6 Gorgeous Female Celebrities Who Look So Much Like Becky G, It’s Insane!

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It’s Friday, March 24, which means… Power Rangers is here! That means you’ll get to see some of today’s rising young talents in theaters, including the one and only Becky G.

Prior to the reboot’s release, we caught up with the 20-year-old singing sensation to talk all about her role as Trini Kwan — who, FYI, is the first LGBTQ+ superhero to hit the big screen! — how diversity plays a part in the new film, the injuries she suffered through on set, plus the audition process. And now that the big-budget production is available for all to see, we want to talk about Becky even more!

So, we thought we’d show you all the lookalikes she has walking around Hollywood, according to her loyal fans on the Internet. Feast your eyes, Beasters!

Isabela Moner

The 15-year-old Nickelodeon star is well aware of her likenesses to the "Shower" singer. Once, the leading lady of 100 Things to Do Before High School even swapped faces with the Power Rangers actress on her Snapchat, saying, "Becky g and I are basically twins." And she's so right!

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Jasmine V

Sooooo many people confused the two Latina singers with each other. If not for the differences in their two front teeth, you'd think they're the same person.

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Selena Gomez

People often compare the Beckster to another one of Justin Bieber's former loves, Selena. Not only do they share a last name and an ethnicity, they've got the same face shape and a killer head of hair.

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Demi Lovato

Think about fetus Demi Lovato. Did she not have the same exact toothy smile as BG??

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Naya Rivera

Maybe not so much now, considering how much the Glee star's face has... changed. BUT, think back to Santana Lopez Naya — she and Becky are pretty similar, down to the bad-ass attitude.

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Shay Mitchell

Since we acknowledged Becky's similarities to Naya, we have to say the same for the Pretty Little Liars actress, too, since she and Naya are always called doppelgangers.

The hair, the nose, the pursed lips — all.the.yes.

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