8 Actors Who Can’t Stop Starring in Disney Channel Original Movies

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Most actors who get the chance to work for the Disney Channel say that the network is like a family — once you’re in it, you’re there for life. This is probably the reason why so many young stars get labeled as ‘Disney Kids,’ because The Mouse tends to re-use their actors over and over again. We’ve seen stars on the network’s TV shows double up and release a DCOM at the same time, and have even witnessed some of our faves did the same in the OPPOSITE direction.

If we rounded up everyone who’s been in multiple Disney Channel Original Movies, it would take you days, maybe even YEARS to read the whole list. That being said, we chose to narrow this gallery down to the most loyal of DCOM actors — the best of the best — the ones who have been in at least three of the network’s UNRELATED original movies (so no, Zac Efron doesn’t count for the three High School Musical films, sadly). And sorry, Demi Lovato and Dove Cameron — you only missed the cut by one!

Luke Benward

This cutie starred alongside Dove Cameron in Cloud 9, but years before that he was in the creepy DCOM Girl vs. Monster and appeared in Minutemen with his Good Luck Charlie co-star, Jason Dolley!

The 21-year-old has been acting on the Disney Channel since 2008 and we've got a feeling he's not going anywhere any time soon!

Photo: Disney Channel

Brenda Song

This Suite Life of Zack & Cody star is seriously all over Disney Channel. She signed a contract with the network in 2002 and has been faithful ever. She's guest starred on TV shows like That's So Raven, Phil of the Future and Wizards of Waverly Place, but her most iconic roles (besides playing London Tipton) have come in DCOMs.

The 28 year-old actress was in The Ultimate Christmas Present (a frickin' classic!) in 2000, Get a Clue in 2002, Stuck in the Suburbs in 2004, Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior in 2006 and The Suite Life Movie in 2011.

One more television film and the gal would be tied for the title of Actor in the Most DCOMs — maybe she'll get a role in one more soon and even the score!

Photo: Disney Channel

Christy Carlson Romano

Christy was the first actor to work on three Disney Channel projects at the same time — Even Stevens, Kim Possible and Cadet Kelly. While CK was the only OG DCOM in those three choices, out of Even Stevens came The Even Stevens Movie and Kim Possible spurred two Disney Channel Originals, as well!

Photo: Disney Channel

Jason Dolley

Ten out of 12 of Jason's television creds are on the Disney Channel, so this guy is TOTALLY loyal. Many of his iconic roles were on TV shows like Cory in the House and Good Luck Charlie, but his time spent on DCOMs was def just as impressive.

The LA-native was in Read It and Weep in 2006, followed by Minutemen in 2008, Hatching Pete in 2009 and Good Luck Charlie: It's Christmas! in 2011.

Photo: Disney Channel

Raven Symoné

While the DCOM you probably think of when you think of Raven is The Cheetah Girls (even though we're all still pissed she wasn't in the third installment), the That's So Raven star was also in Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and had a voice role in Kim Possible: A Stitch in Time.

Photo: Disney Channel

Ryan Merriman

If this face doesn't immediately bring back flashes of old-school DCOMs, then you need to take a trip down memory lane and re-watch classics like The Luck of the Irish, Smart House and A Ring of Endless Light, all which starred Ryan!

You also probs recognize this face because eight years after his last DCOM premiered, he was on Pretty Little Liars as Ian!

Photo: Disney Channel

Andrew Lawrence

The Lawrence brothers — Andrew, Joey and Matthew — have all been on Disney Channel at one point or another and not gonna lie, they're pretty hard to tell apart. This is NOT the bro who was on Girl Meets World as Jack, but rather his younger sibling!

Andy starred in Horse Sense and its sequel, Jumping Ship, with his two older brothers but he eventually did some other DCOMs solo.

The guy is 27 years old now (OMG) but back in 2000 he was in The Other Me where he played two characters, a guy named Will Browning and his clone! Four years later he was in Going to the Mat, which is one of the highest-rated Disney Channel Originals on IMDB and actually received critical acclaim.

Photo: Disney Channel

Tom Virtue

And lastly, here is the King of DCOMs — Tom Virtue! You probably recognize this actor as the dad on Even Stevens, but besides his role in The Even Stevens Movies, he's been in Brink! as a science teacher, was the announcer in Miracle in Lane 2, played an investment banker in Horse Sense, and was Jamie Bartlett's dad in Read It and Weep. You can also spot Tom in Under Wraps. Have you been counting? That's six different DCOMs!

Photo: Disney Channel

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  • Wera Poy

    You forgot about Shadia Simmons, who was is Quints, The Color of Friendship, and the Zenon Sequel (she replaced Raven as Nebula :P).