Wha-?! A Glee Star & Her Man Broke Up MONTHS Ago & You Had No Idea

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For every happy Glee cast member announcement, there’s an equally sad one. In 2016, people were thrilled to learn that, by year’s end, Becca Tobin (Kitty) married her love, and Dean Geyer (Brody) got engaged. But, around the same time, Naya Rivera (Santana) filed for divorce, and Melissa Benoist (Marley) & Blake Jenner (Ryder) ended their marriage. And it looks like the train’s still going, as another star of the Fox dramedy called it quits with her bae.

According to People, Lauren Potter, who portrayed Becky Jackson, Sue Sylvester’s student sidekick, throughout the duration of the series, and her longtime love, Timothy Spear, are no longer tapped to get married. The blonde actress, who accepted a promise ring from her childhood friend-turned-boyfriend last August, reveals that she’s single again. “It hurts,” she admits. “After we got married, I wanted to wake up and see him make breakfast for me. I loved him so much.”

Lauren reportedly had been talking to TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, plus a wedding dress designer, when Timothy ended their relationship over the holidays — as in, months ago. “He did not like the publicity,” Lauren’s mom, Robin Sinkhorn, explains. “It was overwhelming.”

The two became friends before they could even speak, as, according to a previous People report, their families participated in the same infant stimulation classes at the Children’s Center in Riverside after Lauren and Timothy were born with Down Syndrome. But, despite their history, a lifelong relationship was not meant to be. Lauren’s still optimistic about love, though. In fact, she’s already gone out on a few very promising dates.

Since we mentioned that for every happy Glee cast member announcement, there’s an equally sad one, that means a happy one is soon to come, right? …Right??
Speaking of Glee love, here are all the pairs of Glee co-stars that gave love a try IRL:

Lea Michele & Cory Monteith

The year Glee first aired, Lea began dating Theo Stockman, a star of Broadway's American Idiot, and Cory was still dating model Julie Vardalos. But, after Cory & Julie called it quits in 2010, and Lea & Theo called it quits in 2011, the on-screen love interests gave off-screen romance a try.

The beautiful pair known as Monchele (or Finchel, on the show) stayed together until Cory, unexpectedly, passed away in July 2013.

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Lea Michele & Matthew Morrison

No, Cory wasn't the first Glee guy to hit it off with Lea off screen.

Circa 2007, long before Glee was even a glimmer, the young woman who brought Rachel Berry to life on the small screen began seeing the man who brought Mr. Schu to life on the small screen!

"When we shot the [Glee] pilot, I met Cory Monteith, Kevin McHale, Amber Riley, and Chris Colfer for the first time," she recalled in her 2014 book, Brunette Ambition. "I had worked on Broadway with Jenna Ushkowitz and Matthew Morrison before. Matt had been a friend of mine for years." Wait, here comes the kicker: "In fact we'd actually dated back in the day."

Photo: WENN

Melissa Benoist & Blake Jenner

Marley & Ryder's real-life counterparts hit it off instantly, starting a relationship practically when he arrived on set after his Glee Project win.

The two reportedly kicked off their coupledom in February 2012 — 9 months before his first episode ever aired — got engaged in July 2013 and TIED THE KNOT in April 2015!

Photo: Getty

Mark Salling & Naya Rivera

The relationship between Puck & Santana's alter egos is one for the books.

From February to May 2010, the two had somewhat of a ~thing~; supposedly, it was never exclusive... but that didn't keep Naya from getting jealous of the attention he was giving other women.

So, what's a jealous girl to do? She took a note from Carrie Underwood and dug a key into the side of his pretty little souped up four-wheel drive. That's right, she reportedly keyed, as well as egged, his car!

When Ryan Seacrest asked Mark about the report, he didn't deny it, but joked that he wished she'd thrown "some mushrooms" on there, too. "They should throw a cheeseburger at my car. I'd appreciate that!"

Photo: WENN

Naya Rivera & Chord Overstreet

Post-Mark, there were rumors swirling that Naya started hooking up with another one of her on-screen love interests, Chord (a.k.a. Sam Evans), after the two were spotted holding hands at her birthday party.

Naya denied the claims, saying, "Don't interlock fingers with your friends! That's the moral of the story." But, let's be honest, people pull the "just friends" card all the time.

Photo: WENN

Kevin McHale & Jenna Ushkowitz

Before Jenna began her 4-year relationship with The Vampire Diaries' Michael Trevino, she was heavily rumored to be hooking up with her first Glee love interest, Kevin, especially after they were spotted getting cozy on the beach in Monaco in 2010.

A romantic relationship between them wasn't built to last, but at least Artie & Tina's real-life counterparts remained great friends afterwards.

Photo: Getty

Kevin McHale & Dianna Agron

During the episode in which New Directions headed to New York City, Kevin & Dianna were spotted holding each other and whispering in one another's ear on set, leading some members of the public to freak out over a real-life love affair between Artie & Quinn.

And get this — when host Billy Bush asked Dianna which of her co-stars she found to be most dateable, she responded, "I'm gonna go with Kevin. I love him." Whether or not it actually happened is up in the air, but there was definite potential.

Photo: WENN

Amber Riley & Kevin McHale

Wait, WHAT?!

We never heard this before researching, but there are actually some reports that the real-life versions of Mercedes & Artie gave a go at a relationship around the time the show first premiered. No details; simply "Kevin McHale and Amber Riley had a relationship." WOW.

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