8 Former Girl Group Members & Boy Banders Whose Solo Albums BOMBED

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Girl groups and boy bands are at the heartbeat of everything we do. Who among us doesn’t remember the first time they listened to a One Direction song, or have a definitive opinion about which Little Mix girl we would want to be our bestie (which we have a quiz about, BTW)? It’s hard to deny that no matter what your musical tastes, you aren’t immune to a little pop group action every now and again. While we love them while they’re together, that doesn’t always remain the case. Sooner or later, every group decides to part ways, usually with a little bit of drama, but, nonetheless, we must say goodbye and are left with only the promises of great solo music to come. But not everyone can be a Justin Timberlake or a BeyoncĂ©.

Some pop group members thrive on their own and take the world by storm with their talent that was hidden behind a group all those years. However, many of the rest of the members are left with albums that didn’t perform so great on the charts and barely saw the light of day. While we wish these artists success if they ever venture to record another album (like Nick Jonas did), there is no denying that their first attempts at solo fame totally bombed:

Joe Jonas

Before Joe Jonas found his stride with the masterpiece that is DNCE, he had to learn the hard way that his solo career may not happen. Joe's voice is amazing and he's got the charisma on stage to take off, but his 2011 debut album failed to make any waves in the music industry. His Fastlife album received a score of 66 out of 100 on Metacritic, and received okay reviews by critics, but it debuted at number 15 on the Billboard 200 and sold 18,000 copies in its first week. So fans were not totally digging it.

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Nick Jonas

Right after the success of Camp Rock, Nick Jonas decided to jump on the solo train as well (with The Administration) with a more toned-down album from his previous with the JoBros. The critics of his Who I Am album weren't super impressed by Nick's cute curls like all the Jonas Brothers fans, and the album received less-than-favorable reviews. However, it did debut as number 3 on Billboard 200, but only sold 179,000 copies in the US. All in all, nothing to be jealous over.

Photo: Hollywood Records

Nick Carter

Everyone had very high hopes for Nick Carter's solo album, Now or Never. He was the mysterious bad boy in Backstreet Boys, and was definitely set to succeed on Justin Timberlake levels. Sadly, that never happened and there was only room for one '90s boy band member to achieve huge success. The album debuted at number 17 on the Billboard 200 in 2002, and failed to make any sort of impact. Guess the answer to his title should have been never.

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Nick Lachey


98 Degrees is one of the great boy bands of the '90s, but sadly, they tend to get overshadowed by *NSYNC and BSB. But Nick Lachey definitely had his heyday. Sadly, that ended with the release of his first album on his own, SoulO. The album debuted at an unimpressive number 51 on the Billboard 200 charts and sold only 171,000 copies in the US. The album was released during the run of his reality series, Newlyweds, but that didn't help boost the popularity at all. Safe to say that early '00s were kind of a rough decade for Nick.

At least his second solo album, What's Left of Me (which is basically all about his breakup from Jessica Simpson), did a bit better.

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JC Chasez

While JC's Schizophrenic album title probably wouldn't be PC nowadays, that wasn't the worst part of his whole solo endeavor. JC was always the hottest guy in the group. (Yes, even Justin's Top Ramen locks didn't stand a chance against the brooding brunette in the '90s.) Okay, JC was a heartthrob, but sadly that didn't carry him into musical success. The album peaked at number 17 on the Billboard 200 and only sold 121,000 copies. Talk about awkward. We still got mad love for you, JC.

Photo: Jive

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole was, by far, the fiercest member of The Pussycat Dolls, but sadly, that ferocity didn't lead to any higher record sales for her album, Killer Love. The album debuted at number 8 on the UK album charts and sold only a little over 19,000 copies. It was a sad day for Pussycat Dolls fans, but Nicole picked herself back up and has been doing lots of television and musical work.

Photo: Interscope Records

Victoria Beckham

It's hard to believe that Victoria Beckham could fail at anything, especially considering that she is married to David Beckham and looks like she will live forever. But even this pop princess had her moments, and her self-titled solo album bombed hard. It managed to do fairly well in the United Kingdom, but only sold a little over 52,000 copies overall. That was the only solo album she ever ventured to do, and it's a long shot that she'll ever perform again.

Photo: Virgin Records

Mel B

Mel B (or Scary Spice, as she was referred to for the better part of the '90s) was also a member of the Spice Girls.

In 2000, she decided to do her own thing with the release of her album, Hot. The title says it all, and the cover photo of her soaking wet in a bikini said even more. You know what didn't say a lot? The actual album. It only reached number 28 on the United Kingdom charts and sold 60,000 copies overall. She has had a successful run in the entertainment industry, however, and while it may not be music she's doing, she's still proving she's a force to be reckoned with.

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