8 Couples from Romantic-Comedy Movies That Do NOT End Up Together

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Most romantic comedies follow a similar script — One person likes another person, they get together, they break up and then they get back together in the end. We’ve basically come to expect a ~happily ever after~ in almost every movie we see, *especially* if the film in question is a rom-com. But sometimes, screenwriters and directors like to throw audiences for a loop and give them what’s been branded a ‘more realistic’ ending — the main couple calling it quits. We know this is something that we should appreciate, but for us hopeless romantics, it can be really sad and really annoying to devote two OF OUR LIVES to a couple who isn’t even going to be together forever.

If you haven’t already guessed yet, there will be spoilers here. Perhaps knowing the future of the two ill-fated lovers from the start will ease the pain of the heartbreaking ending… OR, if you’re someone who doesn’t love how cookie-cutter perfect Hollywood romances can be, these are movies to def add to your watch list.

Mia & Sebastian in La La Land

Along with that crazy Best Picture moment that happened at the Oscars, La La Land had another rare Hollywood occurrence — a less-than-gleeful ending that did NOT feature the film's two main characters ending up together and living happily ever after. The ending scene that showed what could have been between Mia and Sebastian just made the split all the more heartbreaking!

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Summer & Tom in 500 Days of Summer

The movie's title sequence that says, "AUTHOR'S NOTE: The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental. [...] Especially you Jenny Beckman. [...] Bitch," should've tipped off the audiences that it might not be a happy ending for Tom and Summer, but that didn't keep 'em from rooting for the pair.

How could you not want a cutie like Joseph Gordon-Levitt to land the girl of his dreams? His character, Tom, may be hopelessly devoted to Zooey Deschanel's Summer, but that doesn't always mean lifelong bliss, especially considering that their core values were radically different.

It's all good though — the ending suggests that the guy meets a girl named Autumn who helps cure his broken heart.

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Andy & Nate in The Devil Wears Prada

This movie is a classic and honestly, a lot of people would've been P.O.'d if Andy and Nate did end up together in the end. While the audience was ~supposed~ to feel sorry for the guy, they quickly realized that he's actually the effing worst.

So, when Andy ditched her job AND her lame BF who was simply holding her back, it 100 percent felt like the right decision. There was a bit of a question on whether the two were beginning to reconcile during a vague cafe scene at the end of the film, but considering just how wrong they were for each other and the fact that both wanted jobs in different cities, we're pretty convinced that no, they didn't make it work.

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Brooke & Gary in The Break Up

Considering the way that the the trailers framed this Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn comedy, audiences had the idea as they entered the theater that the couple would somehow find a way to reconcile after their breakup. They were sorely disappointed, however, when the film ended with the two going their separate ways — for good.

Some loved the portrayal of a more "realistic" romantic tale, while others were irked they spent 10 bucks and didn't get a happily ever after.

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Stacy & Derek in Little Black Book

The second a person starts snooping through their bae's phone to "find out more about them," you know the relaysh is kind of doomed — which is basically the whole premise of this flick. And, shockingly enough, Stacy and Derek were NOT meant to be together forever.

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Celeste & Jesse in Celeste and Jesse Forever

Forever? Not so much. The fact that the couple was divorcing from the start of the movie should be a good hint that there was something truly dysfunctional about their relationship.

If this flick followed the typical Hollywood plot, the two would, of course, fall back into each other's arms (kind of like what happened in The Parent Trap) but instead, the writers flipped the script and kept the former loves apart in the end.

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Margot & Lou and Margot & Daniel in Take this Waltz

The Director of this film said she set out to make a movie about internal "emptiness," so it makes sense that the main character, played by Michelle Williams, would end up alone. She leaves her kind husband for the brooding artist next door and — big shocker — once her illicit affair becomes her main relationship, it's not everything it's cracked up to be.

Photo: Astral Media

Annie & Alvy in Annie Hall

Not all love is made to last and that was certainly true for Diane Keaton and Woody Allen's characters in Annie Hall. The film's tagline is, "A Nervous Romance" (a hint!), and it ends with them broken up, walking in different directions. Seems to be what happens in a lot of real-life romances, don't you think?

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