6 Beauties Who Gave Serious Princess Belle Vibes on the Red Carpet This Year

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We’ll give just about any reason to talk about the live-action version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: the actors and actresses who were considered before Dan Stevens and Emma Watson were cast, respectively; the fan theories surrounding the new edition; the recently-debated addition of a gay character; Ariana Grande & John Legend‘s music video… To say we’re fans of it all would be an understatement. Really. We recently caught a screening of the flick, and we are HOOKED.

One super-important element of any BatB movie that we simply MUST discuss is that golden gown:

While the Emma Watson-led insta-classic has its own version, there’s ~just a little change~ between the characteristics of the animated version and the 2017 edition; so ~small, to say the least~. And, you know something? We kinda think the same of these six celebrities, and their gowns from the 2016-2017 red-carpet season:

Lily Collins

The Mortal Instruments alum was the belle of the ball Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' 8th Annual Governors Awards in Hollywood, held in 2016. From her stunningly shiny dress to her dainty earrings (to, heck, even her sideburns), she was like a modern-day version of the Disney Princess.

Photo: Disney/Getty

Emma Stone

When the now-Oscar-winning actress took on the Toronto Film Festival in 2016, many compared her to the Beast's love, mostly due to the golden color of her ensemble, as well as her golden headband.

Photo: Disney/Getty

Alicia Vikander

From the moment Alicia stepped foot at the 2016 Academy Awards — where she won one of the coveted trophies, BTW — people immediately compared her to the brunette cartoon. From the top of her hair to the bottom of her golden gown, we're fairly confident that her stylist took a few pages from the Disney handbook.

Photo: Disney/Getty


When Cheryl showed up at the 2016 BRIT Awards, fans of Liam Payne's baby mama couldn't help but draw similarities between the British musician and the book-loving heroine. Again, it's all in the hair bun and yellow dress.

Photo: Disney/WENN

Maisie Williams

If the Game of Thrones star had let down her tresses even a little bit more, then her 2017 Golden Globes look would've had Belle written all over it.

Photo: Disney/Getty

Leslie Mann

The comedienne's 2017 Oscars gown was as true as it can be to the real deal. But, really, was that ever a surprise?

Photo: Disney/Getty

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