 videos on his Halloween-inspired makeup playlist so, if you're looking for a last minute costume, check this channel out for ideas! While Petrilude hasn't been active on YouTube for about a year, he's a site classic who's def one of the best. We hope to have him back soon!

Photo: Instagram @jistyplaven

Seth Barton-Roberts

YouTube Channel: sethakins7

Seth is a total cutie who shows off a more androgynous natural makeup look for men and women (as you can see in his photo)! While he mostly reviews high-end cosmetics like concealers, foundations and and eyeshadow palettes (and isn't afraid to tell you which products are total fails), he also occasionally posts thoughtful reflection videos about body image, 'the power of no,' etc. He shows us all the ways that guys and gals are really not that different, after all, and we love him for it!

Photo: Instagram @seth_bartonroberts

Jean Francois

YouTube Channel: jeanfrancoiscd

Jean Francois does his videos in French and English, so for any of you who want to study for French class while finding the perfect look to wear to school, this is the dude for you. He does celebrity makeup recreations (like Kim Kardashian and Leighton Meester) as well movie-inspired looks (like The Hunger Games). His vids are seriously #eyeshadowgoals, so check out him if you need to ~brush up~ on your beauty game.

Photo: Instagram @jeanfrancoiscd

Will Cook

YouTube Channel: willcookmakeup

Will takes edgy to a new level. With his awesome icy hair, he slays both natural and striking makeup looks. While a lot of the guys on this list are foundation and concealer obsessed, his no-foundation tutorial is seriously amazing and a must-watch for all. Not only does Will show people how to use makeup to enhance their features, he also gives tips and tricks on how to get flawless skin. Umm... yes please!

Photo: Instagram @cookmakeup

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