9 Pairs of Real-Life Family Members Who Played Love Interests on Camera

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YEP — you read that title right. There are, in fact, real-life celebrity family members who’ve played lovers on screen. While most of us are thinking, “who would ever agree to do that?!” (similar to what Lilly Allen actually said when she was offered a part on Game of Thrones that included a fondling scene with her real-life brother), the whole concept is far from unheard of in Hollywood — Even High School Musical features some incest(ish), as Ryan and Sharpay are insinuated to have played the leads in Romeo and Juliet!

While obvs the fictional brother-sister duo aren’t going to be included here, there are several actual famous siblings, cousins and even one parent-child pair (yack) who turned their familial-connection upside down to be romantic interests on screen!

Britney Spears & Chad Spears

Relationship: Cousins

You'd THINK there'd be a line around the block full of men who wanted to play the Princess of Pop's leading guy in the "...Baby One More Time" music video, so it seems a *little* strange that Brit could think of no one better than her own family member to take on the role.

It's possible the cousins themselves were a little weirded out by the pairing, because they don't come within, like, 10 feet of each other throughout the whole thing — all of the flirting is done from afar!

Photo: Jive Records

Michael Jackson & LaToya Jackson

Relationship: Siblings

In another case of strange music-video castings, the King of Pop brought his sister along for his collaboration video with Paul McCartney for the song "Say Say Say." While nothing gets too steamy, the majority of their interaction is spent looking into the other one's eyes longingly.

Photo: Pinterest

Christopher Khayman Lee & Chyler Leigh

Relationship: Siblings

You might recognize this actress as Lexie Grey from Grey's Anatomy, but long before she played the surgical intern, she was the TWO-TIME love interest of her IRL brother, Christopher on the TV show Safe Harbor AND in the 1999 cult-classic film, Kickboxing Academy. While most of the family members on this list don't let things get very *physical*... these siblings actually made out... multiple times! Talk about committing to your roles.

Photo: Pan Am Pictures

Stacie Orrico & Trevor Wright

Relationship: Cousins

It seemed like Stacie liked working with her cuz in the video for her song "Stuck," because she also cast him in her next video for "I Could Be the One." We're not saying family hand-holding is wrong, but it's also not right, if you know what we mean.

Photo: Forefront

Justine Bateman & Jason Bateman

Relationship: Siblings

Jason and Justine's characters on Arrested Development were actually going to have a much more *intimate* relaysh before both actors said the thought made them wayyyy too uncomfortable.

Instead, Justine played a prostitute who propositions Jason's character, Michael, for an affair. The male character refuses, but at one point he does start to believe that the woman is his secret sister... until it's revealed she's not.

Photo: Netflix

Jane Fonda & Peter Fonda

Relationship: Siblings

In the film Spirits of the Dead, Jane plays a character who falls in love with her cousin — who is played by her brother, Peter.

Photo: P.E.A.

Powers Boothe & Parisse Boothe

Relationship: Father/Daughter

For all the other incestuous castings, this one just seems particularly ick-inducing. Powers' real-life daughter, Parisse, plays a prostitute named Tess on his show, Deadwood. Although no sex scenes are shown on screen between the two, Powers' character is basically Tess' pimp and frequently is seen commanding her to do very demeaning sex acts with patrons of the saloon he owns, as well suggesting that they have *relations* as well. BYE.

Photo: HBO

Kristen Alderson & Eddie Alderson

Relationship: Siblings

On One Life to Live, Kristen and Eddie don't play siblings... so when a story line was introduced where the guy's character begins to have a crush on the girl's, only people who knew that they were actually related knew how effed up it was. Luckily, their on-screen relaysh never went further than crushes, but what an awkward situation to be in!

Photo: ABC

Garry Marshall & Penny Marshall

Relationship: Siblings

In Hocus Pocus, these two play a quirky and argumentative married couple. In real life, they are brother and sister. Oops!!

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

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