8 Celeb Couples Who Got Back Together After Being Broken Up for Over a Year

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On-again, off-again celebrity couples are a staple in the Hollywood community. Where would we be without Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber constantly being spotted together just when you thought they were over for good? Or what about the never-ending saga that is Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham‘s relationship? While those pairs basc can’t go more than a couple minutes (okay…months) without hooking up… some will-they-won’t-they couples show a lot of restraint and wait years before giving love another shot.

Hey — if it’s meant to be, it’ll be, and no amount of time apart can change that. Sure, it might be a little awk if they’ve dated someone else during their time apart (or even worse — several someones), but all is fair in love and war and if two people are really dedicated to each other, then everything will work out in the end…at least that’s what some of these couples hoped would happen!

Eleanor Calder & Louis Tomlinson

Fans were absolutely heartbroken when they heard that One Direction's cutest couple called it quits up after some nasty rumors circulated that Louis actually CHEATED on his longtime love with a rando sorority girl.

Despite their March 2015 split, recently — after two loooooong years without one another (during which Louis actually had a frickin' baby and a serious relationship with Danielle Campbell), — Elounor started spending time together again and are now officially a couple. You know what they say — what's meant to be, will be!

Photo: Instagram (@eleanorj92)

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth

Miam spent quite a bit of time apart before realizing that they were, in fact, soulmates. After they called off their engagement in September 2013, both celebs went on to date other people. Patrick Schwarzenegger and Stella Maxwell helped Miley pass the time, while Eiza Gonzalez, Jennifer Lawrence and Nina Dobrev were caught getting cozy with Liam.

Ultimately, the two couldn't stay away from each other and they were reunited in January of 2016 after over two years of separation.

Photo: Instagram (@MileyCyrus)

Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas

Miley told Seventeen magazine that she and Nick "became boyfriend and girlfriend the day [they] met," and although they were "in love," they split for the first time in 2007 — the former Hannah Montana star even dyed her hair black to reflect the ~sadness in her soul~ over the breakup.

After Nick had a fling with Selena Gomez, the young Disney stars attempted their relationship once again, two years later. They tried to keep their relaysh quiet the second time around, but fans spotted the "Jealous" crooner hangin' out on set of The Last Song with MiCy, basc proving that they were giving it another go.

Photo: Instagram (@NickJonas)

Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower

After these two lovebirds met on the set of The Mortal Instrumentsin 2012, they dated for a year before calling it off in August 2013 (for the first time).

Nearly two years after they broke up the first time, they opted to give love another chance in early 2015. The relationship revival only lasted a couple of months before they called it quits yet again... and this time it lasted. Though, TBH, who knows? It's only been a year and a half since their last split and stranger things have happened.

Photo: Instagram (@lilycollins)

Matilda Lowther & Jamie Campbell Bower

Clearly Jamie has a hard time getting over his exes! A couple months after Jamily's romance went down the gutter in '15, he got back with his model ex-GF who he first started dating in 2014. The two are still together today, so... that's cool, we guess.

Photo: Instagram (@bowerjamie)

Katy Perry & John Mayer

Katy and John are another notorious on-again, off-again celebrity couple, but they managed to last a whole year apart between February '14 and April '15.

Ultimately, the two broke up and KP moved on to date Orlando Bloom (another rocky relaysh throughout the years), but now that those two are done... could a Katy-John reunion be written in the stars? Maybe!

Photo: Instagram (@johnmayer)

Rihanna & Chris Brown

In late 2009, the "Nobody's Business" singers broke up after Chris brutally attacked his girlfriend after the Grammy awards. The two managed to stay apart for nearly three years before they were suddenly caught chilling again. Round two of dating ~bliss~ (note the sarcasm) lasted until April 2013 when Breezy unfollowed RiRi on Twitter and confirmed the split in May.

Photo: Instagram (@Badgirlriri)

Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick

Keeping track of whether or not Kourt and Scott are together or not is pretty tough, but after the father of three publicly cheated on his longtime partner in August '15, everyone was pretty sure that the oldest Kardashian wouldn't take him back.

Psych! She totally did. The two were officially back on in December 2016. Unfortunately, it only took the 33-year-old two months to return to his old cheating ways and, as far as we know, the couple isn't together currently.

Photo: Instagram (@kourtneykardash)

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