15 Times Dylan & Cole Sprouse Hilariously Roasted Each Other on Twitter

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Zack and Cody Martin — we mean, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, have been in Hollywood for a looooong time. Long enough, in fact, that they’ve completely solidified their reputation as two of the funniest (if not the funniest, TBH) celebrity twins in the biz. Sure, Cole’s new CW show Riverdale might be way less comical than anything he’s been in before, but not to worry; his depiction of Jughead Jones will still have you smirking quite a lot!

It’s not just on the small screen where the Sprouse boys keep us laughing. In fact, their online presences are almost just as funny, if not even MORE hilarious, than The Suite Life ever was. The 24-year-olds have basically crowned themselves co-kings of Twitter with their clever quips and sly digs. Their number-one targets? Each other, of course! While some people would get annoyed being constantly the butt of another’s joke, both actors take it all in stride. They can dish it out and they can take it… and we’re over here just enjoying the show!

When there was a Suite Life Feud

Dylan stumbled upon a video that was a recreation of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody's opening credits, but instead of featuring the whole cast, it only showed clips of Dyl! The twin posted it on his Twitter with the caption, "Finally getting the respect I deserve."

Cole responded to the tweet saying, "Were you Zack or Cody?" and without missing a beat Dylan replied, "I don't remember actually. I was too busy carrying the show on my back."


Photo: Disney Channel

When Dylan made fun of Cole's Instagram

To be fair, CS has definitely changed into quite the ~artsy~ Instagram presence, so we're not THAT surprised that his brother made fun of his recent aesthetic.

Dylan tweeted, "'We are as the sun, the rays come beaming to our softspoken souls dancing torpidly upon the frail shutter of angst.' -ur insta." OBVIOUSLY that wasn't Cole's actual IG bio but NGL, we wouldn't be all that surprised if it was.

Photo: Instagram (@ColeSprouse)

When Dylan found an 'Are You Smarter Than Cole Sprouse?' quiz

It must be pretty funny to see personality quizzes about someone in your family, particularly ones to see if you're better than them!

After Dylan found this Cole Sprouse IQ quiz, he just had to go public saying he was pretty sure that yes, he is def smarter than his bro!

Photo: Twitter (@DylanSprouse)

When Cole answered the age-old question, 'How can we tell you two apart?'

While the infographic to the left is pretty funny, it still doesn't help us; the boys just look so much alike!! Thank goodness Cole dyed his hair for Riverdale!

Photo: Twitter (@ColeSprouse)

When Cole called out Dylan's outfit choices

If you have siblings, then you know that sometimes old pics resurface and they're pretty frickin' hilarious (and usually embarrassing, too). When Cole found this one, he sent it to Dylan on Twitter saying, "Bro you look like a drunk older man on vacation trying to pick up young chicks at the bar."

DS' clapback was epic. He said, 'You look like the young chick at the bar." Come on, Cole... you made it too easy!

Photo: Disney Channel

When Cole made jokes after Dylan's NSFW photo leak

Remember when Dylan's nude pics got leaked online and basically the whole world freaked out? So do we. Most people would completely disappear from social media for a while in the immediate aftermath, but Dylan decided to take the high road, make a joke and move on.

Cole did the same, tweeting, "Cold in that bathroom huh?" (the NSFW selfies were taken in a bathroom and Cole was suggesting that there had been some ~shrinkage~ due to the lack of warmth). Okay...we feel uncomfortable now. Moving on!

Photo: Twitter (@DylanSprouse)

When Cole revealed some childhood secrets

Out of seemingly nowhere, Cole decided to tell the world that their grandma used to have to put Dylan on a leash. DS tried to defend his childhood, but actually further dissed himself in response, saying that the leash wasn't actually a necessity, but rather a choice because he developed a leash fetish early in life. DA EFF?!

Photo: Getty Images

When Cole claimed his older bro isn't even real

"In reality there is no Dylan Sprouse. I've tricked you all. I am Cole, Dylan, Zack, and Cody. My grand twin prank. #TrickedTheFedsToo," Cole wrote on his Twitter in 2014.

What a sad reality that would be IF it were true!

Photo: Wenn Images

When Cole said Dylan was a ~late bloomer~

If there's one thing that celebrity siblings probably shouldn't talk about in public, it's the other one's sex life! Cole didn't get the memo, or if he did, he totally ignored it!

He wrote, "If @dylansprouse was born 15 minutes before me, then why did I lose my virginity 15 years before him? #BYOPimp."

Not sure that the timeline on this one works out. Either Cole is saying he swiped his V-card when he was a toddler, or he's saying that Dylan still hasn't, but he can see the future to ensure it'll be a 15-year difference? Either way, consider us confused at the joke.

Photo: Getty Images

When Dylan called Cole out for posting so many shirtless pics

After Cole took some pics with a professional photographer, he was constantly posting the (mostly half-nude) photos on social media. Dylan could not let that go on without saying something, so he asked his brother, "How many pictures of yourself do you need to post a day Narcissus?"

Cole didn't sweat it, throwing it right back to his brother saying, "I thought half of these were of you?!"

Ah, twin jokes.

Photo: Instagram (@josieismonet)

When Dylan outed Cole as a watcher of Barbie Dream House

Dylan posted this photo to Twitter in order to publicly shame his brother's Netflix preferences. Come on — as if we don't all indulge in an embarrassing children's show every now and again!

Photo: Twitter (@DylanSprouse)

When Dylan's aesthetic was called into question

If Dylan can call out Cole's Instagram style, then you know CS can do the same thing to his bro! The result? The tweet to the left.

Photo: Twitter (@ColeSprouse)

When these colorful creatures started a fight

If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that in any situation, whoever knows MORE about Teletubbies is obviously cooler... right? Cole seems to think so.

Obviously Dylan is not smarter than his bro because the Riverdale star had to call out the actor for spelling 'Teletubbie' wrong on Twitter. It's okay, Dyl; we're not judgin'!

Photo: Nickelodeon

When they had a full-on photo war

Scrounging up old embarrasing photos of your siblings tends to be one of the most savage (and entertaining) ways to get back at them for wronging you. We're not sure what happened to instigate this fight, but in the summer of 2013 the guys went all out and resurfaced some old pics, including one of Dylan dressed up in a dress and wig! Quite frankly, he looked beautiful and we would love to see a modern day recreation.

Photo: Twitter (@ColeSprouse)

When they got Google involved

Dylan took to Google to see which Sprouse was the "weird one." One quick search later and he published the results to Twitter saying "the people have spoken" — it was all photos of Cole.

CS got back at his bro with a screencap searching "cool Sprouse" and the search engine responding, "Did you mean: Cole Sprouse?"

The duo then started posting Google definitions of different twin conditions like "parasidic twin" and "vanishing twin syndrome" to roast the other one a little more. Honestly, we love the creativity!

Photo: Google

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