Another One Bites the Dust — Popular Boy Band Suddenly Breaks Up

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Welp, you can now add MKTO to the list of boy bands that broke our hearts. JUUUUST as we started to accept the fact that the Jonas Brothers are no more and Emblem3 will most likely never be a thing again, Tony Oller and Malcolm Kelley, the boys who made up MKTO, announced that their band is calling it quits.

One of the guys posted an ominous note the group’s Twitter account late last night, which got rumors of a breakup swirling.


Although that particular tweet has since been deleted, both the 26- and 24-year-old replied to fans who questioned them about the end of the band, basically confirming that the news is true.

Tony also retweeted a girl that said she was “sad that MKTO is over.”

Demi Lovato‘s former co-star also might’ve dropped hints that something was going on a couple days ago.

We’re trying to hold onto the sliver of hope we have right now, but NGL — things do not look good. We’ll be sure to update you if the boys say anything else about the possible split.

Remember when these bands “took a break” but never came back? Good times.

The Wanted

We're guessing that The Wanted began to realize that they weren't, in fact, so wanted (sorry, corny joke) and decided to go on an extended hiatus to pursue solo endeavors. Though, we haven't heard any of those (apart from Nathan Sykes' latest attempt), either, if we're being honest.

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Big Time Rush

Right around the time the guys' Nickelodeon show ended in 2013, rumors began swirling that the band would also soon be seeing their end. It's been two years since they publicly assured us that, while the show was done, we'd be getting music from them any day now. But it's also been around the same amount of time since we've heard anything new.


Selena Gomez and the Scene

When Selena decided to focus her energy more on acting than on her singing career, she announced her temporary split from her band. She expressed her wishes for the band to pursue other projects in the interim. And we hope that they ended up doing so, as she's since made her return to music with no sign of The Scene anywhere.

Photo: FayesVision/WENN

Allstar Weekend

The band had a tough go of it, losing a couple of members along the way who no longer wished to be a part of the project. They even tried to give their band another shot after Allstar Weekend went on an indefinite hiatus, with a band called The Tragic Thrills.

Photo: Dominic Chan/WENN


After Drew Chadwick parted ways with the former X Factor contestants, Keaton and Wesley Stromberg, the remaining two, tried to keep the ship afloat. However, that effort ended when, earlier this year, they let everyone in on the secret that they'd be putting Emblem3 on the back-burner, in favor of solo projects.

Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

The Black Eyed Peas

It would seem that the ex-members of the BEP have managed to play pretty nicely with one another since the announcement of their "indefinite hiatus" in 2011. That comes after the announcement of their first hiatus in 2009, which, in hindsight, was just the beginning of the end.

Photo: Mr. Blue/WENN


It's apparent that *NSYNC calling their breakup a "hiatus" was a boy-band trick, as it's been 13 years and, apart from one awards show performance together, they haven't touched the stage as a group since.

After the announcement of 1D's "break," Joey Fatone even took to the web to express his feelings about the matter, explaining that Justin Timberlake rose to stardom in the aftermath of *NSYNC's breakup, while the rest of 'em are out of the spotlight.

Photo: WENN

The Pussycat Dolls

Nicole Scherzinger got lucky, as she is the most well-known former-Pussycat Doll. However, the others had no such luck and, following their 2009 hiatus announcement (which ended up just being a breakup announcement), the others have sort of faded into the background.

Photo: Apega/WENN

Destiny's Child

In 2002, the ladies announced that they'd be going on a hiatus to pursue personal projects. This was obviously code for "allow Beyonce to begin her world takeover" because, even after briefly reuniting in 2004, they split up in 2006, only to reunite for 2013's Love Songs and the Super Bowl.

Photo: Dimitri Halkidis/WENN


Since the beginning of this year, Jack Antonoff and Nate Ruess have decided to temporarily part ways from the band. They insist that this doesn't mean that they've broken up. However, seeing as they've both embarked on pretty serious side projects and how this sort of thing happened with Nate's first band, The Format, we're not so sure.

Photo: Jeff Grossman/WENN

The Spice Girls

The whole world collectively peed its pants when The Spice Girls briefly rejoined forces for the Olympics Opening Ceremony a couple of years ago. And that's because we hadn't seen them together as a unit since the announcement of their indefinite hiatus in late-2000.

In recent weeks, there's been talk of another reunion (sans Victoria Beckham), but we won't hold our breath.

Photo: Chris Connor/WENN

Danity Kane

The DK girls could NOT get along; we watched as a lot of their inter-group bickering tore them apart over time. In 2007, and then again in 2014, the group announced that they'd be taking a pause from working together, but it's been crickets ever since.

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Sky Blu has said that the end goal of their hiatus announcement was for their fans to be able to view them as individuals before they return as a duo. However, it's been three years since their official announcement and there's no sign of their regrouping.


The Civil Wars

After the recording of their self-titled album, the duo went on a hiatus — from recording... and from even speaking. We guess that that means that we should've seen their 2014 announcement of their disbandment coming a long time before it even arrived. (That's what happens when you're both married and get involved with each other anyway.

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