7 Famous Ladies Whose Nipple Popped Out in Front of Thousands

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There are always risks that come during live performances, even when the artist isn’t lip-syncing. Whether it’s a dance move that goes wrong, or a slight misstep that leads to actual injury, LOTS of things can happen to a musician during a concert, even those who are seasoned pros.

But perhaps one of the worst things to go down on stage is the dreaded wardrobe malfunction, because not only do THOUSANDS of people witness it, but there’s also absolutely no chance it won’t be uploaded to YouTube in .5 seconds. We know — sounds embarrassing, right? Sadly, multiple female singers know first hand what it’s like to have this very thing happen, and even SADDER is the fact that there’s photographic evidence.

Miley Cyrus

Miley loves to #FREETHENIPPLE, but that doesn't mean she wanted to have a nip slip while performing at the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival. Unfortunately, the singer got a little too into her performance and her left breast popped out of her white corset top.

Photo: Getty

Nicki Minaj

What's worse than having a nip slip in front of an audience? Having it happen while on live television, too! Nicki was performing "Starships" on Good Morning America back in 2013 when one spin move caused her left nipple to peak out of her teal top for literally MILLIONS of people to see.

A few years later, the same thing happened again and the rapper had nip slip while performing at the 2013 Wireless Festival.

Photo: WENN

Katy Perry

Yep — Katy's face says it all! Nip slips aren't fun for anyone, but especially those who are performing at a charity concert!

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Britney Spears

Ms. Spears is the celeb on this list who had the most recent nip slip. Brit was rockin' the crowd during one of her Las Vegas performances when she popped out out of her green leotard and showed everyone one of the girls.

Photo: Instagram

Jennifer Lopez

We know that J.Lo is basc perfection, but even she isn't always safe from the dreaded on-stage nip slip! The Latina crooner had a wardrobe malfunction during a 2012 concert in Italy, but didn't seem to care and kept on dancing the night away.

Photo: Getty

Mariah Carey

Seeing as Mariah had one of the most embarrassing New Year's Eve performances ever (cue major lip-syncing fail!!), we highly doubt she even remembers this on-stage mishap. But about four years before the NYE debacle, the 46-year-old had another uh-oh when her nip slipped out of her tight dress at the So So Def All-Star 20th anniversary concert.

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Lily Allen

This British songstress' flouncy shirt was super cute when she was performing at a London concert in 2014, but it ultimately came at a price. The pink garb slipped a little too high when she reached her hand up, revealing her bare chest to the Shepherds Bush Empire Theater crowd. Lily tried to cover herself up with her hand, but it wasn't until after the damage had already been done.

Photo: WENN

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