6 Male Actors Who Sang Their Disney Channel Show’s Theme Song

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In order to be a Disney Channel star, it’s basically required that you can act AND belt out a tune. Or, ya know, at least fake it. Some ~musicians~ are obviously better than others (slayyyyy, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas), but, for the most part, actors and actresses get an equal shot to become a famous singer from Mickey Mouse. Where does that opportunity usually starts? On their own television show!

Chances are, you’ve gotten a Disney series theme song stuck in your head in the past. Small-screen hits like Austin & Ally, Hannah Montana and even Kim Possible started with tunes that were so catchy, due largely to the person that was singing them! While some singers crooned a DC show’s theme song even though they were not a part of the series (like how Selena Gomez sang the Shake It Up tune), others got a chance to be involved in both!

Ross Lynch

Ross is a musician IRL AND played one on Austin & Ally, so it only makes sense that he was the one who sang the show's theme song. The 21-year-old singer belted out "Can't Do it Without You" on his own for seasons 1-3, but his co-star Laura Marano joined him for season 4.

Photo: Disney Channel

Jonas Brothers

When the Jonas Brothers where in their prime, Disney Channel was sure to capitalize on their success, which included giving them their own television show. JONAS premiered on DC in 2009 and Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas created "Live to Party" as the theme song. Although JONAS became Jonas LA for season 2, the musical intro stayed the same.

Photo: Disney Channel

Kyle Massey

Just as Raven-Symone crooned the That's So Raven theme song, her on-screen brother took over for the spin-off. The 25-year-old's voice was the one who did the rap for the Cory in the House opening segment during the show's 2-season run.

Photo: Disney Channel

Ricky Garcia

While RG and his band Forever In Your Mind sing "Whenever," the Best Friends Whenever theme song, it's only the 18-year-old who actually stars on the show — Emery Kelly appeared on one episode and Liam Attridge has never been seen.

Photo: Disney Channel

Kevin Quinn

This 19-year-old actor may not have appeared on Jessie like most Bunk'd kids, but he's the one who got picked to sing the latter show's theme song, "Kikiwaka."

Photo: Disney Channel

Brandon Mychal Smith

When Demi Lovato announced her departure from Sonny with a Chance, Disney execs decided they didn't want to fully cancel the show, so they created So Random!. Although the cast was pretty much the same (minus the "Body Say" crooner, of course), they couldn't use "So Far, So Great" — so BMS stepped in and rocked the new theme song!

Photo: Disney Channel

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