6 Pairs of The CW Male Co-Stars Who Were Actually Roommates

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The ladies of The CW aren’t the only ones to call each other roommates — though, there do seem to be more of ’em — the male hotties of The CW like to pair up under the same roof as well. And we’re not just talking about duos like Gossip Girl‘s Penn Badgley & Gilmore GirlsMilo Ventimiglia, who, yes, were roomies back in the day. No no, we’re talking about CW co-stars!

Everyone knows that Gossip Girl heartthrobs Chace Crawford & Ed Westwick bunked up during the drama’s early days, but what about the sexy men from The Vampire Diaries, The 100, Supernatural and One Tree Hill? All of ’em are right here:

Michael Trevino & Zach Roerig

They played lifelong friends on The Vampire Diaries, but their real-life bromance didn't start off smoothly.

"Initially, we didn't get along. I didn't like Zach," Michael revealed at the 2014 ATV Festival. "Long story short, we get on a flight, we get on the plane, and creators Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec are sitting there, and I'm reading the book of Vampire Diaries, which, as you all know, we didn't really stick to, but I'm like, 'I'm doing my homework, I'm ready to go!' And then in comes Zach, sitting next to me, and what is he lugging? A big ass snowboard because we're going to Vancouver. And I'm wondering, 'Bro, we're here to work. We've got to book this job. This pilot isn't picked up yet and you're trying to snowboard? So initially, it's just like, 'Ugh, this guy is gonna cost me this job, my bank account's gonna get lower because I gotta worry about this kid.'"

"We really bonded in that we both — even though we didn't like each other, we thought we were cool — we both got screwed over," explained Zach. "At the time The Vampire Diaries decided to film in Vancouver, it was like this hot bed of filming. Twilight was there, Percy Jackson... so this hotel, The Sutton Place, otherwise known as The Sluttin' Place, was booked up. So I'd already been at The Sutton Place before, and I'd already gotten that dirty, gross apartment side of the hotel, but it's big and it's spacious. Trevino and I were stuck on the hotel side in a small room with a mini fridge for three or four weeks."

Living in those close quarters helped form the brotherhood you know today.

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Ed Westwick & Chace Crawford

In 2008, due to their seemingly close relationship, rumors spread that Gossip Girl hotties Ed & Chace were gay and dating each other. But Ed simply shrugged them off.

"It's just because we live together, but we're just mates," the British actor said at the Audi Forum party.

The following year, with Season 1 in the books, Chace moved out of their shared space. "Well, I'm turning 24 in two days, so I think it was about time, you know?" he explained to Interview magazine about the decision. "I mean, I was a little bit on my own in California but mostly living with fraternity brothers. So initially Ed and I became roommates here in New York because we didn't know if the show was going to last or not. Ed had never lived away from home, let alone in a different country. We got along and figured it would be a smart move financially. And really, it was also just kind of out of laziness."

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Devon Bostick & Christopher Larkin

During The 100's WonderCon panel in March 2016, Devon confirmed what most fans already knew: he and Chris are roomies!

"The fight with Monty was such a painful thing to have to do," he confessed, "mostly because, I love you, Chris."

"We live together," he told the audience right after.

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Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles

Even before Supernatural aired for the first time, Jared & Jensen had great chemistry. So much so, they chose to take their relationship to the next level — roommate-dom — in the early years of the series.

"We're pretty similar, we actually live together right now," Jared told BuddyTV in 2008. "So, even at night, it's like, get home from set, from seeing each other 12 hours, it's like, 'Wanna play guitar?' 'Cool.' You know, 'til we go to sleep or somethin'."

Nowadays, they're not longer roomies, but they remain tight. They were even in each other's wedding parties!

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Brendan Kirsch & James Lafferty

The Scott boys never lived together IRL, but James did team up with one of his other fellow Tree Hill Ravens when the cameras weren't rolling.

If you ever watched the One Tree Hill, Season 1 finale commentary, you'll find James say, "Wait, here comes, here comes Brendan Kirsch, our basketball coordinator." Soon, Chad Michael Murray responds, "And James' new roommate." James then clarifies, "He's our coach, my roommate." Brendan also played a character named Brendan on three episodes on the drama.

James also reportedly lived with Dustin Carreon, who played a ref on a couple eps.

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Robert Buckley & Stephen Colletti

The first 'Inside OTH' convention was a huge hit in 2016, with fans traveling from near and far to see the cast reunite in Wilmington, NC. During that convention, fans learned (if they didn't know already that the hotties called each other roomie! (Thanks for the inside info, Shantel VanSanten!)

Even though now their roommate-dom is reportedly over, the bromance is still going strong. "That kid [Robert] can make me laugh harder than anybody has in my entire life," Stephen gushed. "He's just so funny. I think the opportunity to do something in comedy with him would be a treat."

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