Congratulations — One of Your Favorite YouTube Couples Just Had a Baby!

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Listen up, Bug Buddies!! Kyra Sivertson and Oscar Morales of OKbaby on YouTube finally made the announcement you’ve been waiting for — their second child is here!!

The 20-year-old gave birth to little Alaya Renee Morales yesterday, February 16, at 7:52 a.m., making her the mom of two (Levi was born in October 2015) adorable little ones.

“Let’s just say Levi was SO EXTREMELY in love with her,” Kyra wrote on a picture of the toddler meeting his new little sister. “He wouldn’t let go and wouldn’t stop kissing her! I didn’t expect a one year old to have a type of reaction that he did that’s for sure. I love them so much I didn’t even know I had more room in my heart until now.”

A post shared by Kyra Sivertson (@okbabyyt) on

While the Internet couple kept fans super up to date with the pregnancy, delivery, etc., one thing they made ’em wait for was the name reveal. Even though most people give this info pretty early on, Kyra and Oscar wanted Little Bug to be involved with the announcement, so they couldn’t spill the deets until after she was born.

We are SO excited for the Morales family and seriously cannot wait to watch Alaya grow up right in front of our eyes, just like we did with Levi.

These 6 YouTubers made huge baby announcements on YT:

GloZell Green

The green-lipped, loud-mouth GloZell has never been shy about talking about her struggles with infertility. She and her husband, Kevin Simon, have been wanting to have a child of their own for years, and took matters into their own hands; last year, the comedian announced that she was going to finally become a mom through surrogacy. In a special series, Glo All In: GloZell's Baby Journey, she shares everything about this incredible process. From finding out her surrogate was pregnant to revealing the gender, there is nothing that goes un-filmed.

Instagram (@glozell)

Rose Ellen Dix

Known for creating hilarious and entertaining content alongside her wife, Rosie Spaughton, the pair dropped a super exciting video early 2016. Rose announced that they have decided to start the process of having a child and Rose would be the one attempting to become pregnant. The video focused on the two picking out baby names and discussing logistics. Although there hasn't been much information since, we are so excited about a Rose and Rosie baby!

Instagram (@roseellendix)

Brittani Louise Taylor

The hilarious actress and sketch comedy genius recently announced TWO huge surprises in the sweetest way possible. Brittani not only is she pregnant with her first child, but she also revealed that she got engaged — talk about change! Now that the two are definitely in it for the long run, the YouTuber opened up about her personal life in a simple and fun video that is different than most of her work. She has since announced they're having a boy and have been posting tons of pics with her baby bump and adorable fiance!

Instagram (@brittanilouisetaylorpics)

Tom Fletcher

First known for being a member of British band McFly, Tom has also become a popular vlogger who documents his daily life on YouTube. The musician made not one, but TWO pregnancy announcements that went viral during his time on the site.

The first was when he and his wife carved out pumpkins that revealed the words 'We Are Having A Baby.' The other was an adorable geeky video where Tom, his wife and first son, Buzz, sat down to play a video game where there was a fourth player who was currently downloading. In addition to the video game, the artist also made a stop motion short film where his little family was photographed in the same way every day documenting the pregnancy. Their second son has since been born and we honestly can't handle the cuteness!

Instagram (@tomfletcher)

Cory Williams

Cory Williams, the brains behind the hilarious Dude Like Hella channel, probably has one of the best pregnancy announcements of all time. His wife, Kristen Williams, made a guest appearance in a video where she blindfolded Cory and had him guess what kind of baby food he was eating. At the end of the game, she revealed she was pregnant and the YouTuber's sweet reaction will definitely have you reaching for the tissues. The couple has since welcomed their daughter and have been posting adorable pics of their little family!

Instagram (@kristenspov)

Justin Flom

The hilarious magician known for his incredible magic acts put his power to good use to announce that he and his wife are expecting their first child. Justin revealed the news to his family by a simple psychic card trick that ended up spelling out 'You Are Going To Be Grandparents' to their parents. Their sweet reactions combined with the mystery of magic made this video one of our all-time faves. The magic didn't stop for this couple, to announce the gender, they used magic balloons that turned from black to pink! This baby girl is going to have tons of tricks up her sleeves.

Instagram (@justinflom)

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