11 of the Absolute Worst Power Rangers-Inspired Products You Can Actually Buy

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The Power Rangers franchise has a long history. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy… Those are only the names of the TV shows from the ’90s — there are still plenty more to choose from once you get to the aughts.

So, you can probably imagine the amount of products that were inspired by the various television series. Unfortunately, not all of them are winners. While we were total fans of the action figures, games and other toys that were associated with PR back in the day, not everything that was created surrounding your faves was sheer brilliance, back then or now. To give you a taste of the awful — before you run out to see the 2017 movie reboot, in theaters March 24 — here are 11 of the absolute worst Power Rangers-inspired products you can actually buy. Online. Rightthissecond.

Miniature Blue Power Ranger Figurine, $2.97

First off, the Blue Ranger is navy, not sky blue. Secondly, why does this thing look more like a Putty than a Power Ranger?

Photo: Etsy

Green Power Ranger Jalapeno Sticker, $3.00

And the purpose of this is...?

Photo: Etsy

Power Rangers Bath Bomb, $8.99

In what way, shape or form does this have to do with the Power Rangers? You can't even argue that the colors are based off of the superheroes 'cause it's missing pink and black, but includes orange. Da fuq?

Photo: Etsy

Power Rangers Littlest Pet Shop Squirrel, $13.00


Photo: Etsy

Plush Red Power Ranger Doll, $18.43

He oogly.

Photo: Etsy

Rita Repulsa Action Figure, $22.98

Gotta love all the fine details and craftsmanship, particularly in the facial region.

Photo: Amazon

Power Rangers Blade Blaster Holster, $32.08

"It is made from a faux leather material and super strong adhesive." So, a combination of a thin artificial or synthetic product... and glue. Score.

Photo: Etsy

Power Rangers in Space Belt, $51.32+

It costs extra if you want a buckle.

Photo: Etsy

Latex Lingerie Set (Pink or Yellow Ranger), $102.64

Comfortable AF, we're sure.

Photo: Etsy

Rita Repulsa Wand Replica, $229.99

BTW, that doesn't price doesn't include shipping... which is an extra $60... for a 70" stick. That's all it is, guys. Not a wand; a large stick.

Photo: Amazon

Rita Repulsa Headdress, $361.98

Over $350 for velvet, eva foam and hair. K.

Photo: Etsy

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