James Charles Told to Kill Himself After Being Exposed for Photoshopping Pics

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Just when he thought the backlash of his ignorant AF Ebola joke was dying down, James Charles was hit with another scandal. The 17-year-old went viral about a year ago for bringing his own ring light to his senior pictures in order to make his highlight pop, which ultimately got him recognized by CoverGirl. JC’s ex-BFF, Thomas Halbert (A.K.A. ThomasBeautyy), recently had a falling out with the beauty guru and decided enough was enough — it was time to tell the world the truth. The 19-year-old then revealed that James did NOT bring his own lighting to the photo session, but instead Photoshopped the pics to make it look like he had amazing makeup.

So basically, the teen’s sudden rise to fame was based on a total lie, and people were NOT impressed. While most of them simply expressed their disappointment, others took their anger way over the top and actually wished death upon him in the aftermath.

James is not perfect by any means, and he’s definitely made mistakes in the past. But guess what? EVERYONE makes mistakes and nobody deserves to be bullied and harassed he way he is.

“Hate comments are not fun,” the makeup artist recently said on Snapchat. “Being ‘exposed’ is not fun. Having drama channels make videos about you is not fun. Having people drag you on Twitter is NOT fun. […] I think that a lot of people just assume this job is just f*cking rainbows and unicorns and it’s all a good time and we all have amazing lives, when in reality a lot of us go to sleep upset almost every single night.”



These 8 YouTube stars were also accused of scamming their followers:

Zoe Sugg

Zoe is still on top of her game as one of the most successful YouTubers ever, but she's also dealt with her fair share of scandal. After months of promoting her novel Girl Online, it was revealed that she didn't actually write it — a ghostwriter did! That didn't sit well with the thousands of fans who had bought copies of "her" book. Zoella hasn't really apologized, continually insisting that she did co-write the book, but many fans aren't convinced.

Photo: Instagram @zoella

Jack and Finn Harries

These twins supposedly made a lot in ad money after creating a viral video in which they "revealed" that they actually aren't twins, but rather just one guy playing both 'characters.' It was just a hoax, and they say it was all in good fun ... except they seriously profited off of a lie that many people believed, so maybe it's not so fun?

Photo: Instagram @jackharries

Sam Pepper

It's hard not to roll your eyes at this guy. He backtracked and re-wrote his apologies several times, but basically, Sam Pepper admitted that many of his famous (and infamous) prank videos were staged, including ones that featured sexual harassment. It's still unclear which videos were and were not legit, but regardless, they're all disturbing AF.

Photo: Instagram @sampepper

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

Nobody got hurt here, but PewDiePie's (whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg), stunt is still ethically questionable. As one of the most popular YouTubers of all time, the 26-year-old was forced to admit some wrongdoing after he failed to acknowledge that he was being paid tons of money to promote certain video games, which breaks disclosure laws. Sure, the gamer could've actually liked the games, but it's a bit shady knowing that his opinions could've been skewed by cash.

Photo: Instagram @pewdiepie

Bree Avery

The first-ever big time YouTube scam! In the early days of YouTube, Lonelygirl15 was the vlogger, sharing intimate and at times unbelievable details of her complicated life. As she grew in popularity, her story became more and more questionable, before news finally broke that "lonelygirl" was just an actress whose real name was Jessica Lee Rose, not Bree Avery. Needless to say, the Internet was furious.

Photo: YouTube

Alex Day

In 2014, the popular vlogger admitted to something deeply messed up: He used his Internet fame to convince (purportedly underage) fans into engaging in sexual relationships. After his manipulative tactics were exposed, he came clean, saying, "I created situations that put people under enormous pressure." He acknowledged that he didn't get full consent from the young women he slept with. Disgusting.

Photo: Twitter @thatalexday


Like PewDiePie, TMartn didn't disclose that he was being compensated some big bucks to promote certain video games, which actually breaks all sorts of sponsorship laws. Come on guys; it's not a big deal if you ARE paid to talk about things (homie's gotta make a dolla), but just be honest with your viewers!

Photo: Instagram @tmartn


What's with gross guys on the Internet getting super pervy?? This well-known (for a time) YouTuber used his popularity in order to get young fans to send him sexually explicit photos. Oh, and did we mention the kids were mostly underage viewers? Sick.

Photo: YouTube

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