6 Married Male YouTube Stars Who Were Caught Cheating on Their Wives

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You know what they say, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” But while this statement may prove true, that doesn’t mean all people choose to acknowledge it. After we found out that Shay Carl was caught cheating on his wife of 14 years with an adult webcam performer, we couldn’t help but think of all the YouTube-star cheating scandals of the past. While most happened between those who were simply dating, a handful occurred in an actual marriage.

We’re not saying cheating is ever okay, but breaking the supposed lifelong vow made before god, family, friends, etc., takes the disgust to a whole new level. And you know what’s probably even more disturbing? Most of the YouTube couples on the below list actually stayed together despite the fact that the husband admitted to cheating. To each their own, we guess, but it’s important to remember that respect is a precious thing.

Shay Carl

Shay's infidelity is the most recent of the YouTube world, and perhaps the most shocking, too. Adult video performer Aria Nina exposed the 37-year-old father of five last month when she posted explicit private messages he sent her over the course of several months.

While the YouTuber never actually admitted that he was was a cheater, he wrote a lengthy Twitter note in which he explained that his alcoholism had returned, causing him to "hurt the ones [he] loves most."

We haven't heard from Shay, or his wife, Colette, since the drama went down, but reports say the founder of The Shaytards is currently in rehab getting help for his addiction.

Photo: Instagram (@shaycarl)

Sam Rader

While Sam didn't physically cheat on his wife, Nia, he came pretty darn close. Weeks after the couple suffered a miscarriage (which, BTW, some people say was fake), the 31-year-old was one of the celebs who was exposed in the AshleyMadison.com hack.

The leak of info revealed that the YouTuber made two $189 payments to the infidelity site, which he confirmed in a video called "FORGIVEN." Basically, Sam said he wanted to cheat on his wife and made the account to do so, but never actually went through with the plan.

"[Nia] has forgiven me for this mistake that I made in opening the account," he said. "I've sought forgiveness from god and he's forgiven me."

Photo: Instagram (@sampaulphoto)

Austin Null

Like many YouTube stars on this list, Austin's affair was exposed thanks to a social media leak. In early January 2016, videos of Austin Null, a married family vlogger, masturbating hit the Internet. While the YouTuber could've kept quiet, he made a video coming clean.

Basically, a girl reached out to the 27-year-old online and sent him inappropriate pictures the year prior. "Instead of blocking her and moving on, [I] decided to flirt with the idea of responding, and basically had an online affair for like 5 months…" he admitted.

Austin eventually told his wife, Brittany Null, everything, the couple went to counseling and they're currently raising their three young children together.

Photo: Instagram (@thenivenulls)


This YouTuber's situation is pretty confusing, but it's an example of cheating nonetheless. Onision married fellow YouTuber Laineybot in 2012 and shortly after the girl told him she was bisexual and wanted to explore her sexuality. The 31-year-old encouraged her to find a girlfriend and soon after Billie Dawn Ingle entered the picture.

Things were going fine, until Onision gave the 19-year-old a sensual massage and cuddled her, which the 22-year-old considered to be cheating. This event caused the married couple to separate and seek therapy. Eventually, they got back together.

Photo: Instagram (@onision)

Charles Trippy

While some people say Charles' actions were an act of infidelity, the YouTuber claims he was totally innocent. Here's the scoop — In April 2014, CT announced that he and his wife, Alli Speed, were going their separate ways after three years of marriage. The YT guy immediately got hit with rumors that he was unfaithful, which he quickly refuted on Twitter.

"When we were together I was 100% faithful. This is sad. Point blank. I did NOT cheat while we were together, being separated doesn't mean what u do next is cheating. If u think that then that's dumb."

What the 32-year-old was referring to in the latter part of his statement was his new relationship with Allie Wesenberg, who he started dating in May 2014. Technically speaking, we guess critics had a point — Charles was still LEGALLY married to Alli when he got a new GF. However, the former husband and wife were planning to divorce.

CT and AW got engaged on March 6, 2016, and are planning to get married soon.

Photo: Instagram (@charlestrippy)

Bryan Lanning

They say the proof is in the pudding, which is why we're not convinced that the Daily Bumps guy is actually a cheater. Multiple male Craigslist users claim that they responded to the YouTuber's ~personal~ ads on the site, meeting up with his for sex while he was married to the mother of his two boys, Missy Lanning.

Bryan has never talked about the allegations and we must remind you how easy it is for people to make up stories about other people.

Photo: Instagram (@bryanlanning)

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