11 Random Babies Who Look Exactly Like Famous Male Celebrities

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When a rando baby looks more like a male celeb than the male celeb himself >>>

1. Ed Sheeran

2. John Legend

3. Jay Z — Some say the little one on the left is a Mini Tiger Woods, too.

4. Ian McKellen

5. Gordon Ramsay

6. Prince George of Cambridge

7. Eric Stonestreet

8. Robin Williams

9. Danny DeVito

10. Wallace Shawn

11. Vladimir Putin

On the flip side, here are some modern-day female stars & their Golden Era lookalikes:

Lily Collins | Audrey Hepburn

We already know that we mentioned Lily Collins' likeness to Audrey Hepburn, but we simply couldn't resist. A lot of people call out Natalie Portman's similarities to the Breakfast at Tiffany's icon, and we totally see them, but the Mortal Instruments actress definitely takes the cake here.

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Karlie Kloss | Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall (a.k.a. Betty Joan Perske) was known for her "distinctive voice" and "sultry looks" long before her Oscar-nominated performance in 1996's The Mirror Has Two Faces. No one's said the same about supermodel Karlie's voice, but she's right there along with Lauren when it comes to her stunning physical features.

Photo: Getty

Dianna Agron | Grace Kelly

It was a Jonathan Groff (as Jesse St. James) quote on Glee that made us realize how right this comparison is. He said to Dianna's character, "Quinn, you look stunning. The ghost of Grace Kelly."

January Jones is often compared to the late Rear Window actress, due to her old-school glamour on Mad Men, but Di's the epitome of the same glamour, on and off screen.

Photo: Getty

Scarlett Johansson | Marilyn Monroe

Must we really point out all the reasons why?

Photo: Getty

Mila Kunis | Sophia Loren

Phil of the Future alum Aly Michalka is one of the first people to pop up as the Two Women stunner's modern-day lookalike, but we can't look past how much she reminds us of a golden-age Mila.

Photo: Getty

Christina Aguilera | Ginger Rogers

Blonde, redhead, brunette — no matter how you dye the "Beautiful" singer's locks and the Top Hat actress' mane, Xtina will forever be a reincarnation of the late talent.

Photo: Getty

Alicia Keys | Lena Horne

What's even more stunning than their doppelganger qualities is their matching musical backgrounds.

Photo: Getty

Megan Fox | Gene Tierney

The Transformers actress may not be heading down the Academy Award route anytime soon (Gene scored a nomination for her role in the 1945 film Leave Her to Heaven), but we can totally see where she's headed in the facial department.

Photo: Getty

Kat Dennings | Bette Davis

Ruth Elizabeth "Bette" Davis is regarded as one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood history — that's what made it so difficult for the public to cope with her loss in 1989 after her battle with breast cancer.

No one can replace her, by any means, but at least they can look to 2 Broke Girls' Kat Dennings if they want a reminder of her face.

Photo: Getty

Eva Amurri | Olivia de Havilland

When Susan Sarandon gave birth to Eva, we're sure she had no idea that she'd grow up to look like the two-time Oscar winner. Yet, that's what happened.

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