8 Male Celebrities Who Slid Into a Fan’s DMs Looking for a Hookup

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If you’re familiar with the hit Yo Gotti song, “Down In the DM,” OR the “Sliding into the DMs Like…” meme, then you understand that private messaging someone on social media has basc become a cultural phenomenon. We’re joking (kind of), but it IS true that a lot of people are choosing to communicate over Twitter and Instagram direct messages as a way to get to know someone they wouldn’t necessarily meet IRL.

Stars like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have used direct messaging on apps to talk to fans and thank them for their support… but other celebrities’ use of the DM has been, well, not as ~pure~. Honestly, as long as the online convos are between two consenting adults, there is NO judgement coming from over here! In fact, a lot of us would probably feel #blessed to see a message from our favorite celebrity pop up in our IG inboxes… flirty or not!

Nick Jonas

We all know Nick loves the dating game, so it wasn't exactly shocking to hear he uses his phone to find ladies. Even though the go-to dating app for most millennials is Tinder, this 24-year-old stud prefers IG to set up his smooch seshes.

"Slide right in [the DMs] sometimes. And then you'll text the person and finally meet the person. It's like online dating," he told Complex magazine. However popular the former Disney Channel star is, he's still not immune to first-date jitters. "Even that freaks me the f*ck out. I'm like, should it be a group? Just the person? It's scary."

Ummm, if he thinks he's nervous for his first date with a girl he met on Instagram, just imagine being the fan! #goals.

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Jake T. Austin

This Wizards of Waverly Place star didn't just go to the DMs for a hookup — he sent some private messages to a fan before they started seriously dating. Danielle Ceasar went from fangirl to girlfriend after she spent literal years trying to catch the Disney kid's attention over social media.

"It doesn't matter how you meet someone," Jake told People, "Sometimes you connect with people at the right moment and you just click." So basically, Danielle's living the dream! The cute couple has been *official* for over a year now!

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Kian Lawley

Kian has gotten himself in a couple of, let's just say, ~controversial~ situations and one of them was directly caused by him messaging a fan!

Alexandria Schneck was just a regular girl from Milwaukee when the YouTuber's friend saw her on Tinder and showed him her profile photo. The Before I Fall star liked what he saw and proceeded to find her on Instagram and send her the DM. After they chatted, they unfortunately realized that they lived five frickin' hours away making a hookup practically impossible — UNTIL Allie decided to ~go the distance~ and "Netflix n' Chill" at the YouTuber's Minnesota home. She posted a Snapchat of the two of them in bed together... much to Andrea Russett (his ex)'s dismay.

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If you thought Tyga dating Kylie Jenner while she was underage was sketch AF, just wait 'till you hear how young the girl who he was DM'ing was! During one of Kyga's many 'breaks,' 14-year-old Molly O'Malia published screenshots of the messages that came from the rapper. Though she claimed she was 17 in her communications with him, Blac Chyna's ex apparently asked her to Facetime several times, up until a point that it made her "uncomfortable."

Tyga later said he was only contacting her about her music, wanting to hear her sing and sign her to his label, but the teen said he never mentioned her musical talent in his notes.

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James Franco

A girl named Lucy, 17, met the Spring Breakers actor after he performed in NYC. Apparently, James told her she "had to tag" him in the vid they took together and when she did, he slid right into her Instagram DMs, flirting with her and even asking if he should rent a hotel room for the two of them!

He verified his identity THREE TIMES before she made the story public, with screenshots showing he was fully aware that she was only a teenager.

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Drake Bell

Most people on this list used direct messaging to hook up with one person, but Drake had ~bigger~ ambitions — group sex!

A Twitter user who goes by @TanBitchez had been messaging the actor when he asked her what she looks like. The fan posted a pic of her and two friends and Drake responded to the photo saying, "Whoa all three are sexy as hell! We should have a foursome party lol hahaha. Where you live?"

After the story leaked, the former Nickelodeon star said that his account got hacked. Who knows!

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A$AP Rocky

When A$AP slid into the DMs it caused MAJOR drama... because he was private messaging 50 Cent's ex-girlfriend. When words leaked linking Kendall Jenner's current bae to Holly, 50 went off on his fellow rapper saying, "Boy oh boy, last time I seen this punk he had a dress on. You can't afford holly I gave her habits, get your weight up first boy. Bentley and better over here, [n-word] can you buy that?"


TBH, neither person is right in this situation because they're acting like Holly is just someone's property — but it's safe to say that she and Rocky's fling probably didn't go very far.

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Casper Smart

Casper is an actor who has been featured in several movies, but most people just know him as Jennifer Lopez's ex. Apparently, the two broke up over some naughty private messages the actor was sending to a woman named Sofie Vissa.

The aspiring model, who is very open about her life as a transgender woman, showed In Touch their exchanges, where he asked her for nude pictures and promised to send some back only if she gave him "something really good." The two apparently made plans to meet before everything was halted on account of his breakup with J.Lo.

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