7 Male YouTubers Who Shamelessly Slid Into the DMs Looking for a Hookup

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Have you ever checked your inbox on Instagram and noticed one of your favorite celebs has FINALLY noticed your incessant commenting and sent you a personal message? Yeah…neither have we. At this point, it seems like the DMs are reserved for complete and total creepers who can’t take “not interested” for an answer — but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. In fact, some celebrities have admitted to using social media to ~romantically connect~ with fans, and the same goes for YouTube stars!

When it goes down in the DMs, it’s not solely for one night stands, either! Some of these YouTubers ended up in long-term relationships, or even got married to the person they met in cyberspace. Keep reading to see which viral video creator just might pop into your inbox.

Joey Graceffa

Joey actually met his longtime boyfriend over private message! He was looking through the Instagram 'Explore' page a few years ago and a picture of a guy named Daniel Preda caught his eye. The YouTuber followed the cutie on Twitter and IG, Dan followed back and immediately they started messaging. While most people only use DMs for hookups, this turned out to be a match made in heaven.

Photo: Instagram (@joeygraceffa)

Shay Carl

Most of these DM "scandals" are fairly innocent(ish), but Shay Carl (Butler)'s messaging controversy has been a constant source of drama ever since the story leaked a few weeks ago. Why? Because the dude's frickin' married and the person with whom he was DMing is an adult webcam performer named Aria Nina.

The other woman exposed the Mormon YouTube star for sending her some verrryyyyy NSFW messages and even said she saw images of him masturbating. Ew. The sex worker claimed that the 37-year-old suddenly became very rude to her, which made her decision to go public with the DMs easy.

The relaysh didn't end in cyberspace, however. Aria recently alleged that she and Shay met up IRL and actually had a threesome with another woman! The story keeps getting worse, but it looks like his wife, Colette Butler, is standing by him through the controversy.

Photo: Instagram (@shaycarl)

Kian Lawley

Kian's friend showed him a pic of a girl named Alexandria Schneck and without hesitation he sent her some messages asking to get together. While a 5-hour drive would deter some from meeting up with an Internet star who randomly slid into their DMs, it didn't stop Allie. She drove to his house in Minnesota and even Snapchatted a pic of them in bed together.

TBH, the thirst was obviously REAL, but what an awesome story to be able to tell your friends (and the world) after the fact.

Photo: Instagram (@Kianlawley)

JC Caylen

Like his BFF Kian, JC has been caught in the DMs, too! While we've got a ~feeling~ this guy might be a serial DMer, the only girl to call him out for it is actually KL's ex-GF, Andrea Russett. In a video that they made together, the girl said that before they'd even met IRL he was sending her private messages.

"Promise me you'll wear that off-the-shoulder shirt when we go on our first date," JC wrote to Andrea in 2010. Bold!

Two years later, they were still DMing and he said, "Seriously we need to [meet up]. I'll fly to Narnia or wherever u live." Andrea seemed down, saying she'd hit him up when she was in Texas. Interesting.

Photo: Instagram (@jccaylen)

Joshua Evans

While most people choose to slide into the DMs on Instagram or Twitter, Josh went with Facebook messenger to contact Colleen Ballinger for the first time. According to the Miranda Sings mastermind, they wrote each other "three times a day for five weeks" until they finally met IRL. The YouTubers' relationship went from DMing to marriage, but sadly the two decided to split in 2016. WAH!

Photo: Instagram (@joshuadtown)

Austin Mahone

During a Complex interview, this YouTuber-turned-mainstream-singer didn't only admit to sliding into DMs, but also said it's his go-to method for picking up the ladies! [Sending DMs] is what this generation's all about," he said.

While you may think no one in their right mind would ever ignore a celeb's DM, the 20-year-old admitted it had happened to him a few times. Sad! They probs just thought they were being catfished.

Photo: Instagram (@austinmahone)

Bryan Le

Seeming "thirsty" is something that Austin Mahone said he never worries about when it comes to private messaging, but Bryan Le (better known as Ricegum on YouTube) feels differently. The gamer's got north of five million subscribers, but that doesn't always ensure an immediate response from girls he hits on via social media. "Slid in this girls DMs but she didn't reply so I'll try again next week so I don't look thirsty," he tweeted last year. LOL — we love the honesty.

Photo: Instagram (@rice)

8 Male Stars Who Slid Into a Fan’s DMs for a Hookup

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