17 Gorgeous Female Stars Who’d Be the Perfect Love Match for Camila Cabello

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For as long as we can remember, Fifth Harmony fans have hardcore shipped Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui together. So, when the 20-year-old singer came out as bisexual a couple months ago, Cameron supporters went absolutely NUTS and practically BEGGED the former bandmates to go public with their ~romance~.

Listen — as far as we know, the 19-year-old is straight and has only ever dated boys (if you don’t believe that Camren is real, that is). But just because there have been no ~special~ ladies in her life (that we know of) so far doesn’t mean fans have given up hope that it’ll happen one day. Here are some of the famous females who’d be a PERF match for the brunette beauty, according to Harmonizers:

1. Serayah:

2. Lucy Hale:

3. Ashlee Juno:

4. Charlie XCX:

5. Emily Ratajkowski:

6. Selena Gomez:

7. Vale Genta:

8. Kelsea Ballerini:

9. Ariana Grande:

10. Martha Hunt:

11. Lauren Jauregui:

12. Sabrina Carpenter:

13. Normani Kordei Hamilton:

14. Bella Thorne:

15. Rose Ellen Dix:

16. Hailee Steinfeld:

17. Zara Larsson

You never know what could happen in the future! Which celebrity, female OR male, do you want Cam to date next?

While fans WANT Camila to date the above females, she actually did (allegedly) romance these celeb guys:

Austin Mahone

Before it was even confirmed, we all knew these two were an item. What really got us was the split weeks after going public. And, the real "OMG" moment happened when Austin totally dissed Camila and said that his relaysh with "Singing in the Shower" singer Becky G was his first real relationship. He's since tried to make up for it, but the damage is done. Camila stayed strong through it all and claims she regrets nothing.

Photo: Instagram (@camila_cabello)

Lauren Jauregui

Hmm... Best friends are more than friends? It's obvious that Camila and Lauren are the tightest in the group, and we're left to wonder. Well, would you ship Camren?

Photo: Instagram (@laurenjauregui)

Shawn Mendes

After touring together this past year, the two really got to know each other. So much so, that during a March interview, the singer even said he would "wife Camila up." We're sure he wasn't entirely serious, but you never know.

Photo: Instagram (@shawnmendes)

Michael Clifford

5SOS and Fifth Harmony hang together quite a lot, but we did some eyebrow raising early on in April when the two were spotted on a dinner date. Since then, we haven't seen further sightings so it looks like they may just be friends.

Photo: Twitter (@michaelclifford)

Jacob Whitesides

An alleged love triangle involving Camila, Shawn Mendes and YouTube sensation Jacob Whitesides caused a Twitter tirade. Whether or not any of the three are dating was irrelevant because fans made one thing certain, they would not ship Camila and Jacob. Frustrated by the outbursts, Jacob claimed that they are just friends and doesn't need permission to post pictures with her.

Photo: Twitter (@jacobwhitesides)

Louis Tomlinson

After both going through recent breakups, when they were caught on camera outside a club in LA, everyone was quick to jump on the dating band wagon. Camila slashed the rumors and claimed that they just happened to walk out around the same time. How very coincidental, Camila.

Photo: WENN

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