The Top 10 Hottest Animated Disney Animals (Yes, We Said It) of All Time

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The subject of bestiality — sexual intercourse between a person and an animal — has been brought up a lot lately, mainly due to the revival of Disney’s classic tale (as old as time), Beauty and the Beast. When people argue against the inclusion of a gay character in the live-action adaptation, the people who argue back usually bring up the problem with the story’s original plot: a human woman falls in love with an animal (or, at least a human masked as an animal). Ick.

But, be honest with yourself, is Belle really out of her mind? While we’d never, ever, ever, EVER condone bestiality, you can’t tell us that you didn’t feel a little something for Beast… or any other animated Disney animals, for that matter. So, to show you that you’re not alone in your feelings of inappropriateness, here are the top 10 hottest non-human Disney cartoons of all time. Feel free to tack on your faves!


You're not alone in thinking that the Prince in Beauty and the Beast looked better before his transformation back to a human — Emma Watson says the same thing.

The... creature, which was inspired by the mane of a lion, head of a buffalo, brow of a gorilla, tusks of a wild boar, legs and tail of a wolf and body of a bear, has a ton of appeal to him. So much so, that "there's something a bit sad about when he transforms," according to Emma in an interview with Yahoo! News. "You're like a bit... 'Oh... Okay, you were quite nice before.' He is hot. The Beast is hot."

"Is that wrong? Is that okay?" she questioned after her statement. "Probably not... No... It's not okay... It's not okay... I'm getting shaking heads." Hey, if it's wrong, Em, we're right there with you.

Photo: Disney


He may be a mutt — possibly part Schnauzer — but there's something about the Lady and the Tramp hero that draws you in. It's probably that bad-boy persona — something that Pongo from 101 Dalmatians lacks, hence the reason why he didn't make the cut.

Photo: Disney


There can be arguments made for Mufasa, Scar and The Lion King II: Simba's Pride's Kovu, but there's no better feline than The Lion King's leading man, Simba — young or old. It's no wonder Nala made those bedroom eyes at him.

Photo: Disney

Robin Hood

Tod from The Fox and the Hound turns out to be a cutie, for sure. BUT, can he shoot an arrow straight into a bullseye every time? Can he wield a sword? Does he wear clothes? No, no and no. You know who does, though? The leading fox from Robin Hood.

Photo: Disney

Nick Wilde

Then again, Robin Hood isn't the only animated fox that catches the eyes of his audience — Zootopia's anti-hero falls in line as well. Everyone loves a bad boy.

HONORABLE MENTION: That tiger from Zootopia. Look him up if you don't know who we're talking about. He would treat you right.

Photo: Disney


There are plenty of rodents to go around in the world of Disney, but none more attractive than the kangaroo mouse from The Rescuers Down Under. That Australian accent? Swoon.

Photo: Disney

Thomas O'Malley

Duchess is a rich cat, living in the lap of luxury in The Aristocats. Thomas, on the other hand, is an alley cat; he's from the streets. What could be more appealing to a pretty house kitty than that? Plus, he's musical.

Photo: Disney

Bambi's Dad

You cried over Bambi's mother's death in, you know, Bambi, but Disney offered some reprieve: the Great Prince of the Forest (a.k.a. Bambi's dad).

Photo: Disney


NGL, that Jack Russell Terrier from Oliver and Company has more confidence than you'll ever have. Can't help but love that.

Photo: Disney

Max Goof

Goofy's son from A Very Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie and such will forever be a fave. In the words of another editor, "He's a wannabe fuqboi with a good heart."

Photo: Disney

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