Vampire Diaries Actress Rushed to Hospital After Collapsing on Vacation

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Kat Graham was trying to enjoy some time off at Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa in Palm Springs, California, last month when s*it hit the fan. The 27-year-old started feeling sick at some point during lunch and ran outside where she allegedly threw up, passed out and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Sources told TMZ she was “extremely paranoid, anxious and seeing things,” which many assumed was due to drug use — more specifically, eating a marijuana-filled brownie.

Although drugs were suspected to be the cause of Kat’s scary episode, her reps confirm that those rumors are “100 percent not true.”

“[Kat] was eating at a restaurant outside the resort and had a violent reaction to food poisoning,” the Vampire Diaries star’s publicist told People magazine. “Kat is not a drug user, and has never been a drug user.”

TMZ obtained audio of the 911 call made after the brunette passed out on the lawn, as well as pictures of her being treated by paramedics.

“One of our guests is unconscious…basically, I guess she was eating lunch and she told us that she wasn’t feeling good and was going to go to the hospital, but now she’s passed out,” one of the resort’s employees told the dispatcher.

While Kat woke up by the time help was called, she was still taken to the hospital to be checked out shortly after.

Thank goodness she’s okay!

Kat is just one celebrity who appeared on Lizzie McGuire before fame:

Jennifer Freeman

EPISODE: "Pool Party" — Season 1, Episode 4

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: February 2, 2001

Jennifer plays Alix, one of Kate's friends who gets on Lizzie and Miranda's nerves, much like Kate, herself.

Photo: Disney Channel

Aaron Carter

EPISODE: "Aaron Carter's Coming to Town" — Season 1, Episode 7

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: March 23, 2001

Aaron's appearance on this show was at the height of the Hilary Duff vs Lindsay Lohan feud; and it was about him!

Photo: Disney Channel

Sara Paxton

EPISODE: "Election" — Season 1, Episode 9

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: April 20, 2001

You probably know Sara from her role on Summerland, but before then, she played an overzealous candidate for Student Government on this show!

Photo: Disney Channel

Phill Lewis

FIRST EPISODE: "Lizzie's Nightmares" — Season 1, Episode 15

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: June 22, 2001

Before he was regulating the lobby on Suite Life of Zack and Cody, he was regulating the halls of Lizzie's school as Principal Tweedy.

Photo: Disney Channel

Kyla Pratt

EPISODE: "Gordo and the Girl" — Season 1, Episode 19

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: August 17, 2001

Kyla's "the girl" in question, here. She played Gordo's girlfriend who took up all of his time, making Lizzie and Miranda see a little green.

Photo: Disney Channel

Kat Graham

EPISODE: "You're a Good Man, Lizzie McGuire" — Season 2, Episode 12

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: July 26, 2002

Kat's character didn't even have a name, she was just one of Kate's mean posse members.

Photo: Disney Channel

Frankie Muniz

EPISODE: "Lizzie in the Middle" — Season 2, Episode 15

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: August 23, 2002

Frankie actually played himself in this episode and his presence in town is all due to the fact that he's shooting a movie and visiting his old pal, Mr. Dig.

Photo: Disney Channel

Haylie Duff

FIRST EPISODE: "Party Over Here" — Season 2, Episode 18

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: September 20, 2002

It's ironic that Haylie played Cousin Amy during her arc on the show, considering the fact that she's real-life sisters with Hilary!

Photo: Disney Channel

Zachary Quinto

EPISODE: "Party Over Here" — Season 2, Episode 18

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: September 20, 2002

Star Trek already existed, but Zach wasn't in it yet! He was too busy playing the role of a director on Lizzie McGuire.

Photo: Disney Channel

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