25 ‘White Guy Blinking’ Memes That Describe Your Reactions to Everything

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Hello, fellow meme lovers and welcome back. For the latest edition of ‘Memes That’ll Change Your Life,’ we present to you — a GIF of a white guy blinking. We know this sounds way more lame than, say, Evil Kermit the Frog, or Salt Bae, but trust us when we say it’s just as hilarious.

The meme’d man’s name is Drew Scanlon and the clip was taken from a 2013 YouTube video. Basically, he heard something that obviously didn’t sit well, and couldn’t help but express his confusion/disbelief/annoyance/etc (literally us and every other petty human on this planet). The clip of his funny AF facial expressions and rapid blinking was turned into a GIF, and even though it’s now old news, the Internet just recently made it blow up.

Don’t know how to respond to a confusing text? Send this GIF. Can’t figure out the best way to dumb your bae? Now you know! Basically, this meme is all you need to react to literally ANYTHING that happens in your life.

1. WHY?!?!

2. Never fails!

3. Um, no.


5. It’s like being on time is necessary or something…

6. *cries*


8. YOLO!

9. Oops?

10. Abort mission!!

11. This happens every time!!!!

12. Rude.

13. Always.

14. What kind of BS is this??

15. This is just unfair.

16. UGH.


17. Funny, but also really sad.

18. TYSM, skin!

19. *covers eyes*

20. Actions speak louder than words.


22. Good one.

23. It just sneaks up on ya!

24. Wut?


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