7 Pairs of Celebrities You Didn’t Realize Went to Prom Together

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You may not realize it, but going to prom is a privilege. In fact, many of your favorite celebrities couldn’t go to their school’s big dance because they were working and those that DID get to attend had to go to great lengths to do so. We know that the fame, fortunate and general adoration that comes from being famous sounds great and all, but we couldn’t imagine not having the chance to celebrate one last high-school event with our pals.

Feeling sorry for stars? Yeah, us too. But just because the MAJORITY of Tinseltown didn’t make it to prom doesn’t mean no one got to go. In fact, some A-listers not only attended their school’s dance, but they did so with a fellow celeb. #Casual #NBD #NotJealousAtAll

Amandla Stenberg & Jaden Smith

This Hunger Games star may have a life that's different from most teenagers, but she wanted to make sure one thing remained as 'normal' as possible — going to prom! That being said, Amandla attended her school's big dance in May 2015 with none other than Jaden Smith as her date.

"That Moment When Your Wearing A Dress With No Pants And You Swerve Way To[o] Hard," the 18-year-old actor wrote on Twitter after pictures of the two youngsters were posted online.

Photo: Instagram (@candacecbure)

Danielle Fishel & Lance Bass

While Danielle was a full-blown star when it was time for her prom, her fame was nowhere NEAR her then-boyfriend's.

"When I was a senior in high school, I asked my boyfriend at the time if he would go to prom with me, because my boyfriend at the time was Lance Bass. So I had to make sure his schedule would allow for prom. Unfortunately he told me no, because he was going to be in Japan and I was so sad," she said.

A week later, however, the NSYNC star sent her "three dozen roses in the mail with a card that said, 'Plans have changed, I'll be in town. Can I take you to prom? Check yes or no.' And there were two little boxes!"

"So, of course, I checked the box yes," the actress continued. "And a couple weeks later we were at prom together dancing it up! What's up, Lance? Hey!"

Photo: Twitter (@DanielleFishel)

Candace Cameron Bure & Scott Weinger

This 40-year-old actress promoted season two of Fuller House by showing off this ADORABLE real-life prom picture.

"#TBT to my real life senior prom with @scottweinger," she wrote alongside this pic with her Full House boyfriend. "Yup, this really did happen (Awwwww.) Should DJ and Steve be together or is this ancient history? #TeamSteve #TeamMatt The drama continues on season 2 of #FullerHouse coming to @netflix December 9!! Who's ready?!"

Photo: Instagram (@candacecbure)

Kristin Cavallari & Stephen Colletti

If you were a fan of Laguna Beach, you know that Kristen and Stephen were breaking up and making up, like, every freakin' day. Fortunately for the two teenage lovebirds, they reconciled just in time to go to the 31-year-old's senior prom, which was (obviously) documented by MTV cameras. Who could forget the tension between SC, KC and LC (that's Lauren Conrad if you weren't a fan)? Iconic!

Photo: MTV

Kim Kardashian & TJ Jackson

Michael Jackson's nephew was not only Kim Kardashian's prom date, but he was the person she lost her virginity to, as well!

"When I did want to have sex for the first time I was almost 15," the reality star told Oprah Winfrey in 2012. "I was like, "I think I'm going to, or I want to,' and she was like, 'Okay, so this is what we're gonna do; we;re gonna put you on birth control,' and she was really open and honest with me."

Photo: KimKardashian.com

Brandy & Kobe Bryant

The singer didn't get a chance to go to her own prom because she was working, but fortunately the NBA star came in and saved the day. Here's what she told Glamour magazine:

"When I was 17, I didn't get a chance to go to my own prom. But that same year I was at an Essence event and this tall, good-looking guy comes up to me and goes, 'Oh my god, I'm a big fan of yours! You should go with me to prom.' We went through a whole resume. 'I'm the number one high school basketball player in the world, my name is Kobe Bryant.' I still didn't know who he was because [back] then I didn't know much about basketball...Next thing you know, Kobe flew my mom and I out. Made me feel like a queen. It was like royal treatment and then we went to prom. I just felt like a normal 17-year-old; it was so much fun, although it was cameras and media there, it still felt normal to be in a school with kids my age."

Photo: Glamour Magazine via Brandy

Sarah Clarke & Jon Hamm

The Mad Man actor and Twilight actress went to the same high school before they were both famous, and hilariously enough went to prom together!

"We were just kids that went to a weird school in St. Louis, Missouri, and Sarah became famous for being on 24 and in the Twilight movies," the 45-year-old actor told Jimmy Kimmel on his late-night talk show.

Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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