19 Whispering Ryan Gosling Memes That Totally Deserve an Academy Award

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Although Ryan Gosling didn’t take home the award for Best Actor at last night’s Academy Awards (congratulations, Mahershala Ali!!!), he still kinda won. At one point during the show, host Jimmy Kimmel surprised a group of clueless tourists by telling them they were going one place, but then opening the doors to the Oscars. We literally don’t know what we would do if we were suddenly standing in front of stars like Andrew Garfield, Viola Davis, Jennifer Aniston, etc., but we think it’d be something pretty darn close to what Vicky, one of the lucky guests, did when Ryan Gosling leaned in and whispered something in her ear. Can you even imagine????

We may never know what the 36-year-old actor actually said to Vicky, but the Internet has some pretty hilarious guesses.

1. So HE’S the culprit!

2. Don’t question it.

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3. LOL!!!

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4. Find the lie.

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6. SMH.

7. Whoa:

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8. Do they?

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9. The HORROR!

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11. He predicted the future:

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12. “I like anything you like.”

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14. Did he, though?

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16. Too much!

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17. What would Eva Mendes say???

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18. Don’t say that!!

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19. Come on!

Did you know that these 10 actors originally turned down their Oscar-nominated roles?

Sandra Bullock

In the sci-fi thriller Gravity, Sandra plays a medical engineer who is left floating through space after a freak accident. Although Sandra wasn't the first, or second, choice for the film, she still initially turned it down. The role was intended for Angelina Jolie, but after she shot it down, it was offered to Natalie Portman. When the role finally landed in Sandra's lap, she wasn't eager to accept.

According to Sandra, she has an intense fear of flying and thought that she was a weird choice for the film. Eventually she accepted and went on to be nominated as Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Bradley Cooper

Silver Linings Playbook was the first of four movies (so far) that Bradley and Jennifer Lawrence have starred in opposite one another. Portraying a mentally-ill man who is fighting to gain back his ex-wife, Bradley was initially hesitant to take on the role. Bradley and Jennifer weren't the first choices for either role and by the time the offer came in, there was very little time to prepare. Bradley decided to accept and went on to be nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role while Jennifer went on to win the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Photo: Weinstein Company

Jessica Chastain

The role that gave Jessica an Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in The Help almost didn't happen. Jessica originally turned down the offer to to do a meeting about the movie because she didn't want to fly across the country. She had auditioned for the role several times and was already in Texas shooting Texas Killing Fields when she got the call. Jessica recalls being too tired to fly out for a part that she didn't even feel right for. She was finally convinced and sealed the deal to play Celia Foote.

Photo: DreamWorks SKG

Meryl Streep

Meryl is one of the most iconic actors of our time, so it's no surprise that she has to turn down some of the roles that she's offered. Her portrayal of a cancer-stricken, drug-addled mother in August: Osage County earned her a record-breaking 18th Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Although she received so much praise, Meryl originally refused to be part of the movie multiple times. Meryl said that she didn't want to imagine and experience what her character was going through. It wasn't until a discussion with her former drug-addict friend that she changed her mind. Her friend told her to take the part for her and every girl who had a bad mother. Meryl called her agent the next day agreeing to do it.

Photo: Weinstein Company

Julie Andrews

It's hard to imagine anyone but Julie playing Maria in The Sound of Music, but it almost didn't happen. After auditioning and being offered the part, Julie was hesitant to accept. She had just portrayed Mary Poppins and was worried that Maria was too similar and didn't want to become typecast. We're glad that Julie looked past the similarities and took on the part because she was AH-mazing and was later nominated as Best Actress in a Leading Role!

Photo: Robert Wise Productions

Michael Fassbender

Although Steve Jobs was the second movie based on the life of the creator of Apple within 3 years, it had great ambitions. Michael was offered the role of Steve early in the casting process, but it took some convincing before he committed. Michael states that he was "pretty terrified" at what "seemed like a huge mountain of dialogue." Michael wanted to do the story justice and was rewarded with a nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Photo: Universal Pictures

Robert Duvall

Most known for his work in the Godfather trilogy, Robert is an accomplished and loved actor. His work in The Judge resulted in a Best Actor in a Supporting Role, but it almost didn't happen. Robert played Joseph Palmer, an ill city judge who is accused of murder who must bridge the relationship between his lawyer son, played by Robert Downey Jr.. Robert was turned off by the "emotional and explicit scenes," but thankfully decided to take on the challenge.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Colin Firth

In A Single Man, Colin plays a gay English professor who has to learn to cope with his boyfriend's sudden death. The film was directed by fashion designer Tom Ford and was praised with many awards and nominations, including Best Actor in a Leading Role for Colin.

The movie could have had a very different outcome if it wasn't for a refrigerator repairman. In his BAFTA acceptance speech, Colin revealed that he had a drafted email to Tom telling him that there was no way he could take on this role. Apparently, the repairman convinced Colin to take a leap of faith and accept the role. So we'll now be asking our repairmen to help us with all our problems. You never know where that advice could lead.

Photo: Fade to Black Productions

Uma Thurman

The Quentin Tarantino pop-cult hit Pulp Fiction could have been incredibly different. Uma stars as Mia Wallace, but it took some major convincing from Quentin himself for her to take it. Apparently, Uma refused the role multiple times, and Quentin was so desperate to have her that he read her the whole script over the phone. We're betting Uma is glad for his persistence because she went on to receive a nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her work.

Photo: Miramax

Audrey Hepburn

The Hollywood classic Breakfast at Tiffany's could have been completely different if Audrey wasn't convinced into taking on the character. The film is based on the novel of the same name written by Truman Capote, who envisioned Marilyn Monroe to portray Holly Golightly. Marilyn was even originally cast, but then decided to leave the project. Audrey was offered the role, but knowing that it had originally been Marilyn's, she believed that she had been miscast and wasn't right for the part. Thankfully, Audrey gave in and was nominated as Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Photo: Jurow-Shephard

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